Absolute Choice


Absolute Choice Chapter 554

Shi Xiaobai could not help but roll his eyes as he said in a speechless manner, "Liu Yu had really done his best in helping you, yet here you are criticizing him for his acting. You mocked him as some inwardly coquettish but outwardly dull priest. If he were to hear it, wouldn't he throw hundreds of kilograms of talismans at you to suppress you?"

Speechless said with a chuckle, "Wouldn't that be the case? Liu Yu must be full of complaints about me. However, that inwardly coquettish but outwardly dull priest who would not dare show his anger had dared to do every fucking thing. You might not know, but when I died, that fellow even added scenes for himself and even instigated a rescue chapter. Saving was fine and although it was a bit superfluous, it at least made my death appear more real. But that priest did not act in an expected manner. He even used a vicious trick of 'mouth-to-mouth resuscitation', nearly making Pulp Farmer steal my first kiss if not for…"

Speechless came to a sudden halt when he came to that. He fell into silence as his eyes glazed over slightly. He had thought of the girl with short, brown hair that had taken the initiative to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation before Pulp Farmer.

In fact, he did not have much blood ties with Mu Yuesheng. It was just that Mu Yuesheng's father was from the Mu family and came from the same family as his mother, Mu Zhaorong. However, the two parents did not come from the same lineage, so their blood relations was not even considered that of cousins.

However, during the period when Speechless was a guest at the Mu family residence, his best playmate was Mu Yuesheng. He had treated her as a relative and had treated her as a cousin. They addressed each other as brother and sister.

Speechless had always treated Mu Yuesheng as a beloved cousin and nothing else. However, he never expected the girl's idolization of him in her childhood had become a special and beautiful romance in this time of day.

This matter was actually very simple. There were only two choices, acceptance or rejection. Regardless of the choice, it would be a clean and direct outcome. However, Speechless was somewhat irresolute and hesitant on this matter.

Speechless sighed slightly and looked up at Shi Xiaobai. After a long moment of hesitation, he finally said, "If you have a woman in your heart but that woman will absolutely not return your feelings, to the point of not giving you even any chance, destining it to be a fruitless one-sided love, how long can you endure it? Suppose a girl that you cherish as a sister suddenly expresses her love for you, but your mind still has that one-sided love for that woman, preventing you from accepting it. Yet, you do not wish to hurt that girl who has undergone vicissitudes in life, so there is no way for you to reject her. If it were you, what would you do?"

Shi Xiaobai was stunned when he heard that. He ruminated for a long while before shaking his head, saying, "Sorry, This King doesn't know much about such matters."

Speechless immediately scoffed in anger. "You shameless playboy, you darn love saint. How dare you say that you don't know much about such matters? Are you adamant about infuriating me to my death? Even Sunless, a sword fanatic who is supposed to have nothing to do with love, is completely smitten by you. Lengxi, a bookworm who has such high standards, has been knocked off her heels by you. And those are only the ones that I noticed. There is definitely a bunch of hidden sacred girls, demonic girls, goddesses…When it comes to flirting, my uncle doesn't even impress me except you. Yet, you dare give me the statement, of you 'not knowing much about such matters'? Bro, are you trying to play the pig and eat a tiger? Please don't. When it comes to love, I'm no tiger. I'm just a loser that cannot be any worse. Please show me mercy and give me, your lost little bro some advice. Show some mercy, Big Bro Shi!"

Speechless clasped his hands and began bowing as he thickened his skin and shouted, "Lord Shi, Grandpa Shi, Love Saint Shi. From this moment forth, I'll be your most loyal believer. Please give me some advice!"

Shi Xiaobai immediately felt goose bumps all over and felt that Liu Yu had truly not gotten it easy. Speechless's shameless pleading really tempted others to give him a slap. Yet, Liu Yu was able to calmly talk with him on two fronts, both publicly and privately. He was indeed impressive.

Anyway, Shi Xiaobai couldn't tolerate it but he truly did not have a solution for Speechless's problem. Things like a painful one-sided love-sickness or frustration over whether to reject the love of someone was something Shi Xiaobai had never experienced. Be it Kali or Dawn, their feelings were mutual. There was no such thing as a one-sided love. As for Sunless and Mu Lengxi, Shi Xiaobai believed that it was best to leave it to naturally run its course. Time would give him the answer, so he had never been vexed over the matter.

In short, Shi Xiaobai did not understand the pain and frustration Speechless had as a single loser!

However, Shi Xiaobai understood that he could not speak the truth. He could only bite the bullet and act the role of a love saint. He acted profoundly as he said, "In other words, you like a woman but the woman doesn't like you. In the end, another girl you think of as a sister likes you. You are unable to forget that woman but you can't steel your heart to reject the girl, so you are suffering a dilemma?"

Shi Xiaobai summarized the thought process forcefully.

Speechless immediately gave a big thumbs up as he said fawningly, "That's right. Love Saint Shi has indeed summarized it aptly. That's the case. Tell me, what should I do?"

Shi Xiaobai obviously had no idea. He could only deflect the question and used a rhetorical question by asking, "First, tell This King about that woman and girl in your heart. This King needs more information."

"Right. A professional is indeed different!"

Speechless cast a 'nauseating' look of idolatry as he pondered for a moment. He said, "Let's talk about the girl first. She can be considered a friend in my childhood. She was a very good playmate in my childhood and she was chased out of the family at the age of four or five due to her lacking talent. I had helped reason it with the elders for her but in order to prevent putting me into an awkward position, she did not shed a tear. She even said that regardless of where she goes, she would still be her. She would be the same girl that would never admit defeat or change. The girl is very resolute and very stubborn. Her stubbornness makes one's heart pain for her. It pains the heart from watching her suffer or receive any harm, even if it's a tiny bit. I can't steel my heart to reject her and I have been questioning myself for the past few days. I realize that I have a great fondness for the girl. Compared to those so-called daughters of heavens, I find the girl much cuter. However…when this fondness is placed on a scale with the other feelings of mine, they're completely incomparable… Sigh. My feelings for that woman are overly complicated. It is partly love, hatred, and grievances. But it's because of this that even the medicine of time can't save me from it."

Shi Xiaobai gaped and was unsure of a response. He could only say with a light cough, "Then, talk about that woman."

Speechless's eyes immediately brightened a few notches. He furrowed his eyebrows when he seemingly thought of the woman. A silly smile suffused his face as he said, "That woman is very pretty. Perhaps, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but to me, all beauties appear bland when placed beside her. Also, the woman is very strong. In all of China, the number of people that can fight that woman is probably only a handful. Reverend Misery Sea probably isn't the woman's match. My strength and hers are dozens of mountains apart."