Absolute Choice


Absolute Choice Chapter 458 part3

Chapter 458 (3/5)

Liu Yu immediately turned pale as his body began to tremble slightly.

So that was the truth behind the nefarious plot. That was the true goal of Field Marshal Awesomo!

If what he said was true, Shi Xiaobai could only be saved by killing him. Furthermore, if he was not killed quickly enough, every additional second Shi Xiaobai spent in the so-called God Slaughtering Formation was an additional level of danger!

If they attempted to kill him, he would use his astounding self-recovery ability to revive and become stronger!

This was a choice with only two options, but none of the options were correct!

What should they do?

How should he choose?

What needed to be done to make it the best choice?

At that moment, Liu Yu was once again at a loss. However, he was not the only one at a loss because the rest were momentarily unsure as to what to do.

But it was during such moments where difficult choices needed to be made that Sunless, who was the most worried, could be able to quickly come to a decision!

Without any hesitation, she raised her sword and charged at Field Marshal Awesomo!

Shi Xiaobai was in danger, so any additional second of delay would only spell danger for him.

But by killing the minotaur in front of her, she could save Shi Xiaobai.

Then, what was there to hesitate?

Of course she needed to kill him!

As for his self-recovery ability, full revival, and becoming stronger after his revival?

So what about that?

“As long as you are killed completely!”

Sunless’ eyes were cold as killing intent flashed in her eyes!

Field Marshal Awesomo immediately sneered when he saw Sunless charging towards him alone.

Previously, the azure-dressed girl had indeed been suppressing him alone.

But he was no longer the same as before. Be it in terms of strength, defense, or agility, they were all on a completely whole new level.

Now, the situation would be completely reversed in a one-on-one situation!

“Although being killed by you another time will make This Field Marshal stronger, This Field Marshal does not want to experience such pain anymore! As long as you are killed, the rest are just negligible. This Field Marshal’s current strength is enough to finish you!”

Field Marshal Awesomo thought in his mind and he no longer hesitated. He raised his battle axe and cleaved at Sunless!

“Go to hell!”

However, it was unknown if it was an illusion on his part because when Field Marshal Awesomo cleaved his battle axe, he suddenly felt that the girl’s speed was faster than before!

But immediately following that, he felt an intense pain in his back and he was immediately jolted awake!

It was not an illusion, she had really become faster!

Despite realizing that, he could not react in time because a new storm was ushered in by the azure-dressed girl!

Furthermore, the new storm was more brutal and devastating than before!

It was no joke!

No matter how powerful his self-recovery was, it was not true revival. He had survived even with his heart shattered because of his strong vitality!

But at that very moment, the girl in front of him clearly wanted to shred him to pieces, causing him to die completely!

Field Marshal Awesomo was alarmed but he could do nothing about it. All he could do was harden his vital spots and squat down while hugging his head so as to reduce the surface area which he could be injured before thinking of a way to strike back.


He could not counterattack. There was no chance for it!

She was too fast and too brutal!

He had a feeling that if he acted recklessly, he would immediately be killed!

He had clearly become stronger, but why was he still suppressed by her alone?

Field Marshal Awesomo could not accept the reality in front of him, but he could only silently endure the pain of the lacerations that constantly appeared on his body.

Thankfully he had done his best to protect his vital spots. Furthermore, with that Excellency providing him with an amazing self-recovery ability, about one of his wounds could be recovered every second!

Most importantly, those humans had yet to realize the real truth. In fact, it will become stronger just from injuries. There was no need for it to receive a fatal blow!

Yes, that’s right. As long as he received damage, his strength, defense and speed would constantly increase!

It would continue till he had the ability to counterattack!

Yes, that was the theory!

But why…

Why did he feel that the girl that was wantonly abusing him was also quickly becoming stronger?

Was it an illusion?


It isn’t an illusion!

She really, really was becoming stronger!

Furthermore, the speed at which she was becoming stronger was not slower than him!

That was because from the beginning, all he could do was defend. He did not even have the chance to strike back. He could not find that sliver of opportunity to do so!

“Madness! This is madness!”

Field Marshal Awesomo roared angrily and fearfully in his heart. He never expected that a frail human could force him into such a situation.

Not only was it Field Marshal Awesomo, even the other rookies were dumbfounded

As objective bystanders, they were able to sense the killing intent and that madness but firm will exuded by Sunless.

They could also sense that Sunless’ speed was clearly increasing. Every strike of hers becoming fiercer as though the thunder in the storm had begun to resound incessantly!

This time it was not a suppression but a one-sided abuse!

The way Sunless beat him was too brutal. She was constantly moving at very fast speeds and attacking from various angles. There was no way to tell where she would appear from. It prevented the rest from intervening so all they could do was watch in stunned silence from afar.

Mu Yuesheng exclaimed, “Sunless is actually that strong!”

Pulp Farmer shook his head, “No, the most exaggerated thing should be the speed at which she is improving…”

Feng Yuanlin muttered to himself, “Hey, even the ‘power of love’ shouldn’t be this crazy, right? Her speed is increasing every second. The way she is breaking through is like she turned on a hacking program.”

Liu Yu remained silent for a long while before he suddenly sighed and said, “It’s not that she is improving quickly, but that she is that strong to begin with!”

Feng Yuanlin said in astonishment, “Strong to begin with?”

Liu Yu said with a nod, “Everyone thinks that Sunless is very strong, but that is all to it. At least when compared to Speechless, there would be a huge gap. Even Sunless probably thinks so herself. But that could not be further from the truth. Sunless possessed potential that she does not even realize herself. She has always mistaken 50% or 30% of her strength as her full strength. But when she requires, desires, or needs strength, she would produce the remaining part of her strength. Therefore, instead of saying that she is constantly holding back, it should be said that in order to save Shi Xiaobai, she has finally forced herself to approach her limits.”

“Sunless is what a true prodigy is.”

Liu Yu said with mixed emotions. He had previously heard of such prodigies, but this was the first time he encountered one.

Although Shi Xiaobai and Speechless were geniuses, they were under the category of talents with innate endowments. Their perceptions exceeded others, so even if their talents were extremely impressive, their improvement still required the accumulation of time and a process of progression.

But a genius like Sunless usually would not even realize her potential. However, once she was forced into an adverse situation, she could immediately produce strength that far exceeded the norm. She possessed talent from the moment she was born, talent she did not even know of herself.

In other words, Sunless possessed a treasure mountain that could be excavated at any time. That was what a prodigy was!

In the past, Sunless only had her eyes on swords, so her mental state had never been perturbed.

But now, with an additional Shi Xiaobai in her eyes, her heart began to really beat from the moment she liked Shi Xiaobai!

At that moment in time, with Shi Xiaobai in danger, every second could be his last.

Therefore, every second was not something she was willing to waste. In order to kill Field Marshal Awesomo at a faster speed, she finally began to excavate her potential and approach her true limit!