AFGITMOLFM Part I: Euphoria


AFGITMOLFM Part I: Euphoria Chapter 13

"It had been five years since we know each other," Lemaris boasts during our dinner. I still didn't left as Nate's parents are still not here and I'm scared that this Lemaris might steal Nate. It's hard nowadays, "Isn't it, Moe?"

"Moe?" I irritatingly look at Nate. He has been quiet for a while now and I think he can actually sense my irritation.

Lumaris acts surprised, "You don't know that his nickname is Moe?"

I notice that Cloud smirks.

I'm going to explode. I'm serious. I could really kill a girl whose outfit is too revealing. I really couldn't help myself that's why I throw my fork at her.

Bull's eye! It landed on her hand that was holding Nate's. 

But of course, just a joke. I put my fork down before I could throw it. It's a waste for the fork, eh.

"Lem, it had been a long ti-"

"Eh, why didn't you tell her that your nickname is Moe?" Lemaris cuts off whatever Nate was about to say. She looks at Nate trying to look cute. She's pouting? What the heck?

"I was still a kid back then."

"So? She's your girlfriend," Lemaris looks at me. My eyes are starting to narrow, "she should know everything about you."


"What? Atleast I know you inside and out." Lemaris giggles.

I'm starting to get really annoyed. Eh, if I grind her face at the wall, would she still be like that? Just a survey.

Because I really can't eat properly in front of this girl, I stood up,  "I'm going."

"Let me give you a ride." Nate was about to stand up when Lemaris holds his arm -I feel my aura is starting to fire from my anger.

"Moe, you promise that we'll be together for the whole day."

I swear there's smoke coming out of my ears already. Day? Eh, it's night already? I'm going to Moe that face of yours, eh. I feel like my veins in my body would pop out any moment from my anger.

"I can take care of myself." I say and walk outside.

"I'll give her a ride then."

When I look back, Cloud was smilingly going towards me. I gulp when I remember what he did that time.


We were both quite inside Cloud's car. My head is getting hot, while my vision is getting dark from all the anger filling up my inside. 

I look at Cloud when I heard him laughing. Why does it looks like this guy doesn't have any problem with his life? He's always happy.

"You seem pissed off by Lemaris, ah?" He says while smiling.

I roll my eyes at him before fixing my gaze outside the window.

"Whoa, hostile."

"I just can't forget when you harass me that time."

"Harass?" His laugh became louder.

I was surprise when he parks the car at the side and looks at me. I was scared from how sharp his gazes were, "H-hey, what is it again?"

His smile widens as he comes closer to me. I was ready to push him and shout rape but I stop myself when he took the seatbelt at my side and fasten it around me. Before his face could get away from my face, he gave me a smirk and at that moment I clearly saw his pores. Perfect? Ugh.

"It's not harass when the other person also likes it." He whispers before he sits down properly.

Come to think of it -oh wait- wait. Because of that, I was speechless, while he continues smirking. He starts to drive as I quietly look outside the window while hugging myself.

Why do I feel like I was raped just from his gaze and voice?

We finally rich my house and I was about to get out when he suddenly stops me. I thought he would really rape me (such a waste of chance) but he just gave me a smile.

"I'm ready to steal you from Nate if he let himself get stolen by Lemaris." He kisses me in the cheeks before I can go down, "Oyasumi, Ianne." [Good night]

I was still dumfounded until he started to drive his car away. I touch my cheek. What's happening to me?


It had been a long time since we started practicing for the play. And it had also been a long time since this Cloud came into my life and I feel like it had been one hundred years since Lemaris came to Nate's and my life. And I'm not getting amused.

I'm getting irritated at this Lemaris. Let me enumerate my case as to why.

Firstly. She feels that Nate is hers.

I get that they were "childhood friends" but childhood friend is far different from a girlfriend. I'm the girlfriend but she's the one who's holding hands with him. A leech would even loose at her when it comes to sticking at Nate. And the most annoying part is that when she hugs Nate, she'll look at me with all smiles. I think it would be nice to glue her teeth in a wall.

Two. Feeling baby.

She's acting so much like a baby. She literally wants spoon-feeding. There was this one time, we were eating at an eatery. She was first complaining because there was a lot of flies around her, eh I wasn't shock as she's a one big of a poop. And she wasn't really supposed to come with us, she's just arrogant and haughty. She even asks to slice the chiken as if she doesn't have hands. Do she want me to stab her neck using the knife?

Three. I feel that she's really poor.

Why? Because the thread in her clothes is really lacking. If not lacking in thread, it lacks fiber from how thin it is. Evertime I saw her (which is everyday because she always tails Nate). She's always wearing a white V-cut shirt or a white tank top shirt. Of course, at that everyday, she could almost make a rainbow from how colorful her bra is. And her micro-mini-shorts wouldn't lose at all; when you look at it for the first time, you might think it's just the newest trending panty jeans.

Four. Feeling cute.

She's always trying to look cute. I also noticed that everytime a guy would look at her, she'll smile. Even Nate, she could really give a grin. And she's not just 'smiling' because just a little bit and she'll be walking like a peace sign. [T/L: you know like... V but opposite.]

Five. She assumes... She assumes... She's always assuming!

Enough said. I think I shouldn't elaborate everything. It's so annoying. Frustrating. And can even make one puke. Agh.


My sanity would really be ruined by Cloud.

If not always texting, he's always calling. And he even tells me Japanese words that would make me nose-bleed since I can't understand it. I don't know what he's playing at: if he just want to play around with me or he just want to annoy Nate. Nevertheless, he's messing up my life.

Especially that time when Nate and I decided to hang out at their house. In the beginning, I was having second thoughts as I really don't want to see Lemaris but when we're finally inside Nate's house, hay, Lord; thank You, Lord; thank You! I promise that I'll attend the mass eight times a week or better yet, I'll even sleep at the church, promise.

Lemaris wasn't in the house. Long live Philippines!

Nate left to buy ice cream so I was just quietly watching, 'Spongebob Squarepants' when I heard a loud noise coming from the other room. When I look back, there wasn't any smile at my lips anymore.

There wasn't a Lemaris... But Cloud was here.

"Yo, Ianne." He greets.

I grimace, I meant, smile.

I was afraid when he suddenly went closer to me to sit beside me. I was about to stand when I notice him changing the channel.

"WTF, Cloud?" taking the remote control, I change it back to Nickelodeon channel, "I'm watching, can't you see?"

"Gomen," [Sorry]. He smilingly says, "When Nate said you're a Spongebob fan, I didn't know you're an obsessed one."

"What's your point?"


We both stayed quiet again but I was surprise when he suddenly laughs. I was supposed to ignore him but he's such an attention seeker.

"Why are you so happy?" I ask, "Are you trying to annoy me?"

"Oh my, you mean I'm annoying you? Why would I tease the Ianne?"

I roll my eyes at him and when I look back at the TV, Spongebob Squarepants was already finish.

"Ugh. It's finished. I wasn't able to watch it all because of you, eh."  I frown.

"You're so playful," He laughingly says, "Where's Lemaris?"

"Who knows, maybe she's in her coffin already."

We both laugh at what I said. OMG. That was really good.

"That's Lemaris Galis, eh."

[T/N: Galis means itching, it's funny because it rhyme.]

I laugh at what he said. Lemaris Galis? OMG, that's quite a great phrase, Cloud.

"Just bear with it, she'll about to leave anyway. Just be patient." He stops laughing as he holds my cheek. It feel like something was starting to bloom whem his hot hand touches my skin, -my ova- I meant, my heart, "I hope that you'll stay like this forever. I like it when you're happy."

My heartbeat skips fast when I notice he was getting closer and closer to me. His gaze sternly focused at me that I feel like I was naked in his gaze.

"W-Wait, Cloud..."

I step back until I realize that I was already lying down at the sofa. I had already call all the saints to protect me from this Cloud.

His body was almost touching mine. His blonde hair was so messy. And from my view, his ear that has a lot of piercing was nice to see. His bad boy look and his eyes -wait, why am I describing it? Shouldn't I escape?

But I was getting weak at what he was doing. He went close to my face and whispers, "I know you like me too, Ianne." He stands up and went back to his room while smirking.

I still can't move from my position when Nate went back, after how many seconds just past. He tilts his head looks weirdly at me, "Are you sleepy? Why are you laying down?"

This Cloud is really going to make me crazy. It's so wrong, eh. If it wasn't just because his Nate's cousin -I would have been lovestruck. His cousin is Nate and I'm the girlfriend of his cousin, Nate.

What's not clear there? Please tell me.


And add this play to the things that I think would just kill me.

Order here, do there, memorize this and that. I'm getting dizzy.  And there's even a photoshoot for the poster of the play, eh  I don't know how to post. Just two weeks, and it be the grand opening of our foundation Week and it's so unfair because all of us are busy, except for one.

Clue? The guy with no emotion.


All my problems are getting mixed up. And I can't take anymore of this Nate's good attitude. Its not that I'm complaining but he's just letting Lemaris do as she pleases with him. Doesn't he know he has a girlfriend who's irritated at that girl?

When I ask him if Lemaris could sometimes stop bothering us, his only answer was, "She needs me, Ianne. She's sick, you see. Please try to understand."

Need? Understand? Aaahhh!

And it became more chaotic when Sunday came. It was our date and as usual we were supposed to attend the mass together but the first person I saw when I open the gate was Lemaris, who's holding Nate's arm tightly.

"Let's attend the mass... Ate [1]."


And my mood got worse when we were in the church already because of what the other people were gossiping.

"They are still kids, oh."

"She's griping his arm tightly -as if she'll get lost."

And the worst thing of all: "Couples nowadays."

I'll just be angry if it was for me and Nate -but I'll get mad if it wasn't for me. This Lemaris is really like a leech. AAAAGGGGGHHHH! I'll probably be the one who's going to get sick instead.

"Peace be with you, Moe!" Lemaris' voice is so loud that almost everyone beside us look. She kisses Nate's cheeks and smirk towards me.

Son of a tofu. Is she trying to annoy me or is it just that her face is so annoying?

Nate calls me and I was surprise when he kiss my lips. I want to laugh when I saw Lemaris' dumbfounded face. Ha! In your ugly face.

Nate went to the restroom after the mass and unfortunately I'm now alone with Lemaris outside. I really want to leave her. But sadly, they said it was forbidden to leave pets at the church that's why I was force to look after her.

Hay, life why are you so hard?

"Why are you here?" Out of nowhere, this young lady speaks, "Ugly."

"Woah! Are you talking to me? Or you're talking to someone in the mirror?"

She rolls her eyes at me. One more roll and I swear I'm gonna pick her eyes, eh, "Whatever! I won't argue with a fool."

"Then stop arguing with yourself That's bad, people might think you're crazy, eh." I laugh at what I said. I'm so funny, OMG.

Her eyes widens and after some seconds, I was surprise when she suddenly lie down at the floor. What is she doing? Playing dead?

Good girl. Make sure you'll never wake up.


I look at Nate, who was running towards us. He ignored me and went closer to that pet who's playing dead. He carried that girl. I step back when he darkly looks at me.

"What the hell were you doing, Ianne? What did you do? I told you she's sick. Why do you need to fight her?"

He runs away from me while carrying Lemaris

When I look back at my surrounding, almost everyone was looking at me.

I went back home while feeling I was about to explode. As soon as I opened the door, I immediately saw the ugly face of my kuya [2]

"Oh, what's with you? Why do you look so disillusion?"

I just look at Kuya [3] and without any permission, I hug him. I know it's disgusting when kuya and I do this on daily basis, but... I can't take it anymore.

"H-hey -wait -w-what happend?"

I started crying.


I know it's bad not to go to school but I just really lose my motivation in life. Nate didn't call me, but Belle, she  has been calling me a lot of times that  I feel like my phone would kill me from all the loud noise.  I'm already needed by the play but I think Nate on the other hand, still doesn't need me.  The previous scene had really impacted me like an earthquake and aftershock do. I just didn't thought that the aftershock is much painful.

It was my first time to see Nate mad. It was his first time to shout at me. First time that he cared for another girl while he's with me. It was just my first time... to feel a pain like this.

Shit. Shit those first time.

I was so annoyed that I started to develope art skill. I draw Lemaris at a bond paper and paste it in my wall. They're so look alike. No difference, just like Lemaris. It's like the real Lemaris. I was so annoyed that I even ask for a push pin around the house and then thrust it directly at Lemaris' mouth.

What? She needs braces.


That night, I open my laptop to check my life in the web. There were lots of question of where I am, comments and testimonials in my Friendster but I ignore every single one.

Nate was offline... He really doesn't care about me. Fuck shit.

When I opened my Yahoo Messenger (Y!M) that I just rarely use, I was surprised that it buzz, alerting me that there was someone typing for me.


Lemaris22 is typing a message.

Lemaris? Fascinating.

Lemaris22: hey bitch

I< 3N: hey  bitcher!  :smile: [4] 

Lemaris22: watevs, :neutral_face:

I< 3N: :kissing_heart:

Lemaris22: Yuck! :nauseated_face: lesbo! 

Lemaris22: Eww :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

I< 3N: :smiling_imp:

Lemaris22: look at your pic

Lemaris22: eww

Lemaris22: it's horrible! :nauseated_face: 

Shit. This display picture [T/N:Avatar] was a picture of me and Nate together, eh. On the other hand, her picture is something that would make one think, "Oh my, is clothes not well-known in your place?"

I< 3N: OMG! :open_mouth:

I< 3N: Look at your pic!

I< 3N: Are you trying to be bold? :dizzy_face: :grin:

I< 3N: Oh no! :open_mouth: / :smiley: 

I< 3N: You're ban at MTRCB [5] :confused: 

Lemaris22: :neutral_face:

I< 3N:  :neutral_face: too

Lemaris22: you don't have anything to do with your life, do you

I< 3N: looks who's talking :astonished:

Lemaris22: ugh, that's nonsense!

Lemaris22: i don't know how Nate liked you

Lemaris22: compare to me

Lemaris22: duh, his taste became bad

I< 3N: when he picked you? :confused: 

I< 3N: that's true, eh  :smile:

Lemaris22: my god ianne

I< 3N: it should be capitalized when using the word God. Remember :smiley: 

[T/N: Both of you are ignoring the capitalizing rule since beginning so why just correct her now? xD]

Lemaris22: okay, thanks bye

Lemaris22 is has signed out.

(1/19/2010 3:18 PM)

I< 3N: You :open_mouth: :grin: :stuck_out_tongue: 

She's really a bad child, eh. She just signed out suddenly. Oh wait, maybe she just went invisible?


I< 3N: BUZZ!!!


I< 3N:BUZZ!!!


I< 3N:BUZZ!!!

I type 'buzz' how many times in different ways since it's forbidden to flood buzz. Gosh, I'm so proud for all my effort just to annoy her.

Lemaris22: wtf! Wats your problem!?!

I< 3N: nothing i just miss you, eh :smiling_imp: :kissing_heart:

Lemaris22 is typing a message.

I < 3N: :smirk:

And then I immediately signed out. If I could just let her ear how loud my click is, I hope she''ll get deaf. If she'll be rude at me, sorry but I'll be more rude at her.

But wow, I'm so happy! This feeling is so nice. My hearts is more relax now, so happy. For that, I'm going to school tomorrow, I'm going to study hard thanks to Lemaris. Thank you, Lemaris Galis!

I happily went to school as it was not only our free day but we can also wear civilian attire.

I wore the most comfortable clothes I have so I can practice properly. Belle smilingly went to me and once she was close she knocks my head and starts talking out of her anger.

" know we need you, how would we move without the lead? You wasted two days, Ianne..."

My eyes tried to find the one I wanted to find. I was out of breath when I saw him standing, his back facing me.

"when we ask Nate, he won't move or say anything. What..."

I closed my eyes when he turns back and looks at me. I deeply breath when he walks towards me. He smiles, that's why I also smiled. I'm happy... I'm really truly am happy.

"Fix it if you both have any problems. We're also being affected by it -and we're not even related to it."

But my smile fades when he pass me. When I look back, a tailor was measuring him. I frown.

"Hey, Ianne, are you listening?"

I look at Belle, but I can't clearly see her because my sight was getting blurry.

I said that I'm happy... But why do I feel hurt?


[1] Ate - Older sister.

[2] [3] Kuya - Older brother.

[4] Bitcher - one who bitches a lot.

[5] MTRCB - The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board.  Philippine government agency responsible for the classification and review of television programs, movies and home videos. 

Original Sountrack of AFGITMOLFM (The feels man T_T)

Eng sub:

Ianne: What the-? You're not looking at your front!

Ianne: Augh! I'm so mad-

Ianne & Art: What are you doing here?

Ianne: I really don't get why they really like that Art. He doesn't even have any emotion! Just by his face you'll know his an Emotionless Guy.

Nate: Me. I'm not Emotionless. I even have feelings, eh. For you. *BOOM*

Ianne: You'll give me a free dinner?

Nate: Okay, you also give me a free ticket to the cinema.

Ianne: Let's just watch in tv, I'm at disadvantage, eh.

Nate: You're still acting, when you actually like it. Look at this, you're even blushing.

Ianne: No I'm not!

Art: What are you doing?

Ianne: Crying, isn't it obvious?

Art: You know, not all problems need to worry and cry over.

Random: It feels like there's something -you two, ah!

Ianne: It's seems that the longer I'm looking at you, the cuter you get.

Art: My God.

Nate: Ianne, I still love you. Do you still love me?

Nate: Forgive me.

Ianne: Sometimes you need to feel the pain to know who you truly love.