AFGITMOLFM Part I: Euphoria


AFGITMOLFM Part I: Euphoria Chapter 10

If depressed, one would eat a lot. If they'll eat a lot, they'll vomit. If they'll vomit...

"Are you pregnant?"

I almost choke myself from my own vomit after hearing what kuya [1] said. I took a tabo [2] filled with water to throw the water at him but he manages to successfully doge it and even went out shouting I was pregnant.

After I finish cleaning myself, I leave the bathroom to massacre kuya but I stop myself when I felt the food that I had ate were starting to leave my mouth again.

When I arrive at the bathroom again, I hear kuya shouting, "Look at this, ma, Ianne might be pregna- ouch!"

"Eos, you better shut up, ah."

I laugh as I wash myself. Good for him.

Mama said this might be just Christmas sickness. I rested for how many days, but I didn't receive even a call or a notice from Nathaniel Moises Manio.

What happened with that guy?


Christmas came happily for me because we: papa, mama and I were celebrating without any care. I was so happy as soon as papa and mama gave their gift to me. But I got depressed instantly when I saw Emotionless Guy's face at my money.

Bye, five thousand pesos [3]. Take care of yourself from that emotionless, poker-faced magician.

 For the whole Christmas day, I waited for a call but there wasn't any call that happened. There were no calls from Nate.

The truth is I want to swallow my pride. I know that he has his own life but I'm a part of his life so why wouldn't he contact me?

I took my phone and stare intently at the screen. Just thinking of me calling him already makes me feel weak. But what would he reason out for not contacting me? Even in Friendster or Facebook, his not going online. What happened?

 But what if he'll suddenly break up with me?

What the, why am I thinking like this?

Ianne, don't think about it anymore. You shouldn't think things like that. Think of happy thoughts. Think of happy th- WOAH.

You're my honeybunch, sugar plum, pumpy umpy umpy umpkin, [4]

You're my sweetie pie,

You're my cuppycake, gumdrop, shyummkums pure,

The apple of my eye!

And I love you so, and I want you to know that I'll always be right here

And I love to sing this song to you

Because you are so dear!

I love you, my Ianne, answer the call of your handsome boyfriend. Please?

I smiled when I heard Nate's recorded voice of singing this cute and babyish song, 'Cuppycake Song'. He told me to make this my call alert. It's so freaking cute.

I was about to answer when the call suddenly stop but after several seconds pass he called again that's why I immediately answered it.

"H-hello?" I was scared because there was no answer, "Hello?" my heartbeat became quicker and quicker, "Hello, N-Na-"


I was confused when I heard a different masculine voice at the other line. The voice was a bit deeper and had an accent in it.

"W-who's this?"

That person deeply breaths at the other line, "This is his cousin."

My hands were getting cold from my fear. Why would Nate's cousin call me in Nate's phone? Why?

"W-why did you call?"

"It's Nate he..."

"What happened? Where is he? Let me talk to him." I know I'm getting OA [Over Acting] but I'm getting scared. It's because the tone of the guy in the other line, it's like he'll say something that's not good.

"It's..." He answers. Wait is he crying? "...Nate."

"Oh my God." I unconsciously cover my mouth as my eyes broaden. I don't know what happened but I feel like I know it already.


Because what?

"H-he just finished defecating-"


"You're crazy!" it's Nate's voice?


"Itai!" [Ouch]

Then I heard a lot of other noise. It was all laughing and shouting until... "Hello, Ianne!"

My whole body relaxed at Nate's voice.

"I'm really sorry for what my cousin did- don't be noisy -I'm not noisy!" They're probably fighting at the other line, "Hello? He came from a province, eh. This is his first time hearing a beautiful lady's voice." Nate laughs at the other line as my fear was starting to fade.

Why was it at that instant, I was scared?

"By the way..." Nate's voice began to turn serious that's why my smile disappears, "I'm sorry."

"Ha? Why?"

"Because I didn't even contact you during this Christmas break."

I smiled at what he said, "It's fine."

"Ianne..." Why is that every time Nate's voice turns serious, I'll get tense?


"I love you."

My heartbeat fastened at what he said. I couldn't help but smile as I imagine Nate's face

He might be so handsome right now.

"I less than three you, Nate."

I hear him laughing at the other line and I even heard his cousin shouting, "Dude, are you blushing? Gay!"

Nate and I continued talking. We were telling stories and he even told me that he was busy this pass few days. He was always being ordered around by his mom because his cousin arrived.

To get even with me; we talk for how many hours and he even want us both to greet New Year while we're talking at the phone.

"Do you want me to mess up your life?"

And even though we were far away from each other; he kept on giving pickup lines.


"Cause... I mess you"

[T/L: Mess = Miss]

I feel like he was so happy with his pickup line, that's why I need to destroy his moment.

"Whatever you want."

"What!" I hear Nate's cousin laughing.

"That's ouch ha, it hurts po [4]." Nate says.

I couldn't help but just laugh.

So this is the feeling of having a boyfriend; where just hearing his voice is already enough to make you smile. That I'll still miss him even through I'm already talking to him at the phone. It feels so nice to be in love, especially if it's Nate.

Ahihihihi, flirty.

When I look back at the clock, it was already 11:59.

"Happy monthsary, Ianne."

I heard the countdown and suddenly the noise outside became louder. Okay, I'm the KJ [Kill Joy] because instead of participating outside and making loud noise, I was inside my room while talking to my boyfriend. When I look back at the clock, it was 12 AM.

"Happy New Year, Nate."

I'm sure this 2010, I'm gonna be happy.

Because beside me is Nate.


Vacation is about to end but I don't want to study. I'm sure once I got back to school, the first thing I'll see are piles of books and Emotionless Guy. So sad.


I couldn't help but immediately stand up when a loud knock came from the gate.

"Ianne, open the gate!"

Even if I don't want to leave Spongebob Squarepants, I still left to open the gate. I noticed two heads at beyond the gate.

"I know you're in there, Ianne! Open this."

"You're causing a scene."

I smiled when I head Nate's voice. Surprise visit? Sweet.

Nate's cousin had only stop shouting when I opened the gate. Nate unconsciously holds his nape as if he's nervous but smiled when he sees me. When I gaze at at the person beside him, my eyes widened at what I saw.

"Y-you're Cloud?"

Kuya [6] had a blonde hair and cheeky eyes and then his smile extends. I was dumbfounded a little because... He's so handsome.

He's so tall and had a smooth skin. He wasn't that pale but gosh, so cool! His attire is also nice: everything was close to fitted and it looks great with him. I also notice that he had a lot of earrings. More than five.

Looking at Nate's ear, he also has one piercing.     

Nate is actually not badass.

"Yo!" Cloud gave me a salute with a smile. 

It can stop one's breath. So handsome. He look a lot like that main character in Final Fantasy [6] that kuya played. Like Cloud Strife. It really suites him along with his name.

Oops, wait a minute!

Just because I see Cloud as handsome doesn't mean I like him, ah?  I'm still in Team Nate.

"Ianne, I'm getting jealous."

I look at Nate who was already frowning, "Ah, you're actually there. I didn't notice."


Cloud laughs at what I said that's why I laugh too. Nate's forehead cease and I was surprise when he kiss my cheek.


I saw Cloud stopping his laughter as he smiles at the two of us.

 Nate went closer to me as he put his arm around me, "I'm getting jealous at the way you look at Cloud, eh."

Huh? I wasn't even looking. I was just staring. Joke.


Cloud is so different from the phone and in person.

His much troublemaker at the phone. And it's a little awkward when I would look at him and see him already staring at me as he gives me a smile.

Not that I'm complaining, Cloud's teeth are beautiful, all white, leveled like those commercial models of toothpaste, but it's so weird because he's always smiling. Looking. Staring.

We talked and I learned that Cloud's visits to the Philippines is yearly for vacation but now he's graduated he's thinking if he should continue studying at a college in Japan or in the Philippines or he'll just start working.

Sometimes, I can't help but just stare at him as he talks, because I can't help but be amaze at his accent and how deep his voice is even though he's so skinny.

"There's one thing I hate here in the Philippines," Cloud says, "It's hot. So hot," He complains, "My hotness is being overshadowed."

"Tell me the truth? Is it in your family of being shameless?" I ask Nate.

He and Cloud laughs and even high five. Boys. I really can't understand that's why I just laugh along. When I look back at Cloud, I unconsciously stop when he smiles and winks.

I don't know why but why am I getting uncomfortable at his wink?

[1] [5] Kuya - Older brother

[2] Tabo - is the traditional Filipino hygiene tool primarily:

[3] Philippines currency; as of 2017, 1$=50 pesos so 5000=$100.95.

[4] Cuppycake song by Amy Castle

[5] Po - sign of politeness.

[6] A game. This is Cloud Strife: