A World Where All Women Are Managed by Men


A World Where All Women Are Managed by Men Chapter 6


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8-year old boy practices how to dominate women using basic controls

"Everyone quiet down, the class is starting"

As soon as the bell rang, a male teacher in his later 30s entered the classroom.

"Today's lesson is from chapter 242 of female management: multiple women management"

I was in the classroom wearing a blue blazer.

I am about 8 years old.

There were about 20 boys, and everyone was paying attention to what the teacher was saying.

"Last time we explained about the three pocket systems that manages women. Do you remember them?"

"Yes, we do"

All the students replied in a dignified manner.

"That's easy, so we can skip it and start the management of multiple women.

Before that let me bring in a few teaching materials"

Once the teacher called out, five females entered the room.

Two of them were ordinary naked ladies, one had a chastity belt on her crotch, the last two came walking on all four

On the holograph, their information was provided

1: Reina

Age: 15 years (appearance age: 9 years old)

Type: pet

Master: Okonogi (Teacher)

Chest: B

Equipment: No clothing (naked), collar, nipple earrings (both)

Hair color: Black

Eyes: Black

Control device: Three pocket

Management ID: okonogi @ 18470388

2: 835332

Age: 28 years old (appearance age: 17 years old)

Category: women cow

Breast: G

Master: Melton (teacher)

Equipment: None clothing (naked), collar, nipple piercing (both), nose ring, rope restraint with both arms behind the key, ball gag

Hair Color: Brown

Pupil: Tea

Control device: Three pocket management

ID: Not disclosed

3: Melashieko

Age: 24 years (appearance age: 14 years old)

Type: Pet (breed type)

Chest: D

Master: Melton (teacher)

Equipment: none

Hair color: gold

Pupil: blue

control device: three pocket remote control vibe

Management ID: non-disclosure

4: Unnamed

Age: 32 years old (appearance age: 24 years old)

Type: furniture (table species)

Chest: C

Master: the king (teacher)

Equipment: None clothing (naked), collar, key Can ball gag, four-legged fixed constraint a band, a collar, a quadruped restraint (fixed in a bent state and forked with a knee and both hands) white

Hair Color: Black

Eye: Brown

Controlling device: Three pocket limb convergence (operation to make a certain short, instantaneously short, limbs gathered together and completely immovable)

Management ID: wang @ 84930566

5: unnamed

Age: 9 years (appearance age 5 years old)

Type:  Not yet classified

Chest: AA

Master: None (State owned)

Equipment: Without clothing (naked), collar

Hair color: Brown

Pupil: Tea

Control device: One pocket

Management ID: n @ 7396057598

Each woman's status was present and read aloud once.

1:  About sharing women

"Since this is your first time, I will explain;

Any females under other people’s control can be transferred to you if the owner agrees."

"Now, Leo, come here and try it out"

A boy stepped in from the crowd of students

"First try three pockets on Reina"

"Yes, sir"

While answering, the student accessed the terminal and pressed the button.

[Electric Punishment Starts]

"…….It's painful, it huurtsss!….it hurts! It hurts sooo much!"

As Rei started to suffer, the other four women trembled with a frightened expression, they thought about what would happen to them, too.

"I was able to do it. Although it took extra time to access, it worked"


"Ah, yes Leo stop the punishment"

[Electric Punishment Stops]

When it was instructed by the teacher, the electric current stopped and warmth spread through her body.

"Next try it on the furniture, but use this another command"

"Yes, it is…… Get Down!"

Immediately, the table's knees clamped and she was unable to move.

Before, she was able to move,but now due to the command, she was turned into a perfect, motionless table.

The teacher bent down and pressed her boobs and violently slapped her ass.

As she has a ball gag and can’t speak, saliva started dripping of her mouth.

"Like this, keywords can be used. Not only on electric punishment, after registering, you can use various other commands."

The class continued

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