A Wave of Exes Came Looking for Me. What to Do?!


A Wave of Exes Came Looking for Me. What to Do?! Chapter 6

The next day Xiao Gao inevitably pulled the passing Bai Yue Sheng to tell him of his "good luck" driven wild with joy, because Bai Yue Sheng acted on a really secretive way, that young couple did not find anything out of place at all, so they just thought they really struck it big, a godsend honeymoon, it couldn't be more romantic.

Bai Yue Sheng smiled while listening, his mood was also a pretty good.

Then he heard Xiao Gao add: "If you really got to drink that bottle back then, the prize would had been yours!"

"That's not exactly true." Bai Yue Sheng slowly said, "Luck is a very enigmatic thing, I grab it and it might had been just a bottle, you grab it and it becomes a trip to the Maldives."

In front of such pleasant and eloquent words, Xiao Gao's face was glowing with happiness.

Although Bai Yue Sheng had travelled through numerous words, having encountered countless powerhouses, no matter how many years passed, he had but in fact a favourable attitude towards all those ordinary and common kind of people

He would not change their fate, but to lend them a hand, to allow them to lead a more laid-back and comfortable life, he would certainly do.

Today's Bai Yue Sheng's Politics Class was during the second period, and so after his lessons were over it just happened to be lunch time, Bai Yue Sheng having an appointment that afternoon, did not intend on going home, so he decided to make do with the school cafeteria.

Art Schools' facilities had always been pretty nice, that also applied to that school, the whole thing was a European style white building surrounded by pretty good sized garden, highlighted by the chirps of birds and the fragrance of flowers, seeming at first glance unlike a school, but rather like a touristic attraction.

The cafeteria had both indoors and outdoors sections, the indoors cafeteria was only open for the students, but the outdoors cafeteria ended up as an independent restaurant, a pretty decent western restaurant with a homely style, the strawberry macarons from there could fill his soul with their sweetness.

Drooling at the thought of it, Bai Yue Sheng quickened his pace. That little snack was a span-limited product, although with that Lucky S Physique of his, as long as he wanted to buy something he could get his hands on it, but between some fresh from the oven ones and ones that already been out for an hour, there was a great difference on the taste.

Bai Yue Sheng just stepped on the restaurant, when he was intercepted by the door.

Third Young Master Jiang seemed to have been waiting for him for a long time, his whole person appeared unusually haggard: "Ah Sheng…"

Bai Yue Sheng: "…"

There were many customers at the restaurant, hearing that full of grief cry of his many people turned their heads to look over there.

Bai Yue Sheng estimated the number of people, there were only 45 people dinning, a hundreds of thousands of people away from his popularity value limit by a far cry, but he couldn't guarantee that they wouldn't spread gossips, record a video and upload it to the internet, so there still was some risk.

Without a second thought Bai Yue Sheng turned around to leave, but who could have imagined that the half a year silly, fellow student Jian Ming, would finally enlighten up for once.

He did not go and caught up with him, only shouting loudly with zero regard: "You simply broke up with me not because of my household, but because there was someone else!"

Struck1 by such clichéd plot straight from a drama, Bai Yue Sheng abruptly stopped on his tracks.

Taking advantage of such opening, Jiang Ming caught up with him, shedding already bitter tears: "Ah Sheng, please tell me, what's going on? I know you still like me, as long as you like me, I could still…"

Being afraid of provoking him once again, Bai Yue Sheng just whispered: "There is many people here, let's go outside and have a chat."

"No!" The third young master Jiang was really clever, raising his voice said, "I'm not afraid of people knowing about our relationship, I can't wait to shout to the whole world that I like you!"

Bai Yue Sheng was indeed an old stager, still treading around under such situation on a relaxed way, he softly said: "Ah Ming, some things are better left unsaid in front of others."

Jiang Ming was really afraid of being dumped: "You can't casually throw some words to shake me off."

"Mhm," Bai Yue Sheng appeased him, "let's have a good talk."

In order to reassure him, Bai Yue Sheng also took the initiative to hold his hand, once his fingers interlocked, Bai Yue Sheng faintly smiled at him, just a casual demeanour threw the already infatuated Jiang Ming into chaos, let alone going out and have a talk, he would willing go and get run over by a car.

Although Bai Yue Sheng was distressed over the Memory-Loss Pill being worth 20,000 time-space currency, but at the moment he needed to feed one to Jiang Ming, or else the rest of his life would be ruined by that brat.

He was thinking over it, when an oddly familiar sight suddenly took place.

The relaxing soft music that originally lingered on the elegant and comfortable western restaurant, the red and creamy-white style decoration that also gave off a soul unbundling charm, had all but on that moment disappeared with everything.

The whole restaurant was swallowed by a completely pitch black dark box, heavily supressing, both suffocating and arousing a deep sense of fear from the bottom of one's soul at the same time, perceiving a bloody taste on the air, bringing out the worst side of your imagination, from the deep rooted self-instinctive fear from human's nature.

All of the forty-six people present there froze, as if having their souls stolen, had all become pale-faced, with vacant eyes like the likes of a puppet.

Bai Yue Sheng having experienced it before had a quick response, after having raised his hand, a wisp of red bloomed on his snow-white fingertips, not giving time before he could do anything, a melodious, yet overflowing with a looming chill voice rang by his ear: "Ah Sheng, I've been looking for you for a long time."

All the nerves on Bai Yue Sheng's body were strained to the extreme, he did not answer, still pushing forward having the light from his fingertips thrust through his palm, sticking to the dark energy that surrounded the whole restaurant.

"Let them go." Bai Yue Sheng spoke twisting his brows.

The voice that was yet without even a face, of which just a word, just a phrase, would be completely soaked on a powerful momentum that could takeover people's hearth and soul: "They've been staring at you, that man even grabbed your hand. Why should I let them go?"

Bai Yue Sheng's voice suddenly became deeper: "Qiu Chang Feng!"

Having been called by his name, the man finally stepped out from the dark mist, he had inky long hair, wearing Qing [dynasty] quality garbs elusively giving off a fantasy, not quite on a substantial way, on the contrary, more like just when the moonlight sheds its light over the dark night sky firmament, traversing though the darkness in general, an inversely proportional said stunning beauty.

At the moment his appearance was revealed completely, all around him became his foil, ha had gorgeous looks, a pair of really dark eyes accompanied by a really pale skin colour, outlining a picture that poked at one's heart stealing their breath away.

A beauty was a beauty, but this was a morbidly overflowing with despair kind of beauty.

Qiu Chang Feng, from the lives of millions of people that fell into Demonic Cultivation, he became the only true Demonic Cultivator in the whole world.

For Bai Yue Sheng that had lived for a long time, there were little things he regretted, but adopting Qiu Chang Feng was definitely one of those rare regrets.

Under the sky overcast by the dark aura, the man with pretty looks walked to the front of Bai Yue Sheng, laying his ice cold fingers on his glabella, the man's eyes revealed a glimpse of a scarlet shade.

When stimulated, his eyes would become an extremely beautiful bright red, like the purest rubies and also like spilling blood bursting through flesh.

Bai Yue Sheng was expressionless.

Qiu Chang Feng's thin lips curved lightly, whispering: "Father, you died once again."

Bai Yue Sheng back became stiff, not moving at all.

Qiu Chang Feng softly kissed his earlobe, his voice was gentle, but it had nothing to do with tenderness: "It seems this time it also was suspended animation."

He saying such words to Bai Yue Sheng wasn't a surprise, that was a hidden scar from Qiu Chang Feng, a several lifetimes could not untie such deadlock 2.

In that world, just because of Bai Yue Sheng's once suspended animation, Qiu Chang Feng slaughtered three sects, ultimately having a bloodthirsty rebirth, falling into the Demonic Cultivation.

Although Bai Yue Sheng knew since long ago that Qiu Chang Feng would go south, but he never thought that he would be the last straw that broke the camel's back.

Even so, Bai Yue Sheng didn't think he owed him either way.

He adopted Qiu Chang Feng, raised him, allowed him to refine his body, let him cultivate again. Although Bai Yue Sheng's temper was unrestrained, both because of that matter and actively breaking the ethical boundaries between step-father-child, he still thought he had already fulfilled his duty to that brat, he owed him nothing, however Qiu Chang Feng didn't seem to think so.

Bai Yue Sheng looked up, staring at him: "Indeed, I'm not dead. What? Do you want to imprison me again?"

At that sentence of his, Qiu Chang Feng's eyes suddenly narrowed.

Bai Yue Sheng did not blink when looking at him, almost stressing word by word he said: "Qiu Chang Feng, I do whatever I want to do, if I want to live, I live, if I want to die, I die; no one can interfere with whatever I have my mind set on doing."

The atmosphere around that originally had already eased down slightly tensed up again, underneath that frigid wind seemed to be the howling of ghost, the sudden outburst of sinister energy made even more people feel a chill run through their bodies, having all their inner organs twisted with horror.

However not even the slightest change of expression let Bai Yue Sheng slip at all, only using a clear and bright voice, just like the morning light piercing through the dark clouds, slowly setting down: "I adopted you, because I was willing to; I allowed you to refine your body, because I wanted to; and I died for Ye Qi, because also I decided to!"

The name Ye Qi undoubtedly irritated Qiu Chang Feng, a crimson colour gradually became thick on his eyes, it had nothing to do with beauty, it was burning with the scarlet of an awe-inspiring hate: "He is already dead."

Bai Yue Sheng asked him: "So now you also want to kill these people too?"

Qiu Chang Feng glared at him.

Bai Yue Sheng sneered: "You just try, and see what the consequences of killing them would be."

There was no need for him to finish his words, Qiu Chang Feng had already completely understood.

During his life, the most kind-hearted person he had met was Bai Yue Sheng, and the most cold-blooded person he had met was also Bai Yue Sheng.

A pity, since the day he met him, only the four words 'it was heaven's will' remained for him.

Qiu Chang Feng got rid of the mist that surrounded the entire city, releasing their souls.

The confrontation between the two took place outside from time and space, hence the people present essentially didn't know what happened, they just felt somewhat dejected for some unknown reason, but nothing that returning home and having some sleep couldn't fix.

Bai Yue Sheng felt relieved, the snapped back Jiang Ming exclaimed out loud: "Who… Who is this?"

Dumbstruck he stared opposite to him, at the long haired man that was wrapped around Bai Yue Sheng.

Qiu Chang Feng had changed to modern clothes, but his appearance had not changed, seeing him his thin pretty lips slightly arched upwards, saying with a tone that had the same gaunt chilliness of frost and snow: "I'm his boyfriend."

1. Struck - The author used some wording that more or less kind of evoked those cartoonish like scenes where there is lightning striking on the background.
To illustrate a little (though I'm pretty sure it was something more along the lines of Σ (・□・ ) ):

(Using a ss I had at hand of a doodle, too lazy to look for something else lol)
2. untie - The 'hidden scar' part could also be read as "heart knot" and well, 'deadlock' could be read as "dead knot", hence the choice of 'untie', could have chosen 'free' but wanted to keep part of the 'knot' thingy.

I must say that when I was translating that "a wisp of red bloomed on his pure white fingertips" part, I couldn't help but picture something like Bleach 3rd OP (Ichirin no Hana) beginning but it on a more fast-forward way, you know a blooming red flower, something along the lines of a spider lily and a chrysanthemum, with the BG fading from pitch black to a pure white… *ahem* You can ignore this translator's ramblings…

Might draw something from this chap, but I think you would appreciate more I using the time to translate than I using it to draw, so I shall better leave it for when I have more time… Ah intended to finish this earlier, but this morning I felt like dying after getting a freaking pill stuck on my oesophagus…

"Does the universe hate me now or what…?!" _(:3」∠)_