A Wave of Exes Came Looking for Me. What to Do?!


A Wave of Exes Came Looking for Me. What to Do?! Chapter 5

Bai Yue Sheng suddenly sat up, after coming up with a wide range of thoughts, he came to the conclusion: Jeremy had left that world.

Which came unexpectedly, as leaving was even more baffling.

Hook up then leave, what the hell?

Bai Yue Sheng sat down on the goose feather quilt, on his smooth body there still where some hickeys left, the feeling of discomfort at his rear was also a constant reminder: It definitely wasn't a wet-dream.

Jeremy's body was different from ordinary people, because of the lost of his five senses during his early years, the experience of being reduced to a killing machine, led him to develop a particular kind of obsession with skinship, he simply had no way to control the intensity at the beginning, also being at a lost, Bai Yue Sheng's physique was strengthened to some extent by Ah Jiu, otherwise it would not had been as simple as running away from home, but straight away dropping dead.

But Bai Yue Sheng was left with a lingering fear afterwards, he researched for a long time, helping stimulate to great degree Jeremy's humanity thereafter, and also teaching him little by little how to truly make love, -such intimate stuff between lovers, was enjoyed by they both.

However what Bai Yue Sheng totally never expected was that, during the process, what he really did to Jeremy wasn't simply imprint how to make love, he… fell in love with Bai Yue Sheng.

Even so, Jeremy whose cells were over-depurated still craved sensory stimulation to a greater degree than a normal person, and so no matter how gentle the other was, when it came down to business/sex, he also ended on a state of physically exhaustion.

Good enough [pleasure] was fine, more than good enough [pleasure] was too awkward.

Bai Yue Sheng shook his head, taking his hand to his waist got off the bed, slowly walking into the bathroom; it was only until he soaked on the hot water, that his whole person felt relieved, his slender neck slightly arched back, like a lazy cat he leant at the edge of the bathtub enjoying himself.

A hot foggy air, beautiful youthful eyes slightly squinted; it was clearly able to steal someone's heart with just a glance.

You say you're afraid all that about him not getting off the bed was fake, the real reason probably was that if he did so he would had been sent back.

Jeremy obviously was aware about such long time ago, so he refused to make love with him. His rear couldn't probably bear with it -After all those respective twenty years.

And Bai Yue Sheng understood Jeremy's character, that seemingly level-headed guy, was in fact extremely paranoid and also a clean freak, during the past century, other than Bai Yue Sheng no one could approach him, let alone doing such intimate stuff. After two decades of abstinence it was estimated that, the Emperor could no longer hold back anymore; he could only guess the circumstances behind his departure or/and the fact that he did so.

However, Bai Yue Sheng also understood that, Jeremy must still have a way to return from Earth, otherwise with that determination of his, if there really wasn't a way back [to the other world], he could totally live with it.

Thinking about it, another two big realisations came to Bai Yue Sheng, what were those? He already had enough of the heartthrob added by his Lucky S Physique, now once again with a Big Bro clearly added to the mix, how could he lead an ordinary life on Earth?

Once out of the bathroom, readied, Bai Yue Sheng got dressed to go downstairs to grab something to eat. He was hungry, hungry enough to eat three Black Forest cake, plus two Honey Castella cake, along with a Treacle Sponge pudding.

And so, when theAh Jiu that came back from his gaming holidays, swept a glance over his household sweet tooth host.

"Eating that much, you want to drop dead huh."

The Bai Yue Sheng that just finished two Black Forest cake suddenly laid down the fork: "You still remembered to come back? Were you such kind of system? Push the host aside taking a holidays by his own, do you still want to be promoted?"

"Promoted huh, why not be promoted?" His manner of speech was carefree one.

Bai Yue Sheng raised his eyebrows: "Never paying any effort, all your life you have been a bachelor dog 1."

"Please note," Ah Jiu diligently pointed: "A straight bachelor dog it is."

Bai Yue Sheng: "Back off!"

Looking at him chilling free of worries, Ah Jiu really wanted to back off. As usual, he checked the progress of the task, nagging little by little:

"Pay attention to your wealth value, there are already nearly 70,000 clothes on your closet, chop chop clean up and throw some, sparing resources. Also your cell phone, switched to one between two to three hundred grandpas, device is pretty good; use what, fruit cash slot? Have you took a look at yourself, can you afford it? Then we have these cakes, slow down, you buy a few more all at once and the promotion task becomes naught…"

Hearing that Bai Yue Sheng shown a deadpan face: "Off, off, off! Back off!"

Ah Jiu also checked his popularity value, was very steady, not bad; then he went through the event log: Encountered a million -didn't pick it up; two billion heritance -gave it away; third young master Jiang's enthusiastic pursuit -rejected it; accidental death…and so on!

Ah Jiu raised his voice: "Jeremy?"

Bai Yue Sheng didn't lift his head: "Hmm."

Ah Jiu: "That killing machine you rescued during your third task?"

After having slowly finished eating the Treacle Sponge pudding Bai Yue Sheng drank black tea, now at his heart's content he said: "Polite there, that's my boyfriend."

"Ex-boyfriend," Ah Jiu said with emphasis, "and one of countless ex-boyfriends."

Bai Yue Sheng didn't quite understand himself why would he and that, faithfully anti-gay system he was stuck with, had become buddies, but such thing as 'fate' and 'motherf*cker' had always been two inseparable words, Teacher Bai having long seen through everything directly ignored the other party's cynicism, and got to the point: "I just want to ask you, what happened? Why would Jeremy appear on Earth?"

Ah Jiu said: "From the time your promotion task began, I had been restricted from returning to headquarters, the details are not clear…" then he asked Bai Yue Sheng, "You didn't ask?"

He could remember clearly, Jeremy Itten 2, right, for him his host didn't value moral integrity very much, the moon would never be the kind to reach for the stars3, so he did not believe Bai Yue Sheng did no chit-chat.

Bai Yue Sheng said annoyed: "He left after banging."

Ah Jiu: "…"

Bai Yue Sheng: "Thank you for taking a holiday."

Ah Jiu: "…"

"Otherwise…" Bai Yue Sheng happily provoked him: "You could have taken a look at Jeremy's nice as always body and his great as ever exceptional gear…"

Ah Jiu: "Back off!"

Bai Yue Sheng: happy bunny sticker

Ding… The System has removed your expression package.

Bai Yue Sheng: "What the hell?"

Ah Jiu with a calm face said: "Just as it says, can't you read?"

Bai Yue Sheng: "Why did you delete this old man's4 sticker set?!"

Ah Jiu: "That loli is used to sell meng5, you use her when being idiotic."

Bai Yue Sheng didn't know what kind of messy waters he was getting into, so he didn't fuss over the sticker set, deleted was deleted, there were more important matters at hand.

"I think," Bai You Sheng thoughtfully said: "Jeremy should be able to come back."

Ah Jiu said: "It's okay if he comes back, if he can keep you company for two decades, you wouldn’t have to get bored either."

Bai Yue Sheng blinked.

Ah Jiu followed by saying: "Jeremy's prowess is very good, 'Galaxy's Heart', he was able to help you finish that SS rank task, and up to a full 100%, meaning you two make a good pair, although the restrictions for Earth's promotion task are more, but there are also a lot of loopholes, if you are able to soothe Jeremy down, you could do more with less."

"That's also true." Bai Yue Sheng pondered for a while, coming to realisation.

Although Jeremy was a dangerous person, and could blow the Earth into nothingness at any moment, but he must say, that guy was excellent in all aspects, if he could get his help, Bai Yue Sheng could just sit and relax.

Unless his lover proposed it, under a premise of "not getting married", he could also have a more comfortable life.

Ah Jiu and Bai Yue Sheng had travelled through many words together, although they often bicker with each other, but had a thorough understanding, after a few words the two get on the same wavelenght, each one would stop messing around.

Bai Yue Sheng didn't worry, keeping a peaceful life, waiting for Jeremy to appear, that was it.

He had stayed on the bedroom for two days-one night, missing two classes.

During such times, his Lucky S Physique would play a huge role.

Although his lectures might be empty, but Bai Yue Sheng still needed to go show his face at the facial scanner of each lesson. Students might not show up, but the teacher couldn't be missing.

Those days he didn't go out of the house, how would he do the facial scan?

Just as he finished today's lessons, he came across an acquaintance, Teacher Xiao 6Gao: "Bai Bro, good thing I found you! The attendance record machine had some issues, these two days of attendance logs are missing, the Personnel Department wants both of us for the check in to go sign up."

See, Lucky S Physique is so badass. Didn't show up for work? It doesn't matter, precious directly screws the machine that keeps your attendance!

Bai Yue Sheng said smiling: "Okay, off we go."

This Xiao Gao was a youngster that just graduated a year ago, with a friendly face, an enthusiastic guy, with just a glance an easy-going person, the main point was that he and his girlfriend were happily talking about marriage, so to speak it was a specially safe fellow straight male for Bai Yue Sheng.

Xiao Gao asked Bai Yue Sheng: "You need a witness when checking in, I'll help you sign up."

Bai Yue Sheng laughed: "Thanks, really."

"Why the politeness?" Xiao Gao said: "I just joined, when you also thankfully helped me prepare my courseware.

That thing huh, Bai Yue Sheng kind of forgot, he did nothing but help this mental-block looking brat, he never thought he would still keep it on his mind.

Bai Yue Sheng said: "Such little thing, not worth for you to always mention it."

The two successfully went over the formalities, and because they didn't have classes latter, they walked together to the school gates.

Xiao Gao has a warm character, chatting and laughing all the way, Bai Yue Sheng also followed happily, at the time they were almost out, there was a nicely looking pretty girl waving.

Xiao Gao with an excited face said: "It's my girlfriend!"

Bai Yue Sheng looked with raised eyebrows, slightly startled, that girl looked a bit familiar, seemed to have encountered Jeremy and him before… fujoshi girl?

What a tinny world, huh…

Bai Yue Sheng had some mixed feelings.

Xiao Gao pulled his girlfriend and introduced her and Bai Yue Sheng, the girl apparently also recognised Bai Yue Sheng at first glance, although her shiny (were not) predatory eyes, she still extremely politely exchanged names with Bai Yue Sheng.

Xiao Gao's girlfriend was called Ming Wei, she took out a lot of things, that she seemed to have brought for Xiao Gao, with a silly sugary sweet face, Xiao Gao asked Bai Yue Sheng: "Bro, it's almost meal time, want to join us?"

Bai Yue Sheng laughed: "I wouldn't want to third wheel."

Xiao Gao showed a face full of laughs, Ming Wei also stiffed a smile.

Bai Yue Sheng fretting, actually spoke again: "Can you give me that bottle?"

He pointed to the bag Ming Wei was carrying, stunned Ming Wei then reacted: "Okay… Okay." Taking out the drink from inside.

Bai Yue Sheng slightly smiled, and after unscrewing the cap seemed to suddenly think of something, saying apologetically: "You know what, the weather is too cold, I'm afraid that such drink would be unsuitable, I'll go buy a cup of coffee, you too guys don't drink outside, better go home and drink there."

Do young people also cared about such things as which drinks they can't drink with what weather? However, it was early winter weather, drinking outside was indeed somewhat silly.

Xiao Gao and Ming Wei didn't think much of it, Bai Yue Sheng bid farewell to them, they also already planned to go eat hot-pot.

Not being able to wait until getting the hot-pot place, Ming Wei once again screwed the drink, but was suddenly shocked by the words inside the cap.

"Ahhh! First- First prize!"


"First prize, ah! Dear old mother, during your lifetime this is the first time your child hits the jackpot!"

Double trip to the Maldives, giving a couple a honeymoon trip should be considered pretty good… Bai Yue Sheng pondered for a moment.

1. bachelor dog - Was thinking, should I use 'lone wolf' here?

2. Itten - I'm so torn, could be read as Eden, but also as Itten, but Eden sounds weird as a surname so maybe the old English 'Eadhun' or 'Edun'?

3. the moon would never be the kind to reach for the stars -Okay, I'm not so sure about this, but Ah Jiu might be saying something along the lines "that he isn't the kind of person to daydream"(?) and 'Yue' from Bai Yue Sheng's name has a character for moon so…

4. this old man's - You might have seen it before on others CN webnovels, characters referring to themselves as old man/your father when angry or being righteous or showing off, etc… this old man's

5. meng - Cuteness and alike, you might be familiar with the Japanese equivalent 'Moe'

6. Xiao - Is 'little' or 'young', a prefix used for younger people, shows some level of intimacy and can be used on an affective way.

Right, took the liberty to switch the “~\\(≧▽≦)/~” part with an sticker there.

I shall latter post an update, don’t want to go with a long speech here atm.