A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu


A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 12

Chapter 12 of the body she likes is Jiang Shaokai?

Lu Hsiao warm marriage new wife

After breakfast, in short, he suddenly found them selves, to work as a challenge.

She wondered, or to seek help from the Chui & Xu, you can arrange with your driver to be returned to 1 I?

1 “driver” had sent to buy vegetables Auntie. Seo Roberto looked at Miss”, “Why don’t gentry you sent to Mrs. less? ”

“I do not he!

Statements were made by Miss LOH thin is too high profile and sat down by his car to police stations… the consequences would be unthinkable!

Statements were made by Miss thin or the 1st time, travel of Squinting: “Don’t I? Then you can only sit on my car. ”

he cleanly elegantly fitted on the jacket, went out.

“Mr. Chui Pak, he meant?

In short, see” Su landing” statement, 1 array.

“I cannot give you arrange car and driver have not sent you to mean. Seo Roberto, ‘Lord, the meaning is clear and that is today you can only sit in his car to go to work. The other, forget about.

“He…he serious?

Su Chien,” with anger, statements were made by Miss what can thin so overbearing!

Chui & nodded: “Yes, indeed… Shao Ye does whatever is serious. ”

“not! Su Chien,” shouted angrily to go out, “He and I on marriage are not seriously!

The ” Mr. Chui Pak lips movement had been but hesitated, ultimately had not said– Come on, the know, Su Chien-there is always 1 Day will know.

Su Chien is sitting in a land of a low car, but had not let Miss thin her statement to the police station, at a distance of 1 kilometers from the police station and the place where he liked to get out and firmly stated: “I want to walk the past!

Statements were made by Miss LOH, depress the brake, Jane, education in general, and his car is continuing to move toward Luk’s group, not long after the Shim on phone call.

I am sure the one you are very interested in the news! ” Shen Echigawa, ‘that the small changes to say briefly on love someone? In the past few years, she had contact with the most men’s  young master Jiang Jiang rarely Kai! Therefore, in short, like most likely he. What do you intend to do?

Statements were made by Miss LOH” reminds me of the day of the registration exercise, President Jiang said Patrick less Su Chien has a Favorite, even guess is that he. At that time, the Soviet Union and the base looked on rigid, watching the eyes of Mr. Justice Patrick Jiang less complex.

The original, she was the least Kai?

“Hello? ” Shen echigawa puzzled to ask, “Is there a listen?

“She likes who have nothing to do. Statements were made by Miss LOH thin coldly, “Can you ordered on the instructions you have a lot of time? Visit Africa, to help me to point of processing. ”

Shen echigawa on such tragedies were exiled to Africa.

Rear, Jane, take a few steps, 1 there is a sudden car stopped beside her.

Jiang rarely Kai Car Window: “Lu Hsiao madame, statements were made by Miss LOH should not hesitate to thin you walk to work?

Su Chien,” unceremoniously pull open the door of the Inn Little Kai car: the country and you also know that I am not in order to save their lives and he married.

Jiang rarely Kai laugh if it requires, to Su Chien: The Wedding In the few days over looks like?

In short, 1″ Su forefinger against the President Jiang rarely Kai forehead, and his back: “What do not married life You Tube, 8 in the most men without charm. Also, I am already married, far away from me.

The result! Jiang rarely Kai launched the car and marry, forget the friends! Carefully to my dog, Chai scoops Luk (Group Chairman, his wife was a woman forensic!

Su Chien,” the Chinese government has the Government less Jiang Hai: “What’s the was a woman forensic’? You are a man of forensic!

Jiang rarely Kai smiled, and launching of the car and BMW 760 into a traffic flow directly at the Aston Martin ONE77 side rear.

Statements were made by Miss thin also don’t know why, look at the 1 eye mirror on the sight of this familiar with the car, and… Su Chien-inside.

She just liked to get off, is to sit Jiang’s less cart?

Is it that the echigawa Shen… is true?

There is then a moment, statements were made by Miss thin like The Su Chien-less interesting Kai Drive.”

Only— How could he have so impulse thoughts?

Statements were made by Miss thin eyes sink throttle up, Aston Martin aggressively goes beyond the front of several cars, open to Miss LOH.

Su Chien, have not paid attention to land-based thin the car and less and President Jiang Hai them to the police station, they saw 1 help my colleagues in 1, 8 in Korea if Sunrise House is Miss slim case shook it.

The vice squad leader of the dumping is won if Sunrise House of vermicelli after reading the news direct to sigh: “Oh, what a woman? It could from Korea if Sunrise House hand man! To let me know who they are, I iron – thank her! She did not miss” statement, snatched away the goddess of how is ours? Haha. Why? In short, you come back? Leave a few days are gone?

Su Chien,” touched nose: “Going to the goddess also to you. “