A Tale of Two Phoenixes


A Tale of Two Phoenixes Chapter 34

A Person That Mustn’t Abandon

Huan Yuan slipped his leg, his body went on 90 degrees, again he missed his footing, he knew something bad is going to happen. There’s nothing he could rely on while his body is in the middle of the air.

However, his mind was clearer than he was at these times.

Rong Zhi Rong Zhi, your plan is really perfect with every conceivable possibility taken into account.

Huan Yuan smiled bitterly and had that thought at the instant he dropped.

He had already expected everything, including the assassination, also the assassin was hired by him…… Even, he expected the fact that the assassin doesn’t recognize him.

Or maybe, everything was planned according to Rong Zhi.

This kind of flawless plan, couldn’t be described as scary only.

Huan Yuan never felt this kind of despair before.

But, it has nothing to do with him anymore, at least the scenery here was still exquisite, maybe it’s not so bad to bury his bones here.

He had already felt tired.

If the only way he could obtain freedom was to win over Rong Zhi’s scheme, then he admits that his skill was incompetent compared with him. If Rong Zhi planned to use kill him, then he shall grant his wish.

Maybe he could finally obtain the peace if he dies from here.

However, the strong wind hasn’t blown on him yet, he suddenly felt his arm was caught on something, as if someone was strongly holding on his hand, his body stopped and was hung on the cliff.

Who saved him?

Huan Yuan was shocked as he lifted up his eyes, this is probably an unforgettable scene in his life: the people whom he always hated, was now struggling hard on the cliff holding his hand.

Compared to the shock Huan Yuan received, Chu Yu felt so helpless: If she ever knew that she unconsciously held his hand would bring her what kind of consequences, then she would’ve controlled her hand no matter what happens.

Just now the moment before, she glimpsed that Huan Yuan fell down from the cliff, she didn’t even think about it, but her body unconsciously raised up her hand and held on him.

But her strength was not enough, she wasn’t able to hold on Huan Yuan, instead she was pulled out by the gravity force along with him and fell aside the cliff, one of her hand was holding on a rock, her body stick close to the ground, hence she didn’t get thrown down the cliff together.

Even so, she didn’t have any strength left, it’s impossible for her to lift up a man with weighing over 100 pounds.

A part of her body had exposed to the air, as if there’s something pulling her down slowly, Chu Yu bitten her teeth, she felt that her arms were going to get snapped off, but she unconsciously held Huan Yuan’s hand tightly than before.

Huan Yuan blankly stared at Chu Yu, his mind was empty.


Chu Yu couldn’t see the situation behind her, she could only hear the fighting sounds sometimes near and sometimes far away, and someone even stepped on her, but according to the strength, she could estimate the one who stepped on her was Liusang.

Only he was the lightest in the group.

Since they couldn’t see the scene, their heart started to feel anxious, the people are still fighting on top of the mountain, the scene was deadlocked while Huan Yuan was still hung at the cliff, Chu Yu was laying on the cliff to held him, Yue Jiefei one versus four couldn’t get himself out of the fight. Although Liusang’s sword skill was getting better and better, but he couldn’t finish off his opponent to rescue those two people back to safe zone.

Chu Yu smiled bitterly, now she is in a dilemma where she is difficult either to advance or draw back, it’s impossible for her to pull Huan Yuan back up, but she couldn’t stop Huan Yuan’s weight from pulling them downwards either, although the speed of going down is slow, with the speed of not almost 1 nanometer per second, but Chu Yu knew that whenever she gets pulled down, her life is in danger.

At this situation, the most practical way to protect herself is to release her hand, release Huan Yuan the big burden, so she could’ve saved herself easily.

It’s not like she doesn’t know, but she just couldn’t do it.

The feeling of slowly getting pulled to hell was a pain, as if there’s a blunt knife sometimes rubbed on her hand, but she couldn’t release her hand.


If she had known this situation would’ve happened, she might hesitate awhile and missed off the chance to rescue Huan Yuan, otherwise if she missed catching his hand, she’ll just feel guilty for a period of time only.

But now, since she held on Huan Yuan, she is the only hope for him to live, she couldn’t persuade herself to release her hand. If she releases her hand at this kind of situation, then there’s no difference of her murdering a people.

Although the mountain wasn’t that tall, but still it’s is still considered as a mountain, if they fell down, there’s 99.99% that they won’t survive.

Life is so precious, Chu Yu who came from thousands of years after and experienced death before understood the principle very well.

“Princess! Release Brother Huan. It’s too dangerous!” Liusang who was still fighting finally realized Chu Yu’s body had moved a few inches outward the cliff, but he couldn’t get himself out of the battle, so he shouted in frighten.

Because of that shout, a few assassins finally realized they went on the wrong target, they angrily started to attack crazier than just now, Yue Jiefei almost couldn’t defend their attacks.

Huan Yuan heard Liusang’s voice, his chest was slowly getting numb. In Princess’ house, except for Jiang Yan who had the same interest as him, the second to the closest to him must be Liusang this cute little child, but when times passed by, he had forgotten that the princess was the first place inside Liusang’s heart.

If it’s for the princess, then it’s alright even if he needed to throw everyone else away.

He knew that he shouldn’t care about this, but unavoidably his heart started to feel despair: defeated by Rong Zhi forever, unable to obtain freedom forever, forever thrown away by people who are close to him.

If that’s his life, then what’s the value of saving this life?

Suddenly, a word had awakened him from his thoughts.

“Don’t release your hand.”

Due that Chu Yu used all her strength, she hardly spits a word out with her face blushed in red: “Don’t release your hand.”

An assassin finally saw a chance and he raised his long sword threw towards Chu Yu, Yue Jiefei tried to stop it in the middle, although the sword was hit off a little from the range, but the sword was still going on Chu Yu’s direction, luckily it went off on top of her head and cut off her hair clasp instead, her long silky hair fell off and covered her face.

Chu Yu was shocked by the sudden that her body was covered by cold sweat, even the hand she was holding, Huan Yuan’s hand secreted out some sweat, making both of their hands slippery and difficult to hold his hand.

Chu Yu bit her teeth and said: “Huan Yuan, hold on tight, don’t release your hand.”

Huan Yuan opened up wide his eyes, he couldn’t believe that Chu Yu would say that.

What has he…… just heard? Is it because he was too sad that he had a hallucination?

That person’s face was covered in the shadow of her hair, but that pair of eyes were shining brightly staring at him.

Don’t release your hand, she actually said that.

Huan Yuan had always thought that, there’s nobody in this world would hold on him.

At this kind of troubled times, fate is just light as a duckweed, who would make some extra effort to care about other people’s life?

But how come there was a person, who doesn’t hesitate to reach out her hand during his crucial moment of life and death, regardless of the danger of being hung at this windy cliff, why would she held him tightly?

It was actually her?

How could it be her?

Rong Zhi, you planned everything, but have you ever expected this?

Chu Yu didn’t know Huan Yuan’s surging feeling towards her, she difficultly continued saying: “Don’t give up so fast, you must adhere yourself, a chance will come.” Who knows maybe the next moment, Liusang and Yue Jiefei could immediately finish off the assassins?

Even though the hope was abnormally small, but they must not give up before the real despair.

Before finishing her words, Chu Yu heard Liusang’s happy voice coming from behind, she was happy in her heart, she knew there’s probably a chance, so she reluctantly turned around her head and used the corner of her eyes to take a look, she could only saw some bloody clouds and a bright victory shadow.