A Standing Ovation with Izaya Orihara


A Standing Ovation with Izaya Orihara afterword

For those being a first time for this, nice to meet you. For those that have been around awhile, it's been awhile. It's Ryohgo Narita.

Thank you for reading the second edition to the "Izaya Orihara Series."

Eh? This is your first time reading it!? That's no good, but thank you! First I hope you read the Durarara!! series and the previous work "A Sunset with Izaya Orihara"…….!

And so this Izaya Orihara series being a spin-off from Durarara!! has received popularity from the previous volume and has thus gotten a second addition to it. For this to become a series is thanks to all of your support from the previous work. Really, thank you so much!

The theme this time is "a heartwarming everyday comedy." To write the scenario "what does Izaya Orihara normally do?" I ended up writing him watching a game at a baseball stadium.

In the previous work "a Sunset~" Izaya stirred up the town at work, but this time I think he ended up being pulled into a murder case on his day off and stirred it up.

……Normally a murder would not happen in a heartwarming everyday comedy? That thought flew far away somewhere with an out-of-bounds home run.

Naturally Izaya puts other's development on the stage without growing himself, but although this time the characters as key persons to appear next time from here on out, Yuuki Usubara and Iroha Mayuzumi, have made their appearances their pasts with many mysteries in them still may be written next time, or I may not write it unless Izaya shows interest.

After all, this is a series with the theme of writing Izaya's interesting yet provoking life after leaving Ikebukuro, so fundamentally it's a no-plan. Even now writing the conclusion to the book, if only I could show Izaya's friends that have not appeared other than just mentioned by name.

By the way, the Summer Tile Stadium doesn't have any particular model. It is a completely ridiculous stadium I made up by picking from various baseball stadium utilities, so I hope you take note.

Now then for those who have read the fourth volume of Durarara!!SH, about that person that appeared in the last part you may have been confused by the change in mood and may have thought "who are you!?", but it's alright; he's only using a different face publicly and in front of his family. The dad during the day time is a bit different. Which one is the real him, well, I hope you all believe who you all prefer is the real him……!

Now then, for those who looked on the Dengeki Bunko shelves you may have already noticed, but this month another book is coming out.

That's right, it's Durarara!! x Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens by Chiaki Kizaki-san!

It is Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens a big popular series for Media Works, but the characters that appear in it, in other words good willed killers and avengers based in Hakata, each one have come to Ikebukuro…that sort of story has been written up by Kizaki-san's clever, beautiful stroke of her pen!

It is a story written from each of the Hakata Tokotsu Ramens character's perspective during the events of Durarara!! x4, and it is a collaboration story with Mikado, Shizuo, and the main character of this novel, Izaya Orihara, that are have been reading now. Kizaki-san, thank you very much!

….. Yes, I cannot lose with this.

So next year contrarily I will write it!

The stage will be a few years later, the age of Durarara!! SH…..

Celty and Shinra head to Kyuushuu for work. Mizuchi and everyone go to Kyuushuu for a school trip. The van group head to Hakata for an anime event. Shizuo and Tom head to Hakata for collection a debt….. I decided to write a story with Celty and the others who get pulled into an event that happens there to meet the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens!

Phew! Incidentally I decided to call the person in charge in the middle of writing this afterword, so Kizaki-san still does not know, phew! (While worried if they say I cannot do it)

Well, if I cannot it will just be an adventure where Celty and the others travel to Kyuushuu without it being a collab, but what will happen you ask, well you will have to wait. Hakata Tonkotsu Rames is the everyday life of the sculptured group for its close characters, so I hope those who like Dura will enjoy reading it!

Lastly, this will be just giving my thanks.

Starting from Papio-san (Wada-san) who had to face with my hell of a schedule worse than the last time and to everyone proofreading in the printing division of AMW, thank you so much for your help…..!

Starting with Aogiri-san who is writing the comic release of Durarara the spin off is based from to everyone completed various media works productions such as the anime and games.

My family who has always taken care of me, friends, and all the authors and illustrators.

And to Suzuhito Yasuda-san who has represented the various characters starting from Izaya with amazing illustrations in the midst of such an unrefined, tight schedule.

And more than anything to everyone who picked up the book that is a continuation from the previous novel and a spinoff for the story Durarara and read up to this afterword.

Thank you very much! I hope you look forward for more hereafter.

"While watching the "caught on camera" series in one go" September, 2016
Ryohgo Narita

Obscure Story: Japanese Series

The next day in a certain place in Hakata

The day following the events of the electromagnetic hijack on Honshu. On a sports ground somewhere in Hakata there were people playing grass-lot baseball peacefully, not discussing of others’ affairs relating to that case.

They appeared to have finished their game for the day and were managing the field. A man with long limbs and ruffled hair had a rake in hand and started conversing to the blond haired man wearing the same uniform as him.

“Seriously, I tell ya. I’m jealous of that there strength of yours. Granted, although you got a good sense for baseball, that uniform doesn’t look good on you. Dontcha reckon’ you look better in bartender clothes?”

“You think?”

Next a man with a feminine manner of speaking observed the blond male with his index finger pressed to his chin.

“Hmm. I don’t mean to sound cliche, but oddly enough I think you would look your best in bartender clothes.”

“Really……? Thanks.”

The man seemed a little pleased being praised to wear normal bartender clothes for some reason, but he still tilted his head slightly in question while lifting up the roller with one hand.

“……What? You can carry that with one hand……?”

A young man with the facial expression of a serious salary man had a cold sweat upon seeing the man carrying the roller that had to be more than 300 kilograms on his shoulders.

While that conversation was taking place on the field, the young man with his neatly, mushroom cut-like hair pressed his cell phone to his ear. The voice he heard from the receiver was a certain informant who was in danger not even 20 hours ago.

‘Hey there, Black Leg Nameko-kun. Thank you for your help yesterday.’

“What’s up with that name calling? Well either way, I didn’t expect to receive a request for a sudden electromagnetic hijack from you. I don’t really know the meaning behind it, but what’s most important is that you’re satisfied with the outcome. Actually, now thinking about it, I take it that Nec is still alive.”

‘You’re terrible at lying. You should already have a guess on what that was, am I right?’

“If you want to really know then pay for it. Besides, I could care less about the competition of the team I’m not partial to. I may have been a bit interested in it if it was a match between the Serpents and the Hawks yesterday.”

‘You’re a Hawks fan?’

“Take a guess. What do you think?”

‘……By the way, do you know of Ranzou Hiura? He’s a political rival of that Kazuo Matsuda you could care less about, but if you want to know his weaknesses -‘

Just as the informant was talking the man with the mushroom haircut brought up an entirely different topic to intercept him.

“We have a helper here right now who came from Ikebukuro.”


“He came here to collect debt from a guy who didn’t pay up his 5,000,000 yen he owed, but we had him join our team for the day when he finished the job.”

‘Ahh……If I recall, it was the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens? That grass-lot baseball one.’

And then he heard the yell of the blond man from a distance. Apparently someone on the opposing team that lost made some sort of reckless remark. While watching their teammates try and stop the blond man from picking up a light motor vehicle, the young man moved his cell phone in that direction so the blond man’s yelling was audible.

“He’s an acquaintance of yours, right? Should I put him on?”

However –

“……He cut the call. He really does hate him.”

For a moment he made a ‘I got you,’ expression, but then the young man took a seat on the bench and continued to watch the riot going on.

And like this the meager exchange with the informant had been completed. However, as long as they continued submitting information, surely they would make contact again from the ripples.

Just like those who had left one city would meet again in another.

To be Continued?

Translation Notes:

“Caught on camera" is the closest translation to what he was watching. The title is actually 監死カメラ (kanshi kamera). The Kanshi is usually written as 監視, which is "surveillance," thus would normally be read as "surveillance camera." However the "shi" (視) part was replaced by this "shi" (死), which means death.  This 監死 doesn't exist as a word. But the series he is referring to is: ほんとうに映った!監死カメラ. Which sort of literally means "It was really projected! Surveillance (observing death) camera." It is a horror original video series. It's just a series that show ghosts or bizarre incidents that were caught on surveillance cameras. Hence I found it more natural to call it "caught on camera" as an English speaker, and because I couldn't make the play on words work.