A Round Trip To Love

Other name: No other name

Genre: Yaoi

Date released: Unknown
Views: 3739

Author: Unknown

Status: Ongoing

Translator: acupofmemory

The blind fortuneteller at the mouth of the alley said to me, “Your road of love is destined to be one that’s rough. You shall be forever intertwined with a man, and there won’t be a peaceful ending.” I shoved my half-finished soda in his hands, patted myself down and left. “Hey, you haven’t paid!” The blind fortuneteller was still madly shouting from a distance. Are you kidding me? You couldn’t even work out whether I’m a man or woman and you still dare ask for money? I’m doing my daily good deed by not wrecking your stand. Now, I’m sitting in a train station, disheveled and empty-handed, my face swelling like a pig’s. Recalling the blind fortuneteller’s words, I regret blowing him off with my unfinished soda. I should have given him some money. Unfortunately, I’ve been a fool up till today. My life has indeed been intertwined with a man, but I have not realised that nothing good will come out of it in the end

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