A Priest's Legend


A Priest's Legend Volume 1 Chapter 7

Chapter Seven A Formidable Mage

"Risen ?"Silence awake said with puzzle.

"Congratulations!"The system notification was heard to Dong Fang as well and hence he hurriedly congratulated.

"Leveling up is achieved naturally..."Dong Fang(East) allowed himself a wry smile and said:"Keep battling!"

Silence didn't know how to continue dialogue,silent.

A few moments later he listened to Dongfang saying:"Fine,my friend're gonna arrive here."

"Al'right."Silence noded a head.

As a result of releases of a Potent Recovery and a Potent Cure,Dong Fang restored to a full-hearted state of mind and body.Meanwhile he gave himself a magic consuming a great much magic power:Guard to the Soul.Hence drinking a bottle of intermediate mana potion,he set off to recover his MP(mana points).

A few more moments later,East said with his head back towards Silence: "Be prepared,follow me out."

Silence looked through himself,and afterwards adjusted his body with that near Dongfang's.Finishing up all,he informed East:"done".

"Go!"Finishing saying,East cried loudly,"Sweep Away Millions of Enemy Troops!"

On the slash from Dong Fang,all six monsters fell down!Dong Fang.Dong Fang killed forward,Silence following him carefully to avoid inflicting attacks from monsters.Every time he noticed monsters' number reach a great peak,Silence gave out a Fear Scream,which resulted in a part of monsters temporarily escaping away.There were a great many monsters around in any case,therefore it had nothing to do with them that a few more monsters approached.It would be fine as long as they didn't face more than enough opponents.

"Catch them."Dongfang said excitedly to Silence.

Not far away,five guys were hurrying up here with two mages following behind a fighter,a priest in the middle of the queue,and a thief falling in the end.

As they saw Dong Fang,they handed in a team-joining request. When they unified each other as a team family together,two mages set off to backon Blizzard under the fighter's protection.

The mage-exclusive spell Blizzard was of a broad effect range,but consumed far too many MP.Blizzard,A fortith leveled mage released it two times as many as possible.

Blizzard's force fully spread out after ten seconds,which unified the other same Blizzard out of the second mage to produce a spell impact above Silence's imagination.Silence waited to looked over corpses of monsters thickly lied on the ground surrounding them,and gave those two mages an astonished look until the Blizzard,a disaster to monsters,had died down.

They looked like not over fortith leveled yet possessed a attack power breathtaking compared to others!Mage!There was no abosolute doubt that the mage was entitled a great many grand attacking manaish occupation honors! A remarkable attack power beyond compare! This was the mage!

A pile of monsters died off,resulting in that silence got a flying-fast rise on the experiences bar.This valley eventually came to a temporary quietness with only few monsters spawning with the effort of them six players.

"I can spare a time to exhale a breathe.Fuck!"Dong Fang took a hateful scold as a obvious result of that too many experiences couldn't be allocated onto his experieces bar thanks to he as a higher level berserker in comparison to the level of monsters.Further more,a mere simple task what he originally thought picking blood dragon grass as now developed into this,in addition to that time meant experiences especially for him.Provided that the little girl was not that entangled with him,he couldn't come here at all.

Yet it was a good business to find this place fit to be settled to kill monsters under the condition of his friends.Later he was pleasant to lead his buddies to here on a quick grinding feast.Dong Fang pondered in mind.

While in a break,Silence looked at attribute descriptions on Role Panel astonishingly aware of his leveling experiences reaching to thirty-four percent of a total experiences bar.

Silence had been a little preoccupied with his operations and attles and little distracted by others'way too amzaed looks

at him.Just now he swept away monsters around at a speed quicker

than normal mages.

Was it still a priest?

This is a thought all the people present had,of course except Dong Fang who had recognised breathtaking operation from Silence and Silence himself still buried in the flying-fast rising experiences

"Please allow me to make a brief introduction,"Dong Fang said to Silence after he called Phoenix names.

"This is Gua Zi,a mage with a thirty-six level.Nan Gua,a mage,a thirty-eight level.A thrity-ninth leveled fighter Rou Rou.Ci Ke(means an assasin in Chinese),a thief,a thirty-nine level,will soon be a real assasin."Dong Fang pointed at name's owners one by one and hence,he turned to talk to Gua Zi and so on:"he is the priest Silence presently rising to the toped second on the Level Ranking List."

"He should be Silence!"Gua Zi screamed with surprise,and hence noded,"it makes sense.There is no doubt that he raises levels the same fast as a rocket fired."

"Hi!"Nan Gua make a face joke to Silence,and said,"I completely admired you for your operation craft no one can compare to."

"It's okay.You're exaggerating."Silence,dizzy, didn't know what to respond.

Tiredness from body made Silence look at the alarm clock in a reflex reaction.

"Now it's six already!"Silence cried loudly,and then,hurriedly talked to others,"sorry.I gotta get offline to have a rest,otherwise I shall have difficulty in today's work."

"Al'right.Maybe we have a chance of cooperation one day.I added you into my Friend List."Said Dong Fang.

"Well."Silence gave a nod of assent,and afterwards said to others,"good night."

Noticing nothing on odd looks of other's faces,Silence hurriedly used up a greatly valued Scroll of Town Portal to return to the town without being noticed and tracked by monsters.

Xiao Qi exiting the game Sunk drew curtain open looked at the overcast sky out of the window,yawned heavily,and washed down the face.He hunted up some bread to appease his hunger in the kitchen.Better than just now,Silence couldn't help but start to ponder about the game.Have a careful look at new tactics to see if there is room for improvement that he was capable of rapid harvesting experiences.

After thinking for a while,Silence had to decided to give up.

As Silence had reached maximum of attack force of a priese prior to job transfer,unless he was able to find some equipments raising attack power yet those equipments suitable for dark mana spell was hard to look for.

Or waited to see if that idea he thought of was able to come true,until it was time for job transfer.

While thinking of transfer to a powerful occupation,thinking of the magical ring,Silence couldn't help but became excited.If the idea made it,he had no difficulty in both solo fast grinding and venturing into the unknown with teammates.

As thinking about the game was done,Silence stood up in a stright line and started to tidy his bedroom.If he didn't move,he was afraid that he would fall asleep naturally.

Extreme sleepness was defeated during Xiao Qi's anti-sleepy whole day.On arrival at home,Silence entered the game Sunk.Nowadays it was the most significant for him to rise to a fortith leveled priest and verify whether his thought could come into actions.

Silence didn't know what to realized later on and he just wanna to go up to a forty level to put on the ring in order to verify his idea's practicability.When it came to a further future, he would naturally have an idea of what he could accomplish.This was what Silence thougth but not what Xiao Qi thought.Xiao Qi was longing for success through struggle,however, Silence currently was stronger than Xiao Qi. Charm out of game made Silence lose self-displine,as a result of which Xiao Qi in reality gotta be given in to Silence in virtual game.

As Silence get online,he went to the Auction House with a big anticipation to see if there was a certain equipment more of enhancement on dark mana spell yet he had to return to the hotel with regret that except the two eqipments on his body he had no capacity to find other suitable equipment any longer.Granted that he looked for several ones able to highten dark magic skill damage,yet it was weaker in comparison to the equipments Silence was wearing and was paid in a high auctioning price within the Auction House.

Silence tidied up all his equipments he stored in the baggage and prepared to get into a valley filled with Devil With Detestations in order to rush to be a fortith leveled priest.

As soon as Silence got out of the hotel,he noticed a notification from the kind system:Your letter was stored in the Post Office.Please took if off in time.

Silence came to the Post Office to collect his mail with puzzle.He was just relieved until he found the name of Dong Fang was signed on the envelope for player friends he was familiar to were numbered,resulting in no one sending an mail to him.

He opened this letter and had a throughout look,frowning.

The letter said,Dongfang thought Silence right hit it off for him.This game would presently open Gang function system to public players.He hoped Silence joined his gang to take risks to explore inaccessible zones,kill a variety of strange monsters for a unique set of good equipment,broad horizons and deep understanding of the Continent Sunk in this game.Just several words,indicated Dong Fang's intention.

Silence considered it,with a answer saying"it takes time to think it over.Contact one day."

Provided that he joined the gang,he had a capacity to frequently harvest a great many experiences out of monsters with Dong Fang as well as Gua Zi and so on.As a result,he improved his character level with enduring steadiness.As far as Silence's concerned,he yet had his own consideration and choice for he had not fully shaped himself and his path in the future had not yet been fixed.What type of priest did he desire strongly to be?If the effect arming himself with the ring brought wasn't fit for his idea and future job plan which loaf of occupational path would he opt in?To be a exclussilvely assitant holy priest or to be a loner dark priest?

There was no certain choice prior to being a forty level priest.Silence knew that,so he replied time was needed to make a careful consideration in letter.Everything would be clear until he improved to be fortith leveled.

Silence didn't see a figure related to Dong Fang's team as he got to the place that Dong Fang had appointed in that letter.They were guessed to be around Frozen Lake.With an simple relaxation and adjustment of mind Silence dedicated himself to the currently most emergent affair:to rush to be fortith leveled.

When the clock struke a quarter past seven it signified Silence had to exit the game yet thirty percent of a whole experiences bar apart from a 40 level.

Xiao Qi hurriedly washed down his face and bit some bread while going out of the dormitory door.

Clock struck right half past eight.Silence reached the company on time.He coincidentally met the general manager Chen Dazhi who reached the company entrance at the same time.

Chen Dazhi was a veteran as well.As a result,Silence was adopted in this company without any relevant working experiece.However,after all he,as a merchant,was not that satisfied with Silence's work efficiency in recent days,especially arrival at the company right before the deadline time.Chen saw Silence's pale face and couldn't help asking:"Younger Xiao.What's up with you recently ? Why do you look that pale?"

Xiao Qi touched his face in a reflex reaction.It was normal to show a pale face as a ghost do as he haven't slept for two days.

"Nothing,just no steady sleep lately."

"Well,"Chen Zhida noded a head,hence,said "be fully rested.Oh,the latest lists,you don't forget to follow closely.Don't drop the chance while tracking."

"Al'right.Thanks for General Chen's care."

Silence excessively sleepy spent a whole confused day in the office.Chen Dazhi peered at him all day,inwardly shook his head.