A Priest's Legend


A Priest's Legend Volume 1 Chapter 4-5

Chapter Four Super Mana Portion

  Silence quiveringly took up the ring emiting orange lights,carefully watching it.

  The Ring of Chaos. Type:jewelry;demand occupation:unlimited; demand level:unlimited;effect: the ring had two forms—it could act as either a chaos ring or a holiness ring.When working as a holiness ring,it could increase manaish treatment magic's effect by 20% and in the meantime the wearer would antomatically stand on a camp of lawful good.While the ring worked as a chaos ring,dark spells'damagic would be strengthened by 20% and the camp of this ring's owner would antomatically be turned into a chaos evil.This kind of effect could be used endlessly but cooled down within a duration of 30 minutes after last usage.

  "How there could be such a thing?"muttered Silence.If his guess turned out to be a truth,Silence afterwords would be given an option of teaming up with people to be a competent priest for cure or grinding alone as a evil priest. His level rose rapidly in this way,didn't it?

  Even if Silence currently took up the third place of priests'level ranking,he was aware that it is not worthy for himself of leveling up alone.With time going by,monsters were harder to strike.Now he could draw up a suit of attack pattern for a monster depending on the weakness of the  monster to kill it up until exhaustion of his mana ; nevertheless,how could he depend on afterwards?

  His attack power would have been unable to keep up with speed of monsters'level raising.There were few experiences if he decided to strike normal monsters while there estimately were  few health point reducement of boss monsters until he exhausted  his mana.Although he look at this with eyes of Silence before job transfer,Silence estimated there would be not that great change after him transfering up nevertheless.

  Therefore,if the ring could help him do what he imagined to do:to be changed into a member of lawful good camp to major in a divine spell for a higher level ,or to be changed into a memeber of chaos evil to learn a dark magic.

  If this is true,then he be imagined to win advantages from both sides:either to team up with players to challenge high level monsters or to select suitable zones to raise level.

  However,now everything was still an idea.Everthing would be clear until 40 level.

  Silence put away The Ring of Chaos in the safe-deposit box of the bank,and then put other stuffs into a box next to it.

Out the bank,he went to a shop rather than an auction house.At shop,he bought some necessities and some items necessary for refining portions before he arrived at a place where his refining was taught.He was about to refine herbs he picked a few days ago into portions to satisfy later rapid leveling's need.

  After Silence paid the handling fee,he came to the refining hall.A look at this fimiliar place called up those times when he was right in this game,unaware of everything,standing stupidly here for refining portions until he accidentally triggered a hidden task,which after finishing he gained a skill and achieved a title of Master alchemy.

  Those players around busy refining portions noticed someone coming in,with even nobody rasing a head.Silence walked before an empty table and began refining portions.

  Blood dragon grass,the most crucial herb,was put into a crystal bottle prior to silence nervously looking at the inside of the crystal bottle in which blue liquid ceaselessly went up and down,causing bubbles of various colors.

  Waiting for finishing refining required an extradinary patience.Fortunately,Silence retired from the army was able to bear it at ease.A half hour's wait later,the rolling liquid gradually calmed down which turned from a blue one into a clearer and more transparent one,giving off a refreshing fragrance.

  Silence looked at the bottle of portion and a stripe of smile appeared in his originally tighting face.A bottle of super magic portion provided an extra live for manaish job.Especially in the sunk continent,not only was super mana portion paid a high price,but also was hard to be accessible for players  only in refining.Nontheless,the success rate of refining was very low,in addtion to which was that there is little herb grass,causing a high cost.It is impossible for normal people to raise their refining level to adept unless you were way too rich or under a support of a guide,let alone level up to a master alchemist.No chances were that anyone would be titled as a master alchemy without raw materials and needed gold coins supported back by a large-size guide  and a little good luck.

  Of course, an exception pointed to Silence taking a hidden task after the most basical portion several thousand times.

  Diving portion inside the bottle into quarters and putting them into a specially made crystal bottle,Silence got prepared to begin  refining other portions.

   "Excuse me,this is a legendary super magic portion?"Asked a mage player pointing to the bottle Silence put on the table.

  Silence hesitated,and then nodded his head.

  "How is it possible?"That mage player shouted in surprise.

  The hall silent besides crack sounds of portion bubble was no longer quiet thanks to this surprised shouting.The other players turned to look  at surprised mage player with anger.

  "What are you doing?"A player accused him annoyedly,"don't you konw that it is not allowed to talk loudly here?  Becouse of a scream  of you just now, I failed my intermediate portion refining.Do you konw that?"

  "He...He...He..."The mage player pointed to Silence,blamed by many pairs of angry glances ,and said with a stammer:"He said he refined up a super magic portion."

  "What!"The crowds in the hall cried out,and then turn their eyes to the priest foolishly standing.

  "How can it be possible!I have no choice of seeking to raising my experience point but to get prepared to be an alchemist,but now the best portion in my record was nothing but an intermediate portion.How could he concoct a super magic portion?"A player stared at Silence in doubt.

  "Do come by yourself if you don't believe it!"The mage pointed to the bottle on the desk,and said to guys around him.

  Silence saw so many people here,tense arising in his mind.Altough he didn't understand why they got affected,he still put the portion away in the package hurriedly and hurried up out.

  "Be a cheat absolutely!"The player who just now questioned Silence laughed at that mage player,"Otherwise what he was running?As is konwn to all,now no one is able to concort a super  magic portion.If he make it to refine that,the most biggest guides would have to serve him as Buddha? "

  "However,I apprently recognised that was the super magic portion!The color and lustre,the flavor...It was exactly the same as what the instructor showed for me!"

  "Shit!You want a super mana portion so desireing that you go mad...?"

  Those who just walked forward to see the super magic portion but nothing ,and listened to their debates.Most of those imagine in the mind:I kept trying here all the time but had no choice to see him.What's more,judging from his dress ,he was at a level of 30 at least.He has so high a level that it is impossible for him to spent a lot of time to refine portion for enhancing the alchemy spell,let alone to concort up a super mana portion!That one certainly mistaked.

  However,this thing was under the attention of someone intended .A following imformation set off to spread out:a alchemist able to refine a super magic portion appear,as a priest,was eatimated to have a level  between 30 and 40.The rest unknown.

  Silence rushed out of Alchemy Hall.He was really not accustomed to being paid so many people's attentions to and had no idea of what he should do.Thereby, he just ran out so.

  Silence don't konw it is so surprising a thing to be able to concoct a super magic portion.He believed that  way too many people would be able to gain a mastery alchemy skill.

  After running out,Silence came to a store to cost some gold coins to buy some alchemy tools.Unfortunately,these refining tools were not better than those in Alchemy Hall and they would go to scraps once used once time.What's worse, it was at a lower chance of success.However,the most important potions had been done,other needed but ranked-lower potions was easy for Silence to refine depending on the mastery alchemy of Silence.

  Silence was advancing on a 40 level as all had been prepared.

Volunme One Being alone's Joy

Chapter Five A New Tactics

Silence stood before Valley Devil's entry and took a quiet look at that.

This was the last time to come here and he was about to get away here shortly after he rose to get leveled thirty-nine times(a 40 level or a level of 40).Right here topped first Lord of Devil in the level and other monsters'level was between 35 to 38.If silence arrived at a level of 40,the expericences he gained here killing monsters were not in direct propotion to to the time he spent.

The best opportunity to abtain experiences was to take tasks or to strike monsters as you were on a adventure in Continent Sunk .However,it was necessary to have a deep understanding of Continent Sunk before taking tasks,so Silence chose the traditional way -to kill monsters for experiences needed to enhance his level.

  If there was a great difference between monsters'levels and players' ones, players weren't able to gain a lot of experiences.Therefore,it was the best way of raising your level to opt to stike monsters whose levels were little away from your level.   

  One thing occured to him as Silence had a idea of entering the valley.He patted his head and privately scolded himself.

He opened the role panel and thought of the talent attribute points he gained through leveling up hadn't been allocated.

  Watching the role panel,Silence assign  the talent attibute point to the skill appeared  thanks to just leveling up to 40: Divine Repremand.

  Divine Repremand: a passive skill,increased the hurt holy spells caused to devilish monsters by 15%.At a junior level.The skill studies had to begin from openning up it via talent attribute points obtained from leveing and then you was allowed to seek the  related NPC to learn a  skill at a higher level).

  With the help of the skill Divine Repremand in addition to the attack bonus euipments what Silence put on a moment ago brought  ,Silence currently was able to strike devilish or fighterish monsters to death in within two rounds.

  Basically he didn't release a stunning magic to reduce the moving speed first within two rounds of stiking monsters to death for the monster usually was almost about to fall down as he run close to himself.

  After several tries,Silence abandoned Holy Hammer with a attck bonus aginst devilish monsters.Although he added the attribute point to Divine Repremand and the holy magic possessed extra 15% attack damage bonus;However, Silence equipped himself with Eyes of A Devil and A Devil's Left Hand,dark spells' attack hurt is a little  difference to catch up with sacred spells's attack at devils.Nevertheless,Blow Up Souls belonging to dark spells had  a shorter releasing time than Holy Hammer belonging to holy spells and reduced  mana consumption by 20%  compared to Holy Hammer's mana cost.

  With the help a spell shooting time of one and a half seconds compared to a three-seconds magic releasing duration,a Pain Deep Into the Soul spell promoted through devilish equipments  did cause silence to save a time between one and two seconds within killing a monster.Afterwards,Silence completely ignored devil swordmen coming by him,just dodging to the side,and then went on striking next monster.Let previous monsters die of the effect caused by Pain Deep into the Soul of continous attacks.

  In order to rush to a higher level,Silence brought junior and intermediate portions he concocted before by himself.When he saw several monsters nearby ,he lessen the time to rest and directly drunk up a bottle of mana portion other players only used at the crucial moment to recover his magic points.In this way rised Silence getting experiences's effiency.Although  it was in exchange for the cost of gold coins,it didn't matter that only if he was able to pick herb grasses for Silence as a mastery alchemist.Let alone herb grasses he picked in passing when hitting  monsters  were enough for his own needs.

  "Blow Up Souls!"(a dark spell,with a cooling duration of one and a half seconds .)

  "Pain Deep Into Souls!"

  "Light Of Purification!"(a holy spell at a lower level,with a releasing time of one second.)

  After the cooldown duration of Blow Up Souls went by,another Blow Up Souls was shot out.And then followed another Light Of Purification.

  Then, Silence paid no attention to the devil swordman dashed up to him and set off to launch an attack to another monster nearby.

  Don't do it repeatedly, until suddenly,Silence found devil swordmen around him were gone.

  After thinking deeply,Silence found time used to skill monsters was faster than  system refreshing monsters' time.Silence took the gap to tidy up his equipments and at the same time caculated how much time he spent leveling up to 40 at this speed.

  "It will took thirty-four more hours keeping trying."Silence said in the mind after making a calculation,"incorrect,gains of experiences was lower after rasing a level ."

  "Thirty-six hours."It cheered up Silence if he worked harder,sleep time reduced two hours and game time rised from six hours now to eight hours so that he was capable of going up to a 40 level. At that time,he could try and verify his idea of a super priest possessing both a high attack power as well as  a ability to command immortal creatures from dark priests and a strong treating ability from  holy priests.

  Monsters began to rebirth here(or refresh) and Silence set off to strike monsters.Used to the new tactics, Silence had an ability both to hit monsters for experiences and to ponder something.

  After a long time of skilling monsters,a belif occured to Silence,"could a priest have an ability of attack around an area as same as a mage? "

  However,searching through all the priest' spells, Silence found no spells of attacking about a area or a group but only attacks at a single target.

  "Blow Up Souls!"

  "Deep Into Souls!"

  "The Light of Putification!"

  "Blow Up Souls!"

  An automatic striking monsters still run on and Silence continued thinking.

  Suddenly,Silence believed he seemed to catch some idea.After finishing killing a monster,Silence retreated to a safe shelter.Then he opened the spell list.

  Area attack spell have an advantage of causing damages to many monsters more than more in the meanwhile that way it benificial to increasing greatly experiences you gained during unit time.

  Although Silence as a priest didn't have a spell as mage had,Silence possessed a continuous attack spell any job couldn't match:Pain Deep Into Souls.As long as in a very short period of time ,all the monsters had been given a Deep Into Souls that way causing an effect as good as such area attack spell as Blizzard of a mage.Silence looked at Pain Deep Into Souls on the spell list murmuring.

  But how to bear several monsters attacking at the same time.Even if Silence had an instant-shooting Divine Defense Shield spell,perhaps Silence only resisted against three attacks from  a dark swordman and got out of mana.

  Silence frowned, and began to looked over all his spells.At last, a spell was found in the division of dark spells:Fear Scream.(This spell was capable of causing monsters around fears and driving them fleeing away,with a duration of five seconds.It worked within a radius of ten feets around the targer.)

  Silence gave a smile,"it's this one!"

  Then Silence began to have a try.

  "Pain Deep Into Souls!"

  "Pain Deep Into Souls!"

  "Pain Deep Into Souls!"

  Silence sent out three consecutive Pain Deep Into Souls at three dark swordmen nearby, shot a Blow Up Souls spell to a monster of them shortly before monsters approached and released a Light Of Purification to that one.

  Three dark swordmen has arrived beside Silence and were going to hold great swords in hands to cut to Silence.Silence hastily started off to release a Fear Scream spell!

  The effect began to work,three dark swordmen ran out of Silence.Silence stared at the dark swordman which had been greatly harmed and went on releasing a  spell of Blow Up Souls.

  Over! One Dead!

  Continue,hit a Light Of Purification against another dark swordman not very far away.

  The cooldown time was over after releasing a Light Of Purification and Silence could release one more  Blow Up Souls.

  "Light Of Purification!"

  "Blow Up Souls!"

  Over!Two dead!

  Watching the third dark swordman,Silence showed a smile on his face.The duration of Deep Into Souls exerted on that dark swordman had passed,but the health point was a little more than a two thirds of its original left.

  A stunning, and a Light Of Purification.One more Blow Up Souls!


  A successful tactics!

  Following it,Silence started a tactical review so that he had capacity to gain experiences with a greater efficiency. Although in this way was promoted Silence's speed of striking monsters,there existed two disadvantages:first,it would  add a lot of difficulty in Silence operation on skill release and use up many more spirits;second,here the dark swordmen was apprently incapable of meeting Silence's speed.

  After the review finished,Silence stroke monsters to gain experiences with an old tactics while thinking about how to settle this problem.

  Increased difficulty in operation could be overcome via exercise so that he ended up in an easier and more relax operation,however,this grinding area was needed to change into a new suitable place.Otherwise it was a real pity that that new tactics he just came up with had no choice to work.

  After grinding for a while,Silence saw the experiences he lacked for upgrading next level,which was sixty-five percent of a total experiences bar apart from a 39 level.Silence took one more time and it was already more than midnight twelve.

  After a period of strike,Silence decided to work deep into Valley Devil to seek if there were monsters suitable for him killing monsters.Silence remembered a great many monsters of slightly one to two levels higher inside Valley Devil ; Nontheless,in order to harvest experiences efficiently,he haven't gone anywhere to have a careful exploration but stayed at the devil swordman zone.

  Now it was up to how much good luck he met with to find a place suitable for striking and full of monsters busy reborning.Silence get occupied with both marching and watching out for surroundings.

 In the Continent Sunk,it was necessary to keep cautious for punishment from death could get Silence hairy.

  "Which way shall I go?"

  Silence was looking at the two swarthy caves in front of him.

  "Left or right hand?"Silence gave a consideration and opt in  the right-hand cave which he had a little impression on.

  There was obviously no monsters in the swarthy cave.Silence lit a fire torch and didn't see a light until stepped deep into the cave for about fifteen minutes .At this time,he was able to watch a mass of light in the distanct and Silence moved towards there with caution.

  "Gonna arrive at the exit."Silence was on the alert even badly, and added a defence shield on his body in advance in case monsters bursted in to lauch a strike.

It was necessry for Silence to be with caution.A monster suddenly attacked Silence as Silence right exited out ofthe cave.

Silence hurried to throw a stunning spell out and drew back into the valley inside when releasing a Pain Deep Into Souls spell  meanwhile.A  Blow Up Souls was followed to release there.

 Watching the monster near to here,Silence had a hurried detect for this monster's information:Devil Detestation,at a 37 level.

 Silence ran a calculation as was retreating.His stunning spell commonly reduced monsters' moving speed by 50%.Judging from the move speed of this monster,even if he didn't release a stunning spell,it was obvious to not catch up with himself.Perhaps its moving speed was three or less than three.

 Good luck!Silence gave a thumbs up in his mind.

"Now it comes to look how thick your skin was!"
  As the Devil Detestation crashed down on the ground right at the second Blow Up Souls point,Silence stared blankly for a following moment.

"What...."Silence endured ecstasy deep in mind,"hope right here stand plenty of monsters."

 A monster possessing a slow march speed and not too many

blood points,was made-to-measure to fit his new gaining experiences'tactics,wasn't it?

  However,the monster nearly broke his defence shield at one blow,showing a superstrong physical attack power. Nontheless,it had nothing to do with Silence because that monster wasn't able to get so near to him as to be under the control of Silence.Especially the monster looked as a chubby ball as people said a fatty was,but its health point was thinner than a sheet of paper.

  Silence released a defensive shield at him,and warily headed for the exit!

  No stike from a monster!Silence advanced out of the cave!

  Silence couldn't help standing in amazement as he took a sight of a scene before him.