A Priest's Legend


A Priest's Legend Volume 1 Chapter 1

Volume One  Being Alone’s Joy

Chapter One  A Priest Grinding alone

  Xiao Qi came back to his dormitory,took the key out of his pocket,and threw a briefcase in his hand down to a sofa with his body exhausted.After pulling down his necktie and closing the door meantime,he changed quickly from a straight standing figure to beaking down one on the sofa.

  “Overly exhausted!”After a short break,Xiao Qi made every effort to stand up above the soft sofa,but he did not make it for a while.He took a sad smile and thought: How life tortured me!just retired from the military not so long,a lot big change took place on my body.

  Xiao qi ,a salesman in an advertising campany ,aged 25 this year.He had just stepped on this vacation for less than three months.Today five companies were visited by him,and it is a pity that  he could not hand out a poster  list.

  Standing  up from the sofa, Xiao Qi poured a cup of water and drank all water with only one swallow.He headed for his bedroom,breathed out a long ,long breath,and enter the Online game   Sunk.

  Xiao Qi shares common personality between vitual world and real world:silent or speechless trait.If Xiao Qi had chosen to be a salesman which could challege human behavior ,

eloquence, and communication most,he had been reading others’ emotions more flexibly and had had a better eloquence.It started so but ended not as Xiao Qi’s wish.Xiao Qi was still silent like before with three months gone,or could be called timid and coward.

  Entering the game,Xiao Qi was watching his role:      

Name: Silence   Job: Priest   Level:37.Dressed  in a total of

white  priest’s outfit,he holded a silver-white cane shining

holy light.

  Xiao Qi smiled out of pride.Indeed,a person who never played

a game randomly chose a priest job and leveled to 39 on his own

of solo.It is worth mentioning that a 45th leveled fighter toped

first in the ranking list,let alone a priest walked slower than

other vocations on the road of leveling up.

  clicking log in.LOADING...

  Before Silence showed up in a outdoor tent, a familiar game-entrance scene animation flashed Xiao Qi front on the screen.

  Silence scrawed out of the tent and sorted out outfits on his body and carried stuffs.

  “Em...”Silence watched out magic potions in the package,saying himself ,“these should be enough.”

  Silence got prepared to level up today,for he was  45 percent of experience bar from 37th to 38th away from next level.If he could level up 38th,he could get a rather important talent attribute point,which got a 15% increase of damage which holy magics made to devils.

  Finally putting away by a corner of a cave,he drilled out of this cave.He turns up in a valley filled with dark red soil.

  The Devil Valley lay on a edge corner of the Sank Mainland. Dull –red soil was like fresh blood all over on the ground of everywhere,which seemed to flow under sunset’s shining.Gross smells spread throughout  the whole valley.There grew a few trees and vines strange in shape.

  After heading out of the cave,Silence walked around several times in order to familiarize here.He came to an area where odd stones stood and stopped.Silence gave himeself a basic defensing magic,drank out a bottle of black potion and stepped a little foward to make a careful observation well.

  “Nine.”Silence said in the mind.

  Not only was this Chaos Stones Forest called a gathering place of devils,but also the whole Devil Valley was squeezed in by devilish monsters from level 25 to level 40.Silence had been here for solo,where most of the region  he is extremely familiar with.

TL:Solo means leveling up alone through killing monsters.

  Just at the moment Silence looked around and was prepared to start leveling by attacking  monsters,the light of his eyes suddenly swept over a dark red grass.If it is not Silence ,a mastery Alchemist that was paticularly sensitive to herbal plants,other people couldn’t find this piece of grass.

  “Blood dragon grass!”Silence suppressed his mood of surprise,watched out ,looked up to monsters in front of him and surroundings and walked slowly towards the grass.

   Blood dragon grass,the most important raw material used to make super magic portions.

  “Oh yeah...”Silence dig it out and put it away in the package.After doing these,he could not help but smile.In additon to leveling up,what made him happy is to dig precious herbal plants out of soil.

  He had been here for over a month,but just dug up three blood dragon grass.Even if Silence got the hang of a mastery alchemy skill,he could not make the blood dragon grass refined into super mana potions(super magic potions).


  For magical jobs,mana meaned life,not to speak of a priest who could heal himself! A bottle of super mana portion would instantly turn Silence’s magic point full.

  Silence adjusted his own state,re-entered kind of leveling state(which could be called grinding if lasting for a long time),slowly drew near those 9 level 35th devilish monsters:devil swordman.

  Devil swordman had a high attack, a high defence,a high health point(blood),a long experience if hit down ,especially a way too high physical defence and general magic defence.Except the holy magic of the priest and the dark soul attack magic which could neglect an opponent’s defence(that is to say this kind dark soul attack magic often damaged in a regular injury point  regardless of how high your defence was),other injuries have no special feeling for them.All these led to a very small number  of players  grinding in the Devil Valley.

  Silence had been here for more than one month,but he only saw 2 teams come here,propably for some task demand.

  Three devil swordman made up a group distributed in a triangle shape among these 9 monsters.As long as one of three swordman was disturbed,the other 2 would also get alert(Aggro in online games).At the same time devilish monster were particularly sensitive to taste.Therefore Silence had drunk up the black potion to get his life smell covered up,in case of being found when no approaching devil swordman’s  sight range of looking out.

  Silence adjusted his magic-shot positon so well that he could immediately shoot up two magic —the first one is Calm Down the SOUL after getting close to the boundary of Aggro Radius(which equals to sight range of looking out around in online games,maybe a professional item for gamer).It worked for ten seconds.

  To follow up with,it took 2seconds to send out a stunning spell,which would greatly lower the moving speed of target.

  Silence had a moving speed of 5 feets(maybe per second.Writer did not put on more ink here)while devil swordman had an original movement speed of 8 feets.The monster’s moving speed reduced to 3 feets after it had been hit in by kind of stunning magic.

  “about a distance of 30 feets.It lasted 10 seconds.”Silence made a fast estimation.While Silence was thinking in the mind,his hand and mouth worked meantime, releasing a instantaneous magic-Pain Deep Into the Soul.

  Note:a kind of ability that priest developed based on deep understanding into pain during a long term  treatment for patients,belonged to the continuity-soulish  attack and the dark spell.

  Silence lightly shouted out, and went on shooting out a holy spell.

  “Holy Hammer!”

  Three seconds later, above on the devilish monster’s head did  a semitransparent golden giant hammer shining holy light appear.

  The hammer hit the devil on the head.

-87 -8.

  looking at the damage point up out of the monster’s head,Silence moved back a few steps and began to  chant a spell stuff of Holy Hammer.

  Three second later,one more hammer hit the monster on the head. -9 -85.

  Silence still moved back  several steps and there came a Holy Hammer over again.

 -8 -88.

Finally after 10 seconds of stunning passed,the devilish swordman turned back at the normal speed and rushed up front Silence.The monster waved a claymore in its hand and cut off to Silence.


Above on the head top of the monster did a 8-point hurt by the Pain Deep Into Soul magic flash up.

The devil swordman unwillingly fell down with blood-red eyes and mouth revealing fangs way too open.

Silence smiled proudly.A level 35 devil swordman’s falling down on the ground before he got any damage  surely made him worthy of being proud,

A PVE battle is over for only 11 seconds.

(PVE:player vs environment.PVP:player vs player.)

An accurate calculation, a perfect control ability.These are honed out of this game by Silence for several months.

Silence came up and pick up trophies –a few silevr coins and a black ring(not identified).Silence readily threw these stuff in a package and started up the next round of killing.

Silence recovered up his mana using prays after he killed 3 swordman per time.He went on in that way.After a few hours of mechanical grinding,silent felt a bit hungry.Therefore he came back in the cave and left the game for a while.

  Xiao Qi took a look at the time ,10:47,after he took off his helmet.He stood up and head for the kitchen to cook a bowl of instant noodles.After eating noddles like the wind pulling  the clouds away(a chinese idiom ,used to describe how fast the rest stuff is swept away),Xiao Qi sat in front of the computer.

  Entering the game,Silence looked at the experience needed to level up.Now the experience bar distance 24% experience from next level.

  “It looks like I can’t go up tonight.”Silence frustratedly began to sort out his equipments,and got prepared for the begining of grinding.

  Silence did not automatically go on killing those 9 devil swordman  until the clock on the desk rang up.He looked at the experience needed to level up-still 7%.

  “Give it up.”Silence reluctantly shook his head.He didn’t carefully observe the surrouding environment ,directly turned back into the hole and got out of the game.

  Above on a hill not far from the Chaos Devil Forest in the Devil Valley,4 players were gawking at the location where Silence just disappeared.They silently tool a silent glance at each other.A soldier of those spat out a long breath and muttered,“ this....is a show?”

  “Oh my gosh...”

  “Not a wizard...”A wizard player sighed for so long,“Not a wizard  gonna grind like this?”

  “He should be a priest...”A priest standing in the middle of other player decadently took a look at his hands,“Can a priest gonna do this ?”

  “Is he the priest Silence topping third on the priest level ranking list?”A petite and furtive thief said in a heavy voice。

  “Probably...”A leading soldier bent down his head and said,“Other upper level priests have fixed teams ,but only silence seems beyond a lot more teams.No one had heard of this guy.”

  “By the way,who did shoot a DEMO?”


  “Forget  it...”

   As soon as Xiao Qi was off the game,he walked to man’s room for brushing his teeth and washing his face and went to bed.He was desperately tired for his running a day’s business.Right now playing the game looked mechanical and easy,but it need to be extremely buried in.Therefore Xiao Qi went deep in dream the instant he lay on the bed.

Chapter Two  Got A Bargain

  At half past six of the next day,Xiao Qi got up under the clock’s urgement.

  At five to seven,he went out.

  At seven o’clock,Xiao Qi rode a bike out from the gate of the district.

  Without any accident,Xiao Qi arrived in the company right at eight o’clock.

  Xiao Qi was afraid of being late although go-to- work time officially began at 8:30 in his company..He could also sort out today’s work and plan his schedule in advance.Last but not least,he could also help his colleagues clean up the office.After all,he’d been here for only three months,and he was not good at social communication.

  Perhaps...the boss of the company asked him not for business actually, but for cleaning.He,an offical staff just turned from his internship,got 400 yuan per month paid  and took a 2% to 5% commission of his business.But he did such a terrible salesman business that he only took  about 300 yuan for commission per month.It took around no more than 700 to hire a clean who might do a little salesman business.That’s why the boss agreed Xiao Qi to stay here.

  Xiao Qi was buried in riding his bicycle struggling to move ahead.He was thinking about what he’s gonna do today while he was riding.

  “Well...Hua Sheng Company could be visited by this day,and maybe I would get a list.”

  “I have no idea about whether the sample list from Tian Long Motorcycle Accessories could be taken.Ahh...Just go there over again.”

  Xiao Qi frowned and got a gap left on originally tiny eyes.He looked down at a watch on his wrist.


  Xiao Qi pulled his ass up from the cushion of the bicycle and began to sprint,touching the oncoming cool morning breeze.He gave a soft smile for a really comfortable breeze in spring.

  Right at eight o’clock,Xiao Qi got to the company on time.He put down stuffs in his hands and began to tidy up clutters left by the designers in work last night.

  The originally messy designer’s room turned into a neat one at 8:15.

  Since Xiao Qi came to this company,these designers had no idea of how many times they had asked him to get a drink in order to keep their office room neat.Even if Xiao Qi always was scanty of words,to drink counted nothing difficult for him from a troop.

  In the third drink,he got so open that four good-at-drinking main forces were given in to him in a battle of one VS four.From that on,they would only drink beers when getting Xiao Qi to drink.Xiao Qi didn’t know how mang times he gotta go to the man’s room every time they drank together.

  Beers got belly heavy!!!

  8:25,almost all the company staff arrived in on time.

  8:30,salesman had a meeting.Xiao Qi reported about work of this day and then hit the road at once.

  Xiao Qi still drew a blank to come back to his residence.He put down the bag.Too lazy to have a dinner,he went srtaight in the game.

  After Silence was in the game,he checked out his outfits and found that there is little room for the trip package which Silence spent a half of his savings  during his levelled 25th days in buying.The package had been almost occupied by some equipment that hadn’t been identified yet,herb grass picked  but not yet refined and some portions he prepared in battles with monsters.

  Silence thought for a while after a check up.

  “It’ll be time to go back and neaten his staffs after  raising this level.By the way,go by the auction and see whether  there is good staff there.”

  As usual,Silence headed out of the cave with equipments and staffs cleaned up.Just stepping to somewhere not far away from Chaos Stones Forest,a deafening roar walked in Silence’s ears.As soon as Silence heared  the sound,he paused his foot.

  “A devil lord?”Silence surprised first and then understood it.

  The devil lord , a 40-level quasi boss monster,rondomly showed up inside the Devil Valley every month and last no more than three days. Silence had ever been killed by a devil lord when he just arrived in the Devil Valley.At that time Silence got to a only 27 level and had yet as skilled as nowadays technique.

  Silence listened to the roaring sound of the devil lord,thought a little for a second,looked around and quietly went where the sound came from.

  He was walking and thinking:“devil lord,a 30th levelled boss,has a health point above 1000 and a defence three times of normal monsters’.Apart from a super strong physical attack(phscial attack :a usually used term in online games ,opposite to magical attack),none of skillish attacks(In a sense,magics equals to skills in online games)had never been exposed to me.Is it too dangerous for me to go forward without any preparation.”

  Although Silence thought in this way,his feet couldn’t help going where the devil lord located.In a minute,Silence had come to the battlefield.

  The devil lord in the same build as the strongest barbarian with all its body wrapped in a black knight armor.Its one hand held up a dark sword,which a black flame occassionally flashed off.Last time Silence falled down under this sword.Another hand held up  a whip.

  At this time,the devil lord was roaring rageously and gonna try to kill tiny creatures that dare invade his tiny territory.Opposite to the devile lord there were four players standing and struggling against the devil lord’s attack.A fighter attracted the monster’s hatred  so perfect that a mage behind the fighter and a rogue who had gumshoed around to the back of the devil lord could attack with full mind and force while  a priest gave his teammates timely and accurate treatment.

  The battle was on a state of stalemate while Silence still stayed put and carefully observed the battlefield situation,hesitating to help them or not.At the same time Silence watched them skillfully cooperating with each other,a strange feeling arising in his heart.

  After a duration of stalemate,being increasingly hurt,the devil lord gave up attcking and looked up at sky roaring.Its whole body gave out a blak flame and those 4 players were quickly wrapped in the latter.

  “Pay attention!”The fighter shouted and defensed up against the monster,trying to break the devil lord’s movement.

  The priest quickly shot an instant spell:Dispel!

  But it doesn’t seem to work.The black flames still hung around them and let them suffer a curse damage of 18 health point per second.

  “A curse.”The priest cried in alarm.

  “Damn it.Xiao Qi are not in.”The rogue who just drew back from the balck flame range mercilessly scolded.

  “What can we do? I can’t hold on any longer.The potion has already gone,and my mana is about to be the same.Today is so unluck a day that just the potion money gotta get me heartbroken.”The mage player looked at his package and said to his teammates.

  “Hold on.That monster should be also about to die.”The priest was talking and giving the fighter a treatment.

  “Come on everybody!”Said the fighter who was enveloped in the dark flames,his sound still steady and powerful.The fighter began to regret making his decision last night.They had a trip to the Devil Valley and just wanna pick some blood dragon grass to make some preparations for Xiao Qi.However Blood Dragon Grass were very rare.They spend a few days looking for it in the whole Devil Valley, but they fould only 2 strains.

  As the usual action had

been planned,they should first withdrew out from the Devil Valley and went back to tidy up their equipments,but they accidentally found Silence grinding in the Chaos Stones Forest.At the sight of Silence’s acting-like technique,perfect control and layout techniques was the fighter attracted.A priest with a unmatched skill could make

a team’s fighting capacity raised by a few ranks.

  Particularly the priest had a strong attck!At least in fromnt of Devilish monsters!

  Therefore after Silence went off the game,the fighter consulted other teammates ,especially the priest,and decided to invite Silence to join their team.

  Thereby they went to a nearby hiding place to get out of the game.After they got in the game,as soon as they came by the Chaos Stones Forest,they ran into the devil lord that appeared once a month.And a battle happened!

  “Dian Deng Pao,strengthen your attack!Fight!”The fighter roared to made a teammate behind him informed.

  “Well!”The mage Dian Deng Pao loudly responded,and then he whispered again,“but you’ll gotta pay for my portions and spell scralls.

  When the priest beside them two heard it,he turned over his eyes and shook reluctantly his head.

  “Sha Bu,speed up your treatment frequency now!Break the Caldrons and Sink the Boats!”The fighter roared!The whole body gave out a golden light!A huge sword in his hand cut fiercely to the devil lord.

TL: Break the Caldrons and Sink the Boats here is a spell or a magic,and meantimes is a saying in China,meaning to cut off all means of retreat.

  The moment that priest Sha Bu listened,his heart was tight.He hurriedly accelerated the treatment frequency.but  he began to worry looking at his mana to be run out of.

  Break the Caldrons and Sink the Boats was a skill for over 30th levelled fighters.It completely abandoned fighters’ defense and increased attck 3 times.

  The mage Dian Deng Pao heard the roar of the fighter with his face heavy,and pulled out a scroll ,the hand trembling.He took a look ful of silently conveyed tenderness at that scroll and then crush resolutely the scroll.

  “Thunder Stone.”The mage spat out the spell’s name.

  The devil lord’s attack was becaming stronger and stronger,and hence the fighter struggled against the monster in front.The priest kept releasing Heal ALL to ensure the survival of the fighter and give the mage enough time to shoot his magic.

  5 seconds later, clouds hung over the devil lord’s head,lightning snakes winding around the clouds.

  The devil lord seemed to be aware of something strange, looking up at sky and screaming.


  The harsh sound made the fighter pause his movement,and hence the devil lord wanna take advantage of this opportunity to get out of the circle of battle.

  “Keep it!”The mage Dian Deng Pao anxiously shouted.

  The devil lord paused.

   The fighter hurriedly released a skill:Deterrence Roar.

   The devil lord paused!

  “Make it!”The fighter looked overjoyed.This skill would usually work on the same-level monsters as him with the least chance,but now it worked on the 40-level quasi boss.There is no doubt that he was surprised.

“Diao Yan De!Quickly away!”The mage watched the magich to be send out and shouted hurriedly at the fighter.

  The fighter Diao Yan De retreated quickly,and in the meantime the rogue was also out of the circle of battle and gathered by the priest.

  The dark clouds began to roll over.Lightning shot like snakes down to the ground.The devil lord trapped in range of attck kept being struck by lightning,paralyzed and unable to get out pof the battle circle.

  With the frequency of lightning’s falling  up,the devil lord could not hold on any longer!Fiercefully staring at those 4 players,it unwillingly fell down.

  The devil fell down ,and dropped a few stuffs on the ground. Those several players had fun.Thereby they wanna step forward,but they were pulled by the mage.

  “Look for death if you directly go now!Do not wait until the Thunder Stone ends,or you’ll end up in being  instantly killed.”The mage Dian Deng Pao looked at the rolling dark clouds and said with a monthful of resentment ,gold coins flashing in his eyes.

  “Hey!”The rogue siad pretty camely,“look around!”

  Other 3 players turned back and took a look.They have no idea of when a large number of devilish monsters had come behind them.

  “Damn it!The last roat turns out to call its affiliated monsters!Fuck!”The fighter violently scolded.

  After taking a glance at each other,they first unwillingly looked at the stuffs dropping out of the devil lord for they were reluctant to part from here.Then they blamefully looked at the Thunder Stone still working on,and finally they looked at the mage.

  “Go.”The fighter stood up,pulled out a Town Portal scroll,and was teleported back into the city without entering a battle.

  The priest Sha Bu and the rogue were followingly portaled back to town.The mage took a reluctant look at the stuffs left on the ground,and looked up at the dark clouds to be increasingly not working,turning unwillingly back to the town by a Town Portal scroll.

  In a hotel of the town.

  The mage Dian Deng Pao kept complaining:“It is such huge a pity that I wasted my Thunder Stone scroll and my gold coin ----3000 gold coins! Moreover it can’t be simply paid with money.”

  “Cut it out!If you did not lease the broke spell,perhaps we would also kill the monster and pick up stuffs he dropped.”The rogue Tou Si Ni said fairly.

  The priest Sha Bu looked at the rogue and then looked at the mage.After bandaging gauzes for them to do some simple treatments.The fighter Diao Yan De banged the table and stood up.He glared at the mage and turned over to glare at the rogue.

  “No one wanna let it happen.If it’s wrong, the fault counts on me for getting into the fighting state under a unknown condition.”

  Finishing saying,he went directly out.

  The mage and the rogue were left looking at each other with bleak diamay.

  “The boss lost his temper......”The mage Dian Deng Pao felt wronged,“I am just complaining little......”

  Silence glanced cherily at a lot of monsters.He walked to the place where the devil lord died,and in the meanwhile he cought sight of a pitch-black sword,a short  wand and a black dress lying on the ground.Silence went there and threw these stuffs into  the package.

  He had no more thinking and began grinding for leveling up.

  “Ding Dong!”As the system prompted,Silence’s whole body gaved out a white light.

  “Levelled up!”This was a surprise for Silence.He opened up his role panel to have a look.He hesitated and switched his sight to the stuffs in the package.Then he closed the role panel and began to head for the cave.

It ends.

               Chapter Three Is It Possible

  Silence was standing in the gate of the town full of a thousand tons of regrets.He spent a month alone in the wild valley after such a long  period of grinding life.That  almost made him feel this as a stand-alone game.Nothing was noticed when he was alone,however,when  he came back to the town and looked at people coming and going,he turned emoionally sensitive.

  Silence came back to a hotel and afterwards the large parcel he paid way too much money for was cleaned up to sort out the stuffs inside it well.There were twelve equipment items including the last 3 stuffs obtained from the devil lord. Silence had spent a whole month in gaining simply 12 unidentified items.The other equipments were all some shit equipments and weren’t directly thrown into a blacksmith’s until they were sorted out by Silence.

  There were a lot of valuable herbs which included 4  blood dragon grass,a main ingredient the super magic portion was made from.

  Of course,never would coins be missed.Although it was less likely for monsters in the Devil Valley to drop a lot of coins,Silence found that he also accumulated unexpectedly coins to a total of nearly 1000.

  “Ha ha...”smiled foolishly at a pile of spoils right under his nose  Silence ,and afterwards turned on the role panel langhing much more amusedly.He’s leveled  24 times (TL:This tells Silence has a level of 25 for him begining right from level 1) before he entered the Devil valley while he come out from  there,he got a level of 38.

Silence was siting glad of himself before he made a plan that he was first going to identify items,hence going to save money at a bank, and last planned to see whether there was equipments suitable for him at a auction.

  “Em,that’s it.”Once he made his plan,he got out of the hotel.As soon as he was off the hotel,a crowd noise right came into his ears.

  Silence turned around and was mindful of a circle of people around someplace.Introverted character as Silence had,he couldn’t help narrowing forward in the crowd after being alone of more than a month.Silence spent a little time and finally squeezed in.He observed some warriors wearing gold armors surrounding several players in the core of crowd.

  “Dear friend,what happened?”Silence’s courage rose and therefore he asked a player by him.

  “Hey...Those few people even stole something from our town’s lord.I couldn’t admire the thief more!”

  “Unignorant about what they had stolen,I heard that it made the town’s lord order the whole town to be on the alert.”

  “I heard about it as a token which appears to be used to be command NPC.”

TL:NPC is abbreviated from non-player character ,usually programmed by game designers.

  Those few NPCs dressed in gold amors hacked  the several players surrounded in the core to death.A small pitch-black board kind of stuff dropped out of a rogue player among them and was picked up quickly bya NPC.


  The ultrastrong attack power of NPCs astonished players around to breath in an cold air through their mouthes. Those few players surrounded had  at least levelled up more than 29 times and nontheless they could not stand a  hit by the NPCs. NO idea of how much levels these NPCs had.

  “How dare they steal stuffs of our town’s lord if they don’t wanna seek death?”said coly a fighter by Silence.

  Silence watched the person seemingly staring at himself,shrinked back his body,narrowed out of the crowd and rushed to where surveyors worked.

  “At a 20 percent discount.850 gold coins.”A affable and graceful surveyor smelled at Silence spiting out a  bit surprising price of the  idtifications.

  Silence was stupified.Few times though he had gone here ,however,it was paid just more than 10 gold coins each time.Why it was needed to be paid such a high price.Nevertheless it occured to him that he had nearly a thousand gold coins and therefore he pressed  causally the enter key.

  Silence finished identificating his items before  arriving at the bank and opening up personal room.Only after Silence entered his personal room did he open his package to look through the equipments just identified.

  If you stood in front of a surveyor,you would keep unclear about when equipments on your body had been stolen by the rogue. Silence was depressed by his personal suffering.Silence remembered the first time when he identified a priest’s rod suitable for him which brought a few attributes more than other rods sharing the same level,strengthening attack power so much that made Silence way too amused to let himself stay put for foolishly appreciating the rod.

  It ended...

  System prompt:something has been stolen.

  There was nothing about the rod left.Fall into a pit,a gain in Silence’s wit.Thereby previously it could make sense that as soon as Silence fininshed  idtification of his stuffs he directly  running up to the bank without giving the rogue a chance to make their living.

  Later on,Silence thought it over.It is a right decision for the rogue to stay here stealing.If equipments was identified to be shit,players  went away soon.But if there was something valuable after being identified,the owner would lost in amusment and thus the rogut started stealing when you are out of alert.

  Silence opened up the package and lined up those 12 kind of stuffs.

  Different equipments were surrounded by light of various colos.Silence smiled for none of equipments that could glitter was a lemon obviously not a priceless one.No wonder it needed to be paid a desperately high price of identification.Nowdays Silence saw if there was an equipment suitable for him.

  First of all,Silence listed out the whole weapons: a dagger giving out a golden light,a huge sword jet-black the whole body,which,seen from Silence,dropped out of the devil lord.

  Followingly,Silence put aside a few equipments he didn’t wear at all,and put a few ones he could wear in  front of himself to select one by one.

  Eyes of A Devil.Type:jewelry;demand occupation:unlimited; demand level:unlimited;effect:the wearer got a dark vision with a certain chance to see through the rogue’s invisibility spell,had a certain chance to be immune against the spells affecting vision effects and increased dark spells’damage by 5 percent.

  The last damage increase of 5 percent especially astonished Silence.Though he was now mainly in the devil area grinding and his attack means relied  mainly on holy magic,however,he had to rely on dark magic to grind when he rised to level 40 for at that time Silence needed go somewhere else for grinding while once he went away from here there was no damage bonus holy magics caused to devilish monsters.

TL:When you rise to a high level,the original zone’s monsters don’t suit you for you couldn’t gain the highest experience at all.The larger your level is away from monsters’ level,the less experience you gain.So whenever you arrive at a new altitude of level,the first thing to do is to seek a good place suitable for grinding.

  If Silence was turned into a dark priest ,a very useful skill appeared: A Lash At The Mind,especially until he went up to level 40.It caused a damage of 18 points per second,and meanwhile reduced target’s agility to a half.It was a pity that this was a magic constantly needing an instruction,that is to say you could not shot other magics during you releasing this  magic.Nontheless this magic was an instant spell,which was remarkable enough for Silence to make up for its shortcoming.

  “A good stuff.”Silence hurriedly put up,only to find it was lit up so much before him that originally some little dark places of somewhere Silence stayed in  turned into ones exposed to Silence’s sight.After appreciation for a while,Silence took up watching next item.The magic wand dropped out of the devil lord.Magic wands belonged to deputy equipments which could greatly increase user’s attributes.However,the chance of a magic wand’s showing was extra-small.Thereby this was the first time to see a magic wand for Silence.

  A Devil’s Left Hand.Type:a magic wand;demand job:manaish jobs.demand level:level 38;effect:it increased intelligence by 3 points,constitution by 1 point and damage of dark spell by 10 percent.

TL:Among most of the online games,intelligence influences magical attack power and sometimes critical srtike rating of magical attack while constitution has an influence on health point and even physical defence.All of online games don’t have settings of attributes in common.

  Right fitting it up,Silence looked at the  magic wand emitting a dark light with its shape a bit like a human’s hand and a huge ruby stiching up through the top of itself when he began considering himself to transfer to act as a dark priest after rising to level 40.With the help of these two equipment,he could match mage on the side of attack power in addition to giving a treatment after he transferred to be a dark priest.

  “Get it over.Do not have a plan Until going up to level 40.”Silence sighed.Such a long time going by,Silence  was increasingly   accustomed to the Sunk Continent.Occupation transfer at level 40 was a turning point in the game.Basically only you had chosen a job to transfer, your development in the future was followingly fixed.Therefore,Silence began to hesitate.

  Silence looked at a ring giving out orange lights and his mind could not help but be arrested by it.He directly skipped a dress near to himself and went fatch it.As long as he took a sight of it,he felt shocked!

  Watching its item instruction,a kind of possibility occured to Silence...He murmured:“Is this possible?”