A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 424

In this chapter something good happened and do you curious what it is?

Chapter 424

Announcing Good News

That's right!

It must be mistaken! Although it is not a mistake, still a mistake!

She likes Luo Yao Yao this identity, like so much this identity, her father is Luo Tian Ming; her mother is Deng Hui Hong; her husband is Feng Chen Yi, these are things that not going to be changed, no one could change it. "Hah, if I am really Lan Duo, then the future… I really don't know how to go on."


"You think, Princess Lan Shan and Prince consort Ao Ni Ken were killed by Zeng Kai Rui, then one of the person who joined was your adopted father. If you are Lan Duo, it is not only I need to revenge with Yu Ao Tian; also revenge to Zeng Kai Rui, moreover I must hate my adopted father Luo Tian Ming. Really tired…"

"Indeed it is tired. But no matter what…." Feng Chen Yi's pair of eyes flashed, dearly pinching her chin: "No matter who you are, no matter where to go, I… I will still be your husband!"

It was so clearly the word spoken by him sound such bossy, but Yao Yao has such strange secure feeling. It seems that she really likes such simple life…. "I am who I am, I will not go anywhere. I am Feng Chen Yi's wife Luo Yao Yao, I won't change as well no one can change too!"

"Hah…" a faint smile across his mouth, Feng Chen Yi hugged her tightly. But… that pair of cold eyes flashed sharply…

Feng's family dining room, everyone is having lunch elegantly.

The person who sat on the master's seat was Feng Xiao who put down his chopstick, and then others followed him.

"I have important thing to announce."

"Father, what's matter that seems so serious?" Feng Chen Rui curiously asked.

As seen, Feng Xiao's eyes looked down, for while… slowly said: "I decided to raise Feng Chen Yi's position in Feng Group as Interim CEO, moreover 40% shares that I have in Feng Group, half is under his name."

"Father! Why suddenly you are…"

"Chen Rui, you don't need to say anything." Feng Xiao stopped Feng Chen Rui to speak, smiled and then patted his hand: "You are Big Brother, later you must help your younger brother, understand?"

"Father! Understood!" Feng Chen Rui unsatisfied curled his hand into fist, if not because Feng Xiao sat on the dining table, he really wanted to flip the table!

"Hahaha…. Hahahaha…" since went out from Feng's family house Yao Yao kept on laughing as if she has taken a laugh medicine, could not stop to laugh. Until they arrived at their own small house, she was acting overly by rolling on the sofa while laughing.

"My beloved, what is getting into you?"

Seeing with indifference eyesight Feng Chen Yi stood beside sofa, Yao Yao unstoppable using her hand to pat the sofa back: "Was you blind before? Didn't you see when father in law said that he wanted to raise your position as interim CEO, Feng Chen Rui, 'family' expression? It was so funny! Hahaahha…"

"Huh…" Feng Chen Yi let out long sigh, loosen his necktie on his neck, stretched out his hand and then gently hit her butt: "You don't know, this time the real battle is starting?"

Yao Yao straighten her body, giving place for Feng Chen Yi to seat, with disdain waving her hand: "Start just let it starts, I believe due to your strength to against that dummy Feng Chen Rui is more than sufficient!"

"Hah, is it really that easy? If it is really that easy, why that time I still joining hand with Yu Ao Tian to discard him."


That's right! That time it was only Feng Chen Yi's project from Feng Group that partnering with Berson Group, so that he wanted to borrow Yu Ao Tian's hand to cut off Feng Chen Rui? "Ssst…from these time interaction, Feng Chen Rui strength wasn’t any better than yours, why you still need… ask Yu Ao Tian to cut him off?"

"Huh… it was because my grandfather."

"Your grandfather?"

"When my grandfather was still alive, he was not only gave me 20% of Feng Group shares, also gave me a will, absolutely not allow me to do any 'harm to brother' this thing."

So this is the case! No wonder, Feng Chen Yi didn't really fight against Feng Chen Rui, furthermore he still needed to use Yu Ao Tian to discard him. "You are cunning, aren't you? You know that you could not do it, you ask other to do it. But if… Feng Chen Rui really have upper hand then what to do?"

"By this way then… I can attack him openly!"

Seeing that cunning smile on Feng Chen Yi's face, as if Yao Yao has reacted for something: "Wo Kao! No wonder you are always say that you don't really mind about the CEO position, but always fight with Feng Chen Rui, could it be… are you waiting for taking the CEO position from Feng Chen Rui in order to force him to take move, then you can openly attack him?"

Feng Chen Yi admitted by nodding his head.

Yao Yao acted mischievous by poke his head: "You are such bad! So that you have ulterior motive! You are really bad boy!"

"Hah, aren't you embarrassed saying me? You even could see my purpose, it seems that… you this little girl also not up to any good?"

"Who said? I am one hundred percent good person!"

"Good woman would speak dirty words?" Feng Chen Yi pinched her nose.

"Uh, it hurt! Really hurt." She unhappily hit his arm, her face showed unhappy expression touching her redden nose: "I just go as the flow."

"Go as the flow? Before you were never spoke dirty words. You this little rascal, really learn be bad. It seems that I need to give you good lesson." After said, Feng Chen Yi pushed down Yao Yao to sofa.

"Don't ah!" her small hand hit his chest.

Feng Chen Yi suddenly grabbed her wrist, his cold eyes gradually has a luster gleam.

Perhaps because attracting by his eyes, or perhaps because of the atmosphere that gradually precipitated, Yao Yao gently caressing his bang, unexpectedly she followed his rhythm….

But just at this moment….

'Ding Dong Ding Dong'

The bell ring was breaking this beautiful atmosphere, Yao Yao anxiously almost falling down from sofa.

"Don't know who such blind with the situation!" Feng Chen Yi hatefully said, quickly he walked to the front door, with his gloomy face opened the door.

"General Manager Feng, hello."

Heh? Listened to this familiar voice, faster Yao Yao looked at the door direction, Xie Zhi Qing? She was panicking didn't care with the room, hurried she hiding inside bedroom.

"You are?"

"I am your intern assistant, Xie Zhi Qing. It was Sister Lisa who gave me your address. Due to the fax that sent by Amy International (Ai Mi Guo Ji), there is an urgent document which need your signature. Then I just hurrying to find you." Xie Zhi Qing smiled sweetly, handed over the document to Feng Chen Yi's hand.

He coldly took that document, opened it. "Pen."

"Ah? Pen…. I don't bring any." Xie Zhi Qing helplessly scratching her head, pathetically opened her mouth.

But simply, Feng Chen Yi didn't even look at her not even a glance: "Wait for me." Cold words, he took that document hurried heading to living room.

Then realized, Yao Yao has already disappeared.

His eyes looking left and right, seeing Yao Yao who standing inside bedroom, he helplessly shaking his head.

After sign it, hurried back to front door, Feng Chen Yi coldly handed over the document back to Xie Zhi Qing. Just at the moment closed door….