A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 422 part2

Chapter 422

Part 2 (Two)

Her other life

So the story still revolving about Yu Ao Tian and Bing Ye ‘childhood’ memories. Both of them are drowning in their memories, from first time they met, be friend, gotten closer, separation and lost contact.

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Later on, Bing Ye was also staying at Qi Lian Hao's villa for about one month, after that he had disappeared from Qi Lian's house. After half year, it was one year later after Princess Lan Shan paid visit to China, also the case in which Hua Mei villa burned….

Memories back to present.

"Where were you going after you disappeared for that half month?" Yu Ao Tian put down the wine glass in his hand, puzzled and asked.

"That half year, I was searching for kidnapper that kidnapped Royal Highness Lan Duo."

"Hah?" Yu Ao Tian's eyes rolled: "According to reckon the time, as I remembered before you are disappeared you had let out the information about Princess Lan Shan, the princess consort Ao Ni Ken also Royal Highness Lan Duo got killed, after that the state of council were starting to investigate about this case. Do you really sure that Lan Duo hasn't died?"

"That's right! I am absolutely certain!" that time, Princess Lan Shan's family encountered assassins, As guard Bing Ye in order to protect Princess Lan Shan then fought with the assassins, but forgotten about Royal Highness Lan Duo, which caused her being kidnapped by the assassins. Bing Ye only could take priority responsibility as Royal Highness Lan Duo's guard to all the way tracking the assassins.

He hid among the grasses witness by himself that assassin handed over Lan Duo to the other man, even asked him to ‘get rid of’ her immediately.

After the assassin left, Bing Ye wanted to take Lan Duo from that man. Who knew, never thought that thing had happened…

'Royal Highness Lan Duo, don't be afraid! I won't harm you.'

'If you are not going to harm me, then you must be sent me back to Ya Si Lan country.'

'I am sorry, Royal Highness, now there are people who want you to die, I can't disobey the command moreover it is impossible to send you safely to Ya Si Lan country, while the only way to guarantee your safeness completely is, staying beside me for moment!'

'En, alright…' even though that year Lan Duo was only 4, but she was extremely smart, she was clearly knew what kind of thing that she going to get either to resist or refuse. Thus she extremely cooperate with that man and even got into the car.

At the time when Bing Ye wanted to take action, they had already been leaving.

And that time…. Was his last bid goodbye with Lan Duo!

"Then have you searched for that man who took Lan Duo during that time?"

"From their conversation, I could sense that man is Zeng Kai Rui's men, but that time when I was in China there were many things that hard for me to search, half year later I returned to Ya Si Lan country, intended rush to find Zeng Kai Rui's men, but never found the person who brought Royal Highness Lan Duo!"

The moment when Bing Ye said about this, that expressionless face finally showed slightest emotions. It was extremely a blaming expression in his face.

As Yu Ao Tian seen, he comforted him by patting his shoulder, as followed, turned his back and then went to his room and took out a document.

Opened the document, it’s a photo. "You take a look, was him the person who took away Lan Duo?"

Bing Ye stared at that picture, next moment, his amber color eyes widen: "That's right! It was him! How could you know it?"

Fold the picture, Yu Ao Tian rolled his eyes: "Haha, because when I was investigating the people who caused my father death, I was forgetting to discard this person."

Bing Ye not understood: "What was going on?"

"If I was not mistaken, when you had returned to Ya Si Lan, it must be about one year, am I right?"

"En. That's right."

"Then my father had accused wrongly was a year after Princess Lan Shan came to China. The reason why we were forgetting to discard this person because…" bottomless pair of eyes flashed: "13 years ago he had died in car accident!"

And then…

This person who passed away!

He was!

Luo! Tian! Ming!