A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 408

Bing Ye is trying to find out more about Yao Yao by asking her to play Go chess.

Chapter 408

Remaining Silent

Can it be seen?

It is true that, since the first round of game Yao Yao didn't play seriously, she thought, if this man could win two rounds of game then he would feel satisfied. Who knows, she keeps on letting him win, then the games keep on continuing, let him win, then continue to the next game. Until Bing Ye is exposed her cunning ideas. It made Yao Yao knew that how foolish she was!

No matter what to say Bing Ye is also the Great General who supervising many generals, moreover he is 31 year old person, she is playing mind game with him how could she win over him. This is what called as cleverness may overreach itself.

"Hahaha…. Hahaha." She awkwardly smiles, lowering her head, her expression showed seriousness.

This round, Yao Yao is won by a small margin, nervously she glanced at Bing Ye.

Just realized, this man expression at this moment was exceptionally quiet.

Impossible, she has done as Bing Ye said which playing to her utmost, it seemed that won over him also wronged? Actually what he wanted, if win is wronged, lost is also wronged, could it be he wanted to play for the entire night?

At the moment when Yao Yao did not know what to do, who knows…Bing Ye cold expression changed, "fiuh…" heaved a long sigh, slowly lift his head, faintly said: "You are still like to act lazy."

Even though, the man still showing such cold expression, but that sharp pair of amber color eyes has faintly smiling flash.

She knew, it seemed this man is seeing her as…. 'that hers'. "General, I… am not 'her'."

"You are not a match to her!" Coldly said few words.

Yao Yao frown, endure! Endure! Now her mission is trying to please him, makes him happy, let him to say whatever he want. Keep silent lowering her head.

"Come." Suddenly Bing Ye stood up.

Still not waiting for Yao Yao to react, he faster goes out from inside room.

What is this Bing Ye thinking? What time is it, why he asked her to get out?

Yao Yao listlessly followed Bing Ye in his behind.

Not long after that, Bing Ye stopped his footstep, push opened the door room at the most end point of the corridor and then take big stride enters.

She also following him to get inside, however one by one the imitation topographic map caught by her eyes, this room must be the place where Bing Ye do the simulation, why is he bringing her to here?

"The land of Ya Si Lan country is not bigger than Japan, the military force also not as half better than Japanese, but it is one of the wealthiest country in the world, the EU countries are numerous times want to covet Ya Si Lan Country, do you know why… they never declare war to Ya Si Lan country?"

Isn't Bing Ye conversation topic jump little bit too fast? From playing Go chess suddenly talk about International issues? "Because you have strong military force."

Bing Ye shook his head.

"Because yours people are smart."

Bing Ye shook his head again.

It was obviously written in the data, if Bing Ye—–rebuffed, then she… "I can't guess it."

Bing Ye turned his back and took a stick, he is pointing at the closest 3D topography map: "This is Ya Si Lan's topography map."

Overlooking the realistic terrain map, Yao Yao frowned: "Be surrounded by sea on all sides." A thought flashed: "Because Ya Si Lan country emphasizes training its navy army?"

"Not only that, it also its air force." Bing Ye put down his stick, his sharp eyes slowly looked at Yao Yao: "I ask you, if now there is a hundred of warship surrounded Ya Si Lan country from all directions, as the commander Chief, which position will you protect for the first time?"

"Ah?" wait… seem something is fishy? "Bing… General Bing Ye, I… I don't understand military matter."

"It's okay, you just thought it a like playing chess with me just now, attacking the black pieces; protect the white pieces, you only have one chance to keep your Hoshi position in order to reverse the situation?"

"General, General, the matter of military is different with playing chess, if you are asking me the pieces will keep which Hoshi position, my answer is keeping the center of Hoshi position. But regarding the military matter, I really don't know what to keep."

"Do you think, where is the center of Hoshi position for Ya Si Lan country?"

Cold sweat, it seems that Great General Bing Ye didn't listen to her? She is saying hers, Bing Ye spoke his, really… type of frustrated man! Yao Yao secretly gritting her teeth, followed by hand that picked the stick and then pointed to the east position: "Protect here!"


"According General what you said before, Ya Si Lan country is heavily relying to its air force and also navy force. Although the ocean area has been surrounded by others, then must be protected the air force. East position is Ya Si Lan country's air force military base, so that, south, west and north, Ya Si Lan can lose those areas. The only area that could not lost is East position. By this way still can rely on air force to turned over the situation!"

Is it enough?

If she didn't give this man an answer he would not let her off, thus she only can give him this answer. Seeing at the expressionless Bing Ye, she quietly waiting Bing Ye to let her off, and let her to go to sleep.

Gradually, that expressionless face of Bing Ye changed colder, his amber color eyes turned: "Are you really born in Japan?"

Hah? Which part of her that being exposed? Why suddenly Bing Ye asked this matter?

It seemed no, there was nothing that exposing if she is a Chinese, could it be?

This Great General is someone who has metal illness?

Other than this reason, she really didn't have any reason, from playing chess and then asking the military matter; from the military matters to international issues, this kind of thoughts that keep on jumping without any signs, sorry, she really can't follow the way Bing Ye's thought of thing. "General… I … I am so sleepy. Can, I go to sleep?"

"Let me ask you for once again, are you sure that you are really born in Japan? Then do you really sure about your age?"

Whether she was born in Japan or not, she isn't really sure of it. But her age… of course she can…

Wait! Suddenly Yao Yao thought of something.

Everything that she remembered all were said by her mother, she said currently she has already six years old, actually there was no real way to know. If not because Bing Ye brought up this topic, she really never questioned her age since she was a kid!

And then….

Bing Ye is repeating asking about her nationality and age, actually what his purposed is? "General, what do you want to ask?"

"Have you ever amnesia since you was a kid until now?" Irrelevant answer, but Bing Ye's pair of sharp eyes is filled with hope.

At this moment…

For once again she could feel Bing Ye's longing to 'that girl'.

She also understood, why for this entire night Bing Ye's topic could jump so fast. It must be….

Something related to that girl again?

"General, I am really born in Japan, 19 year old, moreover I never have amnesia before. I am so sorry, I really want to have a rest." This time, Yao Yao didn't give any chance for Bing Ye to ask her, she turned back and then she was about walking out from the military simulation room.

Heart 'thump thump' it appeared to have a dramatic up and down, Yao Yao footsteps are getting faster.

Why, why suddenly she feel nervous and also scare?

Why every questions that asked by Bing Ye felt such piercing?

Amnesia, age, nationality

Bing Ye is not hesitated looking for that girl that he yearning for, and then… why must she be the person who scared of it?

For the entire one night, Yao Yao continuously let her head in the empty-state, didn't want to think it, didn't want to know about her pass.