A NEET Otaku Can also be a Light Novel Writer!


A NEET Otaku Can also be a Light Novel Writer! Volume 1 Chapter 1

"How I envy rich men! They can sit in planes and fly to the Sky!"

I was awaken by a passenger plane that was flying at low altitude after falling asleep on a field under the shadow of a tree in a park. Ever since dropping out of Highschool, My life has been sitting around like this, more or less.

36 years old…

Not in any sort of employment…

Didn't even get my high school diploma…

And that's how I'm a total loser right now. But in a turn of surprise, I've turned into this stranger called Akiya Okata when I woke up. Obtaining his body and also inheriting his memories at the same time!

"Young Mr. tramp! Please be Energetic! Don't look so down!"

A girl who was wearing a sailor's uniform called out. She seemed to have mistaken me, who hasn't shaved for a week and wore scruffy attire, for a wanderer. Before running away, she placed half of the piece of bread she used to feed the pigeons with.

How lovely was that girl's smile….

Simply an impeccable sight besides the fact that her skirt was way too long. The boy that was beside her however, was an eyesore in my view.

In anyhow, its is none of this loser's business on how girls are.

"Ah….  Be Energetic? Putting that aside, Are there still high schools nowadays that still use such a long skirt on their uniform designs?"

The surroundings look unfamiliar to me…



I slightly remembered that gate in the park I'm in. Maybe I'm somewhere near where I used to live?

"What the hell! Where the hell am ?!"

Pigeons flew away in fear as I shouted and passersby began to look in an attempt to figure out what's happening.

Its vital to keep calm when I'm in unfamiliar situations I told myself. I helped myself with the bread, taking a few bites as I picked up a thrown newspaper from the ground. No matter how I looked at it, the Newspaper is indeed written in standard Japanese. Something rather easily to be noticed was the fact that the date by the title appears to show that today is currently the Year 2000 in the Gregorian Calendar. Looking at a puddle in the street also reflected the face of a young man, approximately 20 years old.

I took the newspaper and walked along a strange street for about 200 meters, repeatedly trying to confirm whether this was all just my imagination or not. Asking the people that were walking about, they all told me that the current year is 20th HeiSei year.

It looks like I went back to where I used to live a decade ago. A kind of thought suddenly occurred to me reminding me that I have no cash on hand right now which made me went back to the part and finish eating the bread I left there.

I used to live in Japan for a period of my Childhood, but after leaving back for china, I've never went back to japan ever since. I have a Japanese mother but she left me and my dad so I have nobody to contact with in japan right now.

Although right now, I couldn't care less about which era I'm currently living right now, the lack of money is the serious issue I have to face currently. It seems that the chances of me earning a dime in this situation is slim as I have no useful skills or expertise aside from the knowledge of the upcoming trends of the future.

I don't know how to play the stock market.

I do not have the capital to buy property nor gold.

Makes me wonder if I am destined to be a loser. A great sense of desperation began to appear in my mind. I begin to read the newspaper I picked up to see if there are any available job openings.

A grin appeared in my face as a I spot a line of advertisement that seems to stand out for me.


There is a no prerequisites for this job as well. After submitting a story, the editor from the publisher will review the story and check if its suitable for the young audience its targeting. In this period, Japanese light novels haven't been linked with the anime industry yet and the themes of many Japanese novels are rather limited.

I have read a lot of novels where someone would be mysteriously or magically transferred to the past and become successful by copying a Famous (Future) writer's work.

Does this mean that I……

3 Million?!


Not at all.

Its just a start, I need to write down all the Japanese Stereotypes I remembered first. Not sure that if Chinese novels would be popular in Japan right now. Just to be safe, I choose to write "School Days" which was a fairly popular anime and the fact that I'm rather familiar with it.

First comes the exciting pornographic story. Then after the readers are hooked with the story, the main character will become the lover of all the heroines! A tragic end will be given where he was then killed by the first heroine he got.

In this era, when the internet hasn't been fully developed, attracting readers with pornography and then giving an astonishing ending is a good selling point. To tell the readers that this is not only a novel, but also a morally Educative work!

"Ha….   HAHAHAHA! 3 million yo! 3 MILLION! Oh yeah!"

I can't help but cheer out loud while completely ignoring those around me.

"Mom, how much is 3 Million?", A child who was passing by asked her mother.

"Its your father's salary for a whole week."

That remark made my heart winch. Seems like everyone else in this world are truly rich people.

"But he seems so excited!"

"Shhhhhh! Keep it down. Its an impossible figure to attain for that kind of loser."


Fucking bourgeoisie! Alright, I've made up my mind to be a real capitalist now!

After exchanging a pen and paper from a loli with a lollipop, I entered a 24H store to start on my creation! (Plagiarized). I began to write down sentences based on my memory with some changes to some maligned aspects. Absorbing myself in writing with the faith of winning 3 million in mind. I cleared my mind of all thoughts irrelevant to the story and began sorting out the details. Trying to recreate the feeling I had when I first read the work so I could recreate it with a sense of substitution.

The words I'm writing right now is the combination of my love and memory of the original work. As if holding the spirit of a missionary trying to spread the word, I will demonstrate to others that this story is in fact, really enjoyable!