A Modern Fantasy! The weakest fighter in the world aims for the peak!

Other name: Gendai fantajī sekai de saijaku senshi wa saikyō o mezasu nodearu; 現代ファンタジー世界で最弱戦士は最強を目指すのである

Genre: Fantasy

Date released: 2017
Views: 1894

Author: Waka / Yume Yume; わい/三嶋 与夢

Status: Ongoing

Translator: SlothTranslations

In a world that closely resembles earth. It was a parallel world, but at the same time, it was a world of swords and magic. A world where dungeons appear and monsters terrorise people… Reincarnated into such a world, former salaryman [Amano Taiyo] chooses the job class of [warrior] to succeed in this modern fantasy-like earth. Even if that job is ridiculed as the weakest job in the academy, and is treated with ridicule, he still doesn’t remove his warrior calling. He dreamed of becoming the strongest adventurer by cultivating the job class that nobody would keep. No, he had to become it. Can Amano Taiyo really become the strongest in a world with a job class that everyone calls the weakest? Dungeons, an adventurer’s guild, and monsters… In a modern earth of swords and magic bearing an uncanny resemblance to japan, this is the story of a warrior, ridiculed as the weakest in the world, aiming for the peak!

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