A Demon's Path


A Demon's Path Volume 1 Chapter 7

The Northern Jade Sect's disciples standing to the side were dumbfounded when they watched him. They only utilized this technique as a means of warming up. However, these moves actually flowed so naturally under Ling Xiao's execution and were a breathtaking sight to behold.

At the same time, they could feel a scarlet soulforce emitting a powerful aura from his physically weak body.

"My goodness! Even Master didn't have such grandeur when he used this move!" These Northern Jade Sect's disciples temporarily didn't have petty thoughts circulating in their minds. What was left was an incomparable sense of shock and awe.

After Ling Xiao finished executing the Northern Jade Celestial Fist, Cheng Qiantai's demeanor had undergone a sea change. "Follow Disciple Li Yuanhuan, Ling Xiao. We're going to Razor Cache Cliff."

When these words fell, envious expressions formed on the faces of the disciples present. From those, Ling Xiao gathered the place they were going was a special location.

Ling Xiao looked up from the base of Razor Cache Cliff. It was clear as day why the other disciples showed such envy. Over a thousand treasure weapons were lodged in the most dangerous locations on this cliff.

The weapons emitted powerful glows in various colours, causing the celestial soulforce in Ling Xiao's body to surge up violently.

"You have to choose a weapon that matches the colour of your soulforce. So go ahead and choose one emitting a scarlet glow," Li Yuanhuan instructed.

Although Ling Xiao had vast amounts of treasure weapons in his chain's depository, most of them were still soaked in fresh blood, or simply looked shady altogether. It wasn't a bad choice for him to find a suitable weapon here.

Ling Xiao looked at the weapons all around him. Those he liked were of too high a level, so he couldn't use them. On the other hand, he didn't like the ones he could use. After being spoilt for choices, Ling Xiao really didn't find any weapon worth choosing.

However, Ling Xiao knew that if he didn't choose something, Master Cheng Qiantai would definitely find it strange. It wouldn't be good if he vexed this old man.

"What's this weapon?" Ling Xiao held a black item in his hands as he voiced his question.

Ling Xiao took note of this item only because it was originally dull.

When Cheng Qiantai saw the treasure Ling Xiao was holding in his hands, he exploded in rage. "Do you really like sweeping the floor that much?!"

Li Yuanhuan was similarly stunned. The weapon Ling Xiao chose was actually a black metal broom!

Even Li Yuanhuan couldn't bear to watch on any longer. "Junior Brother, I heard this broom was used by the guardian of Razor Cache Cliff a very long time ago. After he died, our Sect Master kept the broom to commemorate him for his loyalty and devotion."

A mischievous laugh sounded from Ling Xiao's lips. "Master, I want this broom. I really do."

A curse slipped out from Cheng Qiantai's mouth, "Moron!"

Ling Xiao only laughed like an idiot, not retracting his statement.

The broom indeed looked lackluster. However, Ling Xiao had seen a similar-looking item before, his shovel! With that on the back of his mind, his choice was easily made.

Since the broom was on Razor Cache Cliff, how could it just be an ordinary sweeper? In addition to that, a dazzling item only served to appease a person's eyes. This wasn't compatible with his personality. What Ling Xiao liked was an item like this, simple yet possessing a high probability of being a real treasure—just like his present self.

The only flaw in Ling Xiao's train of thoughts was that he never considered the kind of attention people would pay to him if he fought with a broom.

Ling Xiao tightly gripped the broom whereas Li Yuanhuan had an awkward look on his face. Since he knew Master was most definitely dissatisfied with Junior Brother's choice, he immediately sought to sort this matter out before things escalated. "Master, let Junior Brother take it if he likes it. When he's a little more sensible, he'll naturally change his weapon of choice."

Cheng Qiantai was furious. "Don't tell me you want to let him take this broom along with him to the Sunken Wind Valley's newcomers tournament in six months?"

"Uhh…" Li Yuanhuan scratched the back of his head. "This might be problematic."

"Master, if I can sweep the floor with them, it only serves to prove those newcomers are all trash," Ling Xiao suddenly commented.

Cheng Qiantai looked at Ling Xiao, feeling a little shocked. It was difficult for him to imagine such a humble youngster uttering such arrogant words.

"Fine! As you wish! But the Northern Jade Sect doesn't have any broom techniques." Cheng Qiantai had an ashen face, exasperated at his inability to persuade Ling Xiao.

"But you'll have to explain to me why your mental strength is stronger than mine! The creator of the Northern Jade Celestial Fist was a violet-ranked Celestial Soul Master. It's impossible for someone to reach the state you were in just a moment ago without exceptional mental strength. Even if you're a natural Chain Soul Master, it's impossible for you to reach such a level without cultivating!"

When faced with his Master's questions, Ling Xiao chuckled. He knew there were some secrets he couldn't keep since an unusually gifted child like him appeared. "Master, I know how to concoct medicine."

"What medicine?" Cheng Qiantai asked with a hint of curiosity.

"Penis Enlargement Pills, Golden Erectile Pills, and Yin-Yang Consummation Powder," Ling Xiao spoke without thinking the matter through.

When Cheng Qiantai heard this, his face turned bright red in embarrassment. "You!"

Li Yuanhuan didn't understand why his Master would be so enraged. With a face that looked as though he was thirsty for knowledge, he asked, "What are they used for?"

Why is Senior Brother so stupid?! Ling Xiao was afraid Cheng Qiantai would rebuke him and hastily explained, "Master, a senior sold me a book titled 'The Compendium of Heavenly Medicine.' The medicinal ingredients written in the book were too precious. I could only concoct these three pills with the herbs I could find."

Cheng Qiantai didn't believe what Ling Xiao said, at all. "The Northern Jade Sect was a large sect in the past. We naturally still have some precious medicinal ingredients stored in our Medicine Warehouse. At first dawn tomorrow, meet me there and prove to me you can concoct medicine. If you're hiding something from me, don't blame me for disposing of you! Humph!"

At that, Cheng Qiantai huffed angrily and swung his sleeve, storming away from the empty plain.

Ling Xiao snickered in his heart. I'm telling the truth, yet you don't believe me. It's fine. Since you want to see me concoct medicine, I'll do so tomorrow!

Li Yuanhuan was a little worried. "Junior Brother, you shouldn't lie to Master."

Ling Xiao replied with a bright smile, "It's alright. Senior Brother, I'm tired. Let's head back and rest."

Ling Xiao took the broom back to his small house and stretched his body out on the bed. "I'm so tired!"

After Ling Xiao closed his eyes, the various bizarre happenings of the day floated in his mind. He'd met a demon and became his disciple, had a go at being a trapeze flyer for a while, became another Master's disciple, practiced boxing, and chose a broom…

Everything he had experienced today was so preposterous that it was hard for him to believe it, yet it was as real as could be.

That morning, thoughts of buying the Floating Red Courtyard still clouded his mind. He wanted to see that old hag entertain 100 brawny guys every day—for the rest of her life! The only reason he felt that way was because she had squandered him off the money he felt entitled to.

Ling Xiao had enough gems to buy a number of Floating Red Courtyards now, but he no longer harboured such thoughts of pity revenge.

After experiencing a little of the world, Ling Xiao would no longer treat that female brothel keeper as a matter of importance. There was no point in seeking trouble mindlessly. Revenge was only a thing for the petty anyway. What Ling Xiao really wanted to do was become stronger and avenge Ancestor Qi Mo. After he undid the soul poison oath, he would dispel the mysteries behind his existence!

That tall, departing silhouette from 12 years ago would appear in Ling Xiao's dreams every so often. He knew all too well, that bitter and salty taste in the wind was that of tears.

"It won't be easy. I've got a long way to go…" Ling Xiao closed his eyes and submerged himself in a dreamless slumber.

"Junior Brother Ling, Junior Brother Ling!" First thing in the morning, Ling Xiao woke up to the sound of Li Yuanhuan making a racket, rapping at his door.

"Senior Brother, can you let me sleep a little longer?"

Ling Xiao yawned and was planning to go back to sleep, but the words Li Yuanhuan said next jolted him awake. "Master is waiting for you in the Medicine Warehouse!"

Ling Xiao lost all traces of drowsiness. "We better hurry for breakfast!"

"Here!" Li Yuanhuan handed Ling Xiao a plateful of stuffed steamed buns.

Ling Xiao was staring blankly at Li Yuanhuan for a moment before realising that Li Yuanhuan likely also had a storage space similar to the one he had.

The other disciples all wore their weapons on them, but Li Yuanhuan never walked around with his in the open. From this, Ling Xiao deduced that Li Yuanhuan must've hidden his weapon in his chain's depository.

Ling Xiao scarfed the buns down his throat, regardless of what the consequences were of doing so. "Let's go, Senior Brother. We're going to the Medicine Warehouse!"

When Ling Xiao and Li Yuanhuan arrived at the Medicine Warehouse, Cheng Qiantai and Cheng Yu were already there.

Seeing as Ling Xiao had arrived, Cheng Yu naturally showed a face of disgust.

Cheng Qiantai pointed toward his surroundings and said, "Take a look at the medicinal ingredients here and see what pills you can concoct with them."

Ling Xiao felt a little embarrassed as he said, "Master, having medicinal ingredients alone is not enough…"

Cheng Qiantai's face immediately sank. "Are you trying to dupe me?"

Ling Xiao felt denigrated. "Master, don't you know? Other than the medicinal ingredients, I also need a cauldron."