A Demon's Path


A Demon's Path Volume 1 Chapter 25

The Demonic Soul Masters were furious. Ling Xiao was clearly a red ranked Celestial Soul Master, the lowest rank of them all! Not only did he strike them with lightning, burning them to a crisp, but he even dared to jump into the middle of them with a broom! There was only a single medicine that could cure the rage burning in their hearts, murder! They had to kill this brat, no matter the cost!

"Die, brat!" The Demonic Soul Masters fighting the Northern Jade Sect also cultivated the Strength Soul. Around 10 of them dashed at Ling Xiao with their weapons raised. Since their opponent was only at the red rank, they didn't bother defending themselves as they went all out, hacking away at Ling Xiao with various weapons.

This moment of carelessness cost them their lives.

Biff, bang, bing, bong! Ling Xiao swept his broom across them. Before the ones at the back knew what was going on, the ones up front had their heads smashed to pieces with ease. It was a gruesome sight!

Before the ones in the back realised just what was going on, Ling Xiao had already closed the distance. He raised his broom and launched a second round of attacks.

No one dared to look down on Ling Xiao's broom this time around. All of them feverently raised their weapons to block his attack. However, Ling Xiao had played them. It was just a feint. The broom arced down and tactfully swept them across their ankles. It was the typical movement of sweeping the floor!

Crack! The sound of bones breaking filled the air. The Demonic Soul Masters fell to the ground and let out a uniform blood-curdling screech. It was a rather strange spectacle to behold.

Ling Xiao only attacked twice, but he managed to kill 10 people with his first and injure 10 with his second. Fear crept into the hearts of the Demonic Soul Masters who were about to make a move on him. This brat is too terrifying!

It had to be said that Ling Xiao was extremely lucky. Only orange ranked Demonic Soul Masters engaged him, while the yellow ranked ones were entangled with Li Yuanhuan and Cheng Yu. They wouldn't lower themselves to fight a mere red ranked cultivator. Wouldn't that be overkill? Indeed, there was only satisfaction to be earned from killing the likes of Li Yuanhuan, a yellow ranked cultivator.

Unfortunately, what these Demonic Soul Masters didn't know was that Ling Xiao was unrivaled when it came to orange ranked Chain Soul Masters who cultivated four soul stones or less. The Demonic Soul Masters here today were just your run-of-the-mill Chain Soul Masters. How could they possibly stand on equal footing with Ling Xiao?

"He's a monster, run!" The 20 or so Demonic Soul Masters still entangled with Ling Xiao were so terrified that they lost all will to fight. They forgot they'd come here to annihilate the Celestial Soul Masters as they turned tail and fled to the valley.

If there was a monster outside the valley, that surely meant there wasn't one inside, right?

When they were at the outer edge of the valley, a loud explosive sound rang out and a crimson light erupted from within. A crimson pillar as thick as the entire valley shot up high into the sky!

The valley and its surroundings were still trembling even after the loud rumble died down. The trees had lost their leaves, and the region looked in distress. The aftermath was shocking!

The disciples from the Northern Jade Sect and the Demonic Soul Masters pulled back at the same time and returned to their respective factions, as though they had arrived at a tacit agreement. Everyone looked up to the sky at this strange crimson pillar, yet they couldn't pinpoint its origin.

At this moment, a green ranked Demonic Soul Master drenched in blood scuttled out of the valley. He shouted out to the green masked Demonic Soul Master, "H-he has a Soul Stone Plate! Retreat!"

The Demonic Sect Master wearing the green mask made a prompt decision. "Withdraw!"

The Demonic Soul Masters had taken the moment of confusion to kill off several more members of the Northern Jade Sect. But when they heard the order to withdraw, all of them left in the blink of an eye, leaving a pile of corpses behind them.

The muscles on Ling Xiao's face twitched. The powerful crimson pillar from a moment ago violently shook his Demonic Seven Souls Chain and he almost couldn't hide its existence. Soul Stone Plate? What is that?

Cheng Qiantai had an ashen look on his face and didn't say a word. Only when Qian Gui and Qian Hai walked out of the valley with the remaining disciples did Cheng Qiantai coldly ask, "I know someone bought all the soul stones from the Glorious Star branch in Northern Jade City. So it was you, Sect Master Qian, who bought them to refine a Soul Stone Plate."

Qian Gui looked embarrassed as he breathed out deeply. "Sect Master Cheng, if I didn't have this Soul Stone Plate today, there would be no more Everlasting Pool Sect."

"The Soul Stone Plate is a forbidden item in our Celestial Soul Sects! You know this. Do you really think there'll still be an Everlasting Pool Sect if the Valley Master finds out?"

Ling Xiao didn't understand what they were talking about, so he quietly asked Li Yuanhuan, "Senior Brother, what's a Soul Stone Plate?"

Li Yuanhuan frowned. After finding the right words, he said, "It's a weapon made out of soul stones ripped away from Chain Soul Masters who are still alive paired with soulless soul stones. The inhabited soul stones bear the resentment of their owners. As a result, they have extremely powerful destructive power. Once activated, it'll give these inhabited soul stones a chance to explode. After forging and refining both types of soul stones, the inhabited soul stones acts as a catalyst to blast the soulless soul stones through the plate, which leads to the explosion we just saw. You saw how powerful it can be. Thankfully, it was only a red ranked Soul Stone Plate. If it was an orange ranked one…"

Li Yuanhuan didn't continue, but Ling Xiao understood what he was trying to say. A living person's soul would be detached from their body if they had their soul stone taken away from them. They wouldn't even have the chance to be reincarnated. A malicious method of this degree was no different than the doings of a Demonic Soul Sect!

Ling Xiao coldly laughed in his heart. Even if Master doesn't look into this matter, I have to make this crime public. Although Ling Xiao was no saint, he didn't pretend to be one either. This father and son duo, on the other hand, spoke of their righteousness, yet acted like the demons they really were. Ling Xiao despised these two buttards!

Compassion, duty, propriety, and integrity all the things those two are not. Ling Xiao disdainfully curled his lips at their hypocrisy.

Qian Gui went blank for some time, but then showed an expression of pity. He explained, "Sect Master Cheng, please help us keep this secret. I was backed into a corner! The Sunny Spring Sect and the Sand Mound Sect both crafted a Soul Stone Plate. With the Valley Master acting stranger by the day, it's in our best interest to prepare some form of insurance!" With that said, Qian Gui stopped talking.

The Valley Master is acting strange? It can't be that he's gone mad, right? Ling Xiao thought maliciously, Is he epileptic or paranoid?

Cheng Qiantai sighed. "After all is said and done, we're Celestial Soul Masters. How can we do such outrageous things? As for the Valley Master… Forget it. Fine, I, Cheng Qiantai, have not seen a thing. However, I can only speak for myself. I can't guarantee that the others will remain silent about this matter."

"As long as Sect Master Cheng doesn't say a thing, there's no weight to the words of others even if they were to speak of it. You don't need to worry about that. I'll thank Sect Master Cheng right here and now!" At that, Qian Gui dropped on his knees and kowtowed to Cheng Qiantai.

Cheng Qiantai quickly helped him back up. "There's no need for this. I won't accept it. I gave you my word, I won't divulge this matter. Sect Master Qian, rest assured."

Qian Gui finally calmed down a little and changed the subject. "It's strange. Why didn't the demon protective barrier stop those green ranked demons from entering the Seven Grand Holy Lands?"

Cheng Qiantai shook his head. "I don't know either. But we created a huge commotion. It's best if we depart from this place first."

"Sect Master Cheng is right. Let's leave together." Qian Gui looked like he would blindly follow whatever Cheng Qiantai said. Seeing this, Cheng Qiantai sighed in his heart, then led everyone through the valley.

Ling Xiao was at the very end of the procession. He took the opportunity to make a clean sweep of the soul stones on the dead Demonic Soul Masters when no one was paying attention. Naturally, he also used the Demonic Heroic Soul's Summoning Technique to control a corpse. He believed that there would be something interesting happening here later on.

The valley was in a mess. The flowers and plants were burned to a crisp, and no life force seemed to be left in this barren place.

Cheng Qiantai feigned ignorance. Qian Gui, on the other hand, couldn't wait to leave this forsaken place. The procession rapidly sped through the valley that no one wished to talk about.

At the entrance to the valley, corpses littered the ground. The green masked Demonic Soul Master and the other green ranked Demonic Soul Master who was covered in scars appeared once more. The both of them looked at the corpses and the injured one hatefully said, "Elder Qing, I never would've thought we would actually fail in killing all the Celestial Soul Masters. What's more, I never would've thought that those Celestial Soul Masters who brag about being warriors of justice would use the power of a Soul Stone Plate. The Elemental Sect disciples that I brought along with me narrowly escaped. Whatever the case, I, Flame Demon Pan Xuan don't know how I'm going to swallow this anger burning in me!"

Elder Qing coldly snorted. "Why stop there? They even scraped all the soul stones from our disciples. Just who is the Demonic Sect here?!"

"We can't just let this matter pass! Those two fellows definitely gave us the the Northern Jade Sect and the Everlasting Pool Sect's itinerary. Moreover, we even took the Soul Reversal Pill to conceal our aura. We could even conceal ourselves from the Seven Grand Holy Land's demon protective barrier. How is it that our whereabouts were revealed? It can't be that those two fellows purposely sent someone over to do their dirty work for them." Pan Xuan was furious. He sent a talisman over so suddenly that Elder Qing couldn't block it even if he wanted to.

"Oohhh, why are you always so impulsive? If we meet those two here, all four of us will be at risk."

"I couldn't care less about that! I want those two to give us a reasonable explanation!" Pan Xuan viciously replied.

"What do you want us to explain?" An extremely arrogant voice floated over. Ling Xiao looked toward its source from the corpse he was controlling. As expected, the two were none other than Luo Shang from the Sunny Spring Sect and Chen Tao from the Sand Mound Sect!

Even though the corpse didn't move, Ling Xiao had used his spiritual power for a brief moment to obtain a clear view of the new arrivals. Pan Xuan immediately felt something was amiss and turned around. He held his palm out and burned the corpse to a crisp.