A Demon's Path


A Demon's Path Chapter 51

Clank! Two swords, a cutlass, rod, and hammer simultaneously pounded Ling Xiao's metal broom as they pushed him down. The ground beneath his feet gave way as he was pushed more than 20 centimeters down with a loud rumble, sending dust flying about.

With five of them holding Ling Xiao down, the sixth seized the opportunity. He aimed his spear at Ling Xiao's heart and charged forward. "Let's see you survive this attack!" He had a malevolent smile on his face as he fantasized about the moment his spear would pierce Ling Xiao's heart.

No Chain Soul Master could normally break free from this deadlock. Especially so when both sides were equally matched.

Cheng Qiantai tightly gripped his chest, his eyes closely fixated on the match as he prayed for a miracle to happen. The others had long since sentenced Ling Xiao to death. They shook their heads, expressing their regret toward this outcome.

Just as the tip of the spear was mere centimeters from penetrating Ling Xiao's chest, the disciple wielding the spear suddenly let out a blood-curdling screech. His eye sockets exploded, sending blood flying!

The spear fell to the ground with a dull thunk while the disciple tightly grabbed his head with both hands. He fell to the ground in excruciating pain and rolled about while shrieking miserably.

He was struck by a mental attack! Even when pushed back into such a dire situation, Ling Xiao could actually still use a mental attack to defeat his opponent!

The strength in Ling Xiao's hands weakened by a hint as his attention was momentarily diverted away from his other opponents. The five weapons pressed him down further, causing him to sink 20 centimeters deeper into the ground. But when the disciple's pained shrieks reached their ears, the other five got slightly distracted. They threw a glance at their comrade and were petrified by the scene before their eyes. Blood was incessantly overflowing from his eyes, his eyeballs seemingly about to fall out.

"Perfect! Precisely the result I was hoping for!" After pretending to take in a sharp breath, Ling Xiao gathered all his strength again and shouted out, "Open!"

With his opponents petrified in shock, Ling Xiao was given the split second he needed. He used Spatial Alteration and escaped from the pen he was trapped in. After arriving beside the spear-wielding disciple, he violently smashed his broom down. Time to deliver the finishing blow!

The five disciples suddenly came back to their senses. If Ling Xiao defeated one of them, their morale would take a massive hit! The subsequent situation could only be described as detrimental. No! We have to block him, no matter what! The five of them came to an unspoken understanding. They simultaneously attacked. Be it jabbing Ling Xiao with a sword, hacking at him with a cutlass, or smashing him with a rod or hammer, they didn't care how they did it, as long as they could block Ling Xiao.

However, they were a step too late. Ling Xiao heavily swept his broom across the spear-wielding disciple's head. Seemingly without effort, he smashed it open like he did a watermelon.

Plop! Blood and brain matter spurted out, covering the ground in a circle around the poor fellow. In the next moment, a blood pillar sprayed out from his neck like a hose watering the plants. Thankfully, this gruesome sight only lasted for a few seconds.

Before Ling Xiao could retrieve his weapon, the other five opponents struck him. He swept them all away with his broom, except for a sword. Pttchii! The sword penetrated Ling Xiao's left shoulder, nearly piercing through the other side.

Ling Xiao couldn't allow himself to hesitate. He sent the dead guy flying with his broom and used the momentum to push himself back several meters. These few moves were extremely dangerous. If he was only a tad bit careless, it would cost him his life! This was clearly portrayed by the sword currently lodged in his shoulder.

Even though Ling Xiao fully knew his opponent was out of the fight after suffering his mental attack, he still braved the dangers to kill him. The reason was simple: he wanted to crack down on his other five opponents' morale. And it worked to great success! Not only did he impact the five of them, but even the audience sucked in a cold breath. This guy's really too terrifying! He isn't just ruthless toward his opponent, he'll even do it at the cost of his own wellbeing!

Once he escaped from their ring, Ling Xiao immediately pulled the sword from his shoulder and threw it on the ground. He took out some powder from his chain depository and sprinkled it over the wound. The blood flowing out rapidly ceased. At the same time, he also swallowed a pill and his mental state seemed to take a turn for the better almost instantly.

It wasn't against the rules to take medication mid fight. If you could create the opportunity to down some pills in the middle of combat, you were free to eat to your heart's content.

Ling Xiao's opponents didn't seize the opportunity to attack because he'd frightened them out of their wits! They couldn't even kill him when he was preoccupied with killing their comrade. And now, now he was amply prepared for their next assault. Ling Xiao wore a slight smile as he looked at them. He leisurely asked, "What do you guys think? Who's next?"

Their hearts froze to the very depths of a glacier when they saw his devilish smile.

"Guys, don't be afraid of him. He's injured, he probably can't even use his arm! We can definitely beat him if we attack together," someone said through gritted teeth.

Ling Xiao was beaming from ear to ear as he said, "Please, do your best!"

The five of them rediscovered some of their confidence as they noticed Ling Xiao was holding the broom with his injured arm. "Let's go!"

Whoosh! The five of them surrounded Ling Xiao again as they simultaneously attacked him from all sides.

Ling Xiao only brandished his metal broom with one hand, but managed to move with such precision that he blocked each and every attack.

To their horror, Ling Xiao's strength had more or less been restored after eating the pill. On top of that, he could even fend off all of them with but his broom wielded in a single hand. We must get rid of him instantly! The five opponents thought in unison.

Common sense dictated Ling Xiao couldn't catch them off guard by launching another mental attack. He was only a red ranked cultivator, after all. However, they long since came to see him as a monster that couldn't be examined with conventional reasoning. Who knew, if they didn't get rid of him now, wouldn't Ling Xiao make another one of them redundant with that terrifying mental attack?

"Everyone, let's use our ultimate techniques together and kill this guy!" one of them shouted out what all of them were thinking. Hearing this, the other four simultaneously responded, "Yes!"

The five of them retreated a few steps back in a flash, creating distance between themselves and Ling Xiao in preparation of their ultimate techniques.

What a bunch of idiots! You're so uncoordinated that you even had to mention you're using your ultimate techniques. Try staying alive after this! Ling Xiao looked down on these guys, but neither his palms nor feet slowed down. Rather, he charged straight at one of them.

His target was the disciple who pierced his shoulder. Seeing Ling Xiao pounce at him, he gave up the thought of unleashing his ultimate technique out of fear. He hastily raised his sword to block Ling Xiao's attack.

Ling Xiao's broom smashed down right in his face. The guy didn't dare to react carelessly. He grabbed his sword with both hands and lifted it up in defense.

Clank! He couldn't fully block the falling motion of Ling Xiao's broom. His sword actually bent on impact!

In the next moment, the metal bristles of the broom tore his face apart. It was so badly mutilated, not even his parents would recognize him! What a miserable way to die!

"Flying Sword!"

"Magnificent Heroic Slash!"

"Overlord Hammer!"

"Atlas Rod!"

The four remaining disciple finally unleashed their ultimate techniques in the moment Ling Xiao made his second kill. Orange soulforce filled the sky, forming various images including swords, cutlasses, hammers, and rods. All of them flew toward Ling Xiao.

It was impossible for Ling Xiao to dodge these attacks, much less withstand his opponents attacks by unleashing his own ultimate technique. Even if he could, he might not necessarily resist the barrage of ultimate attacks from four people.

Ling Xiao seemed to be faced with certain death once more. Everyone stared at the field, eyes wide and unblinking. The surroundings were so quiet, the spectators could hear their own hearts beating violently, their breathing a little hasted.

Sure enough, Ling Xiao didn't dodge nor did he display the preparatory stance indicating he was going to unleash his ultimate technique. He only raised his hands and levelly pushed forward with his palms.

Woosh! A violent red gale erupted, tightly wrapping his body up within. This gale came from the formation of Ling Xiao's soulforce, its source being the soul chain. Strung around his neck, the seven soul stones on his Celestial Seven Souls Chain shone brightly.

"Ah! Ling Xiao is actually-"

"A genius who cultivates seven souls!"

"He simultaneously released the power of all seven soul stones to resist his opponents' ultimate techniques! It's impossible for him to do so if the strength of his soulforce is not double that of his opponents'!"

Sighs of amazement rang out from the crowd as they watched the red gale plunder the ultimate techniques away until not a single trace of them could be found. How long had it been since a genius who could simultaneously cultivate all seven souls appeared in the Clear Sky Continent? Even Li Xuanyi from Heavenly River City who was presently accepted as a genius in the continent could only cultivate five. Of course, these people intentionally neglected Ancestor Qi Mo's existence as though it was second nature to them.

Nevertheless, a genius who simultaneously cultivated seven souls had unexpectedly appeared in a Celestial Soul Masters' sect. How could they not exclaim in surprise?

He was already so impressive as a red ranked Chain Soul Master. If his cultivation reached the green, indigo, or even violet rank, why would they need to worry about some demonic sect? They could simply exterminate it! Everyone had their own thoughts about Ling Xiao simultaneously cultivating seven souls.

The four opponents before Ling Xiao lost all will to fight. They trembled in fear as they knelt down before him. "We concede!"