A Certain Middle-Aged Man's VRMMO Activity Log


A Certain Middle-Aged Man's VRMMO Activity Log Chapter 110

Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

Extra Edition; Regarding Each Faction

— The Red, White, and Black Dragons' viewpoints, 1500 meters up in the air

"We came in a hurry to put a stop to Emel's behavior before he could persecute that man, but…"

"Impossible… a single member of the human race defeated him!? … Certainly, the fact that the current state of that guy doesn't have more than 30% of his power compared to when he was in his prime is the truth, but..,"

"For a dragon that has high mobility, he would be a grade lower when it comes to defenses, but even so…"

"You two are being unseemly; properly acknowledge it. Acknowledge the strength of the will of an existence who will stop a dragon even at the cost of his own body; acknowledge that proud will that many of us have forgotten in these current times."


"And, we should not leave such a brave warrior in that kind of appearance. Noir, are your preparations done? Noel, do you have enough medicinal herbs?"

""There are no problems.""

"Very well, we're descending to directly over the ground. I suppose we shall make it in time if we hurry with the treatment."

"Your Highness, what of Emel?"

"As expected, it would do to treat him?"

"— Leave him. That person, Emel, should just die. An incompetent who can only threaten under the pretence of having a discussion, there is no reason to either resuscitate or save him. Furthermore, we should respect that human's will. In regards to Emel, absolutely do not treat or resuscitate him."


— Queen's POV, Fairy Castle Imperial Office.

"Your Majesty the Queen, Your Majesty!"

"Your Majesty, can you hear me!?"

"Is it alright not to go and witness it yourself!?"

Each of the 3 attendants called out to her, but there was absolutely no reaction to be seen from the Fairy Queen.

"Wha,what should we do!?"

"Her pulse is operating as normal, but…"

There were 6 attendants, but they had split half and half to oversee the fight between Earth and the Green Dragon and staying by the Queen's side; the 3 left here are the ones who remained by the Queen's side.

"It's no good… there's not a single response."

"Her eyes are staring off into space…"

At the Queen's state, which had no signs of improvement, the attendants began to get more and more panicked, and then, at the time, the Queen moved.

"Your Majesty!"

"Your Majesty the Queen!"

"She's come to!"

But, just like that, the chair the Queen was sitting on flipped over … and she fell to the floor.

"""Y,your Majesty–!?"""

—? And ?? PoV

"So you came after all, Nee-san."

"… Of course. Our races have been suffering due to the dragons, especially that green dragon."

"Indeed… Our previous elders as well, in order to protect both our respective nations, they were made to reluctantly accept deals that felt like swallowing boiling water…"

"If there's a chance… if it looks like he can be overthrown … it's natural to do so."

"That's true, but do you think they will be able to believe it if we reported this matter? Like, 'One of the humans, a race much weaker than us, single-handedly killed that Green Dragon who threatened us'…"

"… Un, I don't think they'll believe…"

"Of course, ne …. No one would be able to believe it. It's the reality that our prejudice where you'd say 'human' and we'd think 'weak person' is strong."

"… That's why I recorded the battle just now with a crystal… the crystal cannot record anything but the truth… that's why the Head and those race supremacists won't be able to refute it…"

"E!? N,nee-san, that crystal, won't you let me borrow it later!?"

"… It's fine, I intended to lend it to you from the beginning… a restraint is necessary for the shameless who twist the truth about what's been accomplished…"

"I agree with that. Those with no courage will bark the loudest."

"Indeed… then, let's withdraw…"

— ??? Joint Conference Room

5 days in game time after Earth and the Green Dragons battle occurred.

"There is a report for each and every one of the Leaders!"

A messenger stampeded in while gasping for breath.

"What's it? Being so noisy."

"Some problem cropped up, nya?"

"Just when we're discussing what to deal with that Green Dragon…"

"Maa maa, let's just listen."

For each of them, the shape of the ears are fox, cat, dog, and rabbit.

"Attention! The Green Dragon who has swindled away large amounts of our assets through intimidation has been destroyed by a single member of the human race!"

The conference room fell silent…

"In order to prove that this report is not false, a clip is recorded on this crystal! Please confirm!"

The messenger agitatedly activated the crystal he took out, and a movie flooded into the silent conference room.

"Y,you're kidding … their physical abilities are inferior to us beastmen and elves…"

"E,even though their magic abilities are inferior to spirits and fairies."

"T,to think that my eyes would see that Green Dragon die in this way…"

"I'm going to confirm it again; this is true, right!?"

The messenger replied forcefully, "I also doubted my eyes, however, this is real!" At that moment, the conference room was filled with the sound of loud cheers.

— In Real-Life

"Oi oi…"

"To think he won"

People were gathered before a certain recorded video in the development room. The contents of the video was the recording of the battle between Earth and the Green Dragon.

"Oi, this dragon, what level is his strength at?"

"Right, according to the numbers he'd be the weakest; for an old dragon, his lifespan was pretty much over."

"I see, then in that case there was chance for victory?"

The developers considered the balance side of things and groaned.

"Is there a need to nerf the oil?"

"No, that's probably no good; if you weaken something that was developed to be like that through ingenuity, you'll kill the creative spirit."

"And besides, he even sacrificed his bow. It was quite drastic; you can't bring out that kind of power if you haven't used the bow for a long time."

Those talking about making adjustments, those who were admiring him, various conversation unfolded.

"However, now matter how old it was, to be able to beat it solo."

"Oi oi, then, can you do it? Dealing with that giant body crashing towards you, and then defeating it."

By the way, that they made a simulator that replicated both parties, and that the developers all agreed that "This, this is impossible," when they tried fighting it, is a story a little further into the future.

"To think that the last move is a suicide attack."

"That right there, no matter how much it's virtual, some degree of the pain is reproduced. Even so, he resolved himself and did it, that player."

"If he chickened out he'd lose; that mental part that's surpasses VR has a strong tendency to appear, after all, surpassing Skills."

The developers as well are players; certainly there's playing to determine the inept parts for adjustments, but there's pretty much no developer that doesn't understand the panic from fighting monsters.

"It's time to get back to work-! You're being paid for overtime; falling behind because of idle chatter is not an excuse!"

At the developer chief's voice, they got back to work. From here on is a normal day for the developers.

A/n: There is no Skill writeup.

Recording Crystal
This is a live filming, isn't it. In this world it's done in the form of a crystal ball.

Each race
A lot of the came out; far into the future they will officially debut, but as far is this game is concerned, [expansions] are only permission for the players to enter those areas; each race is already moving around a lot. It's because, if they didn't do so, when the [expansion] comes, the AIs will show up acting clumsily.

Physical Condition

Dragon Slayer is a title that is only given to one who defeats one of the [strongest species], the red dragons. Therefore the title is not given this time.

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Technically this isn't the full end to this arc, but basically I was tired of this situation with these western dragons and moved appropriately to get as many chapters of them out of the way as I could. No complaints, I hope. 🙂
This is seriously my absolute least favorite arc. I don't mind when VR stories take an isekai approach, but OVRMMO doesn't really have the world-building to back up that kind of move, so it kind of feels like… I dunno. Mistaking a curry roux block for a piece of chocolate? Disappointed it's not chocolate, and thinking that it needs more done to it for it to taste good.>