A Certain Middle-Aged Man's VRMMO Activity Log


A Certain Middle-Aged Man's VRMMO Activity Log Chapter 105

Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

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Extra Edition; Do Your Best, Green Dragon-san

I am a green dragon. I am one of those of the proud dragon race. Our Green Dragon race is, compared to the giant Red Dragon race and Black Dragon race, all around two times smaller in body, but there is absolutely no disdain from the other dragon races.

That reason is because the other dragon races cannot emulate the "Mobility" that we possess. Flight speed and turning speed and the like are the green dragons' specialty movements; before the dragon races had gathered up together as one, we fought with that mobility we had.  

Finally, at the end of the conflict with the red dragons as the top, our standing was changed to be messengers, making use of our mobility. The other dragon races, on top of not being able to move quickly, evoked fear from their surroundings due to their overbearingly large bodies and so were not suitable. On top of that, through lengthy training, we succeeded in being able to transform into forms similar to the human race. It was due to the need to be messengers.

Of course the ability to change is the ability to be able to suppress the power of the dragon. We green dragons, who have obtained this ability, are ranked among the top of the dragon race. No matter how much the dragons attempt to be isolated existences, it is impossible to live without interacting with other existences. At those times, we, who can hold dialogues without getting into disputes, are crucial existences.

"For such small things, you could just step on them."

The one who said thus was a red dragon that fought with other races in the past. In the end, the corpses of the other races had piled up into a mountain, but … although he abused the other races, that red dragon met his end at the hands of those small things he had insulted.

Because of this one incident, "We are strong, but we should not be haughty of this. We should solve problems with dialogue as much as possible," became the mainstream solution among dragons. Accompanying this, the standing of us, the green dragons, became especially important, but…"

(※Notice! The dragon races have their own language, but since that would not be understandable, the author will translate it into Japanese <t/n: English>. Your acknowledgement is requested.)

"I have brought the things that humans have made called "cooking"…"

Within the box with insulation magic applied to it, prepared by the Fairy Queen, the things called 'hamburg', the things called 'soup', and the things called 'potion juice' were stored in it up to its limit. Commanded by His Highness to investigate why the Lady does not have much appetite, I had met the human who was related by way of the Fairy Queen, but…

"Of all things, to be the low-class high rabbit meat…"

With this smallness (from a dragon's point of view), on top of feeling like you'd need several tens of them to be able to eat them, the taste of the meat is also the lowest ranking meat; for it to be the Lady's first meal… I was unintentionally angered, but it's true that if this human didn't give her this meat, the Lady's life would be forfeit. On top of that, it was done with good intentions, not malice, so therefore I suppressed my desire to rage.

"Is what is presented the tastes of those existences called humans?"

When I heard the words 'hamburg' and 'soup' from the human's mouth, I unintentionally reacted. Cooking is, up until now I've seen it and eaten it as a messenger to the fairies, elves, and dark elves, but the fairies' tastes are too sweet. Elves are too conservative on meat. Dark elves have an excessive amount of meat, but I don't really like the flavor. Because of the those experiences, I can't imagine human cooking to be much good, but the Lady had eaten it before, so I thought that if I ate it as well I would be able to understand the Lady's feelings.

"—No good, even though I ate that much, I'm drooling…"

I had him make it in front of me, and when I ate it I was shocked. When it was grilled, the meat had an umami I had never known. And there was also a slight pain that stimulates the tongue. As for the sauce on top, there were some particles wrapped in it, and the lightly heavy, elegant taste was made refreshing by the herbs. And as for the soup, when I reached out my hand to it, there wasn't just the taste of deer; I enjoyed the different taste of meat as the herbs and soup mixed into it.

I will obediently admit it; this is [delicious].

When I realized it, I, who requested more to be made, was like that. There was no sense of pride. There has never been such a delicious meal before!  If I can eat this, then I will lower my head countless times. When I realized it, the Fairy Queen and her entourage are eating as if in a trance; it's not just me, this food is captivating.

And as such, I have reached an understanding about the Lady's loss of appetite; there is no doubt that the Lady has also eaten these. If you eat this once, then even the meat most prided among us, the meat of the bull fors, is clearly overshadowed. To make the worst meat taste this delicious… humans are existences that cannot be taken lightly!!

"At long last, I have seen the shallowness of our abilities! My Lady, I will come forth with take out!"

Thanks to the influence of the Lady not eating much, the black dragons, knowledgeable in the healing arts, have been going every which way, and I have also heard that the white dragons, who are especially good at finding medicinal herbs, are also running all over. If we have this "cooking", then I hope the Lady will recover, but…


"Oo, you have returned at last! Proud green dragon!"

For His Highness the red dragon to meet me means… the situation has become serious!?

"Ha-, I have returned at this moment!"

I intentionally raise my voice loudly so that the other dragons will be able to hear me.

"Finally, I was waiting! Do you know the method to restore our Lady's appetite!?"

The black dragon elder who dotes on the Lady also comes running up with some agitation. So it seems that no matter what they've done, they haven't hit upon any success.

"I have tried every single medicinal herb, but … our Lady is…"

The female white dragon elder also lets out an exhausted voice. By the way, the white dragons are a rare dragon race that always establishes a woman as the elder.

"Your Highness, please forgive me for my rudeness. Please fetch the Lady here immediately!"

When he had brought that "cooking" to me, the human man had said, "Please eat my cooking while it's hot. You can tell that there's no poison because I made it in front of you as proof, right?" Right now there's no other choice than to trust the 'cooking' the man made.

— I was enthusiastic about it, but … the Lady is currently demolishing each of the "cooking" that I brought out from the box, one after another. Although they're long-time elders, the dragons that are watching her are surprised and at a loss.

"I,I want one more plate!"

So saying, the Lady demanded another. Now this is the so-called dragon's appetite she is now eating with. The number of plates stacked up has already passed 40. Pretty soon the "cooking" I brought is going to run out… but.

"My tummy's so full. It was delicious~♪"

So saying, the Lady's face was full of smiles. For some reason the black dragon elder was in the state of writhing in agony, but…

"W,what in the world is this! What happened!?"

His Highness the red dragon asked in dismay. And so I reported the matter at the Fairy Country completely without lies. I only left out that I had eaten a mountain's worth of 'cooking', though.

"Human 'cooking', you say…? The man from that time at that sort of artistry…!?"

His Highness roars.

"Dear green dragon. Is there any left? That "cooking" as it is."

That was the white dragon elder. Fortunately there was a little bit left, so His Highness and the red, black, white, green, and yellow elders each sampled the food.

"Th,this is…!?"

"There's no way!? You mean this is high rabbit meat!?""

"I cannot believe it… this, human made!?"

"I fully understand; the reason the Lady will not even look at bull fors meat is because of this!"

"Certainly, for this kind of taste of meat-!"

"Gu-, I want to eat more! There really isn't any left!?"

"So the reason for the Lady to eat like that is this!"

His Highness and the elders groan in unison. I fully understand their feelings, since I had taken such a shock as well. However, here the subject changed.

"Dear green dragon. Is it my imagination that the scent of this "cooking" is coming from your mouth? And even in great quantities…"

The one who said that is the yellow dragon elder who is sensitive to smells! Shoot! I had wanted to enjoy the aftertaste so I didn't rinse my mouth, but it backfired…!?

"… My dear yellow, is that true? In the report just now, there was no report of you having eaten?"

At His Highness the red dragon's words, I suddenly feel like all the scales on my body are standing on end.

"Not speaking can be taken as an affirmation. Since everyone knows the superiority of yellow's nose, it's probably along the lines of eating as much as you want, I suppose… everyone, is this not a sin?"

The blue dragon elder said serenely. Shit, the discussion is going somewhere strange!

"A sin, it is."

"A sin, ne."

"All you can eat of these delicious things… if this isn't a sin, what is!?"


"This cannot be overlooked; include it in this time's report."

"It's decided!"

N,not good, I don't want to deal with the punishment, noooooo!!

"It's been quite a while since we last used the punishment room. Now, let's enjoy it."


Afterwards he, the green dragon who was forgiven after 2 weeks, thought to try to imitate that human cooking himself. However, without understanding the basics, he realized that it was pointless if he could only imitate the appearance alone, and he appealed to His Highness the red dragon to meet that person once again.

But, the end result was that a refusal was made due to the grudge held about food. He, who thoughtlessly got to know that taste, will suffer for a while longer,… rest in peace.

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