A Certain Middle-Aged Man's VRMMO Activity Log


A Certain Middle-Aged Man's VRMMO Activity Log Chapter 103


Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

The Reason for Dragon-san's visit

The man in front of me called himself a green dragon, but.

"Huh? Weren't dragons supposed to not come out a lot? I had heard that they gave up controlling their powers and avoided others to keep them from getting involved, though…"

The Queen's explanation should have been along those lines, though.

"I see, you must have heard that from Her Majesty the Queen; if that's the case, our conversation will progress quickly. Simply put, green dragons are exceptions. Our mobility is the absolute best in exchange for our powers being inferior among dragons, and thanks to that we have the ability to take human form, and we also have the ability to control our powers to some extent. Of course it's quite tiring, though."

That just means there's exceptions to everything, ne. Furthermore, he said their power is inferior, but from the perspective of other races it's still on the level of foul-play; I wouldn't be surprised if 1 dragon breath would blow away 1,000 military troops.

"However, the fact that you're a member of the prideful dragon species doesn't change. May I ask what the reason you have purposefully come out is?"

If there wasn't a reason, then he probably wouldn't have called the Queen here as well.

"B,before that… the seiza, can I stop… it hurts…"

A, I forgot. I was shutting out her teary voice, so it had completely slipped my mind that the Queen was sitting in seiza.

"S,sorry, you can stop now."

At those words, the Queen lifted a relieved face and broke the seiza. The attendants in the back look like they want to poke the Queen's legs, but her eyes put a stop to that; I guess later they'll see a sort of hell.

"I,I've been rude. Let us begin the talk afresh."

Somehow, 'serious' doesn't suit her; although I'm probably the one who made her like that.

"H,haa… Nn-,then about the subject of our discussion… Do you truly not know anything about it?"

The green dragon man seemed to have been tainted by our relaxed atmosphere, but once the surroundings became serious he asked me a question.

"Even if you say that… other than returning the red dragon child to the red dragon parents, there isn't anything to connect me to the dragon race, and that matter should have been made as if it didn't happen."

That time's matter should have been a one-off. And I haven't met any dragons before or after that even once. There was a report of meeting a wyvern on the forums, but that has absolutely nothing to do with me. And as for that time's matter, I healed the red dragon child, so it didn't have any wounds.

"Yes, it's naturally that a problem has arisen from when you helped His Majesty the Red Dragon's Young Lady. After that, when the Black Dragon Elder saw that the Young Lady had been returned safely, he smiled widely. The Black Dragon Elder had doted on the Young Lady ever since she was an egg."

Since she was an egg…

"The Young Lady was aware of that, so when she said "Grandpa~" to the Black Dragon Elder, at that time the Black Dragon Elder's expression was quite loose."

Aa, somehow I understand it. How heartwarming.

"After that, the Black Dragon's doctor looked her over and diagnosed that there was nothing wrong with her anywhere. And that should have been the end of it."

Here the green dragon heaved a sigh.

"The problem was noted the next day. The Young Lady doesn't have an appetite. In order for her to grow bigger, she cannot begin to stop eating. However, the Young Lady is not even eating half the average amount a dragon child eats."

All of a sudden it's turning into something weird, oi.

"And so, she isn't eating much up til today, even. On top of that, the Young Lady visited the Green Dragon Community one day, and she asked us this. 'Teach me the art of human-ification, too.' Certainly the Red Dragon species can learn all of the dragon abilities. However, it's absolutely unheard of for them to use human-ification…"

Oh my.

"In other words, why does the Young Lady not have an appetite? And also, why does she wish to study the art of humanification? To find these out is the order that I was given from His Majesty the Red Dragon."

Once he had said those words, the Green Dragon nodded. Even if he's taking human form, I wish he wouldn't release that pressure at me.

"Even if you say that… That day, I saved the Young Lady, fed her a little… nothing major… but at that time, the Young Lady was eating extremely well?"

I told it to the Green Dragon without any lies. Here the Green Dragon tilted his head.

"By the way, at that time, how much did she eat?"

I think… Bringing up the memories from that time, I speak.

"2 high rabbits, 70% of a woedeer, and then she ate a hamburg and soup."

When he heard those words, one of the Green Dragon's eyes twitched.

"Hamburg? Soup?"

A, I might have screwed up.


"— This is quite delicious! My interest in raw meat has disappeared!

While saying so, the Green Dragon-san devoured the hamburgs and soup that came off the stove one after another. Next to him is …


For some reason, the Queen+ 6 attendants are eating with him. Aa, my stockpiled ingredients are steadily decreasing… in some ways, I've stopped him at the gate, so it might actually be a good thing.

"Have I satisfied your doubts?"

Even if I ask that, the ones who are in the middle of eating don't hear it at all.

"Next, I request the next one!"


These big eaters don't have even a semblance of restraint; even when I cook and cook and cook there's no end! Like this, I don't care anymore if your doubts are satisfied, I will personally sell you a fight!

— In the end, after 30 more minutes, before the 8 people were satisfied, it's become a case where I'm providing hamburg and soup, grilled chicken skewers, and my reserved potion juices. Thanks to that the doubts are completely cleared away, though…

"I, I definitely want to take some back, so please make a little more! If I return empty-handed, His Majesty the Red Dragon will scold me, saying, 'Only you got to eat!'"

When I said that he'd be getting what he deserved, he begged me, saying, "Please, somehow!" The moment I said that I was out of ingredients, "Then I'll gather them!" Man, he's fast; the Green Dragon left the room, by the window.

In the end, I made extra food and showed the Green Dragon out. It would be great if this helps return that little Red Dragon Young Lady's appetite.

A/n: Someone once said;

"Once you know of the heavens, you can't return to earth."
<t/n: I'm paraphrasing>

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