9 Heavenly Thunder Manual


9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Chapter 333-335

Chapter 333 – An Open Ended Discussion

Liu Hao shook his head, “I don’t know who he is. His face had a full beard and looked like a Tenglong citizen, but his hair was blonde and he had a large body. He says he’s a fellow cultivator, has an imposing aura and says that he’s your friend. That’s the only reason I would keep this blade since it’s not too bad, and I really like it a lot.” Liu Hao waved the blade around and it was clear he was going through the motions of the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique but didn’t release any energy. The wind from the blade still managed to shatter a bowl on the table, scaring Liu Hao into immediately storing the blade.

“You’ve really received a treasure this time!” Lei Yu was saying this as he started going through his memory of all the people he knew. But after a while, he still didn’t know anyone that had that appearance and knew so much about the Spiritual Bead of Longevity.

Liu Hao smiled, “So master, do you like it? If you like it, I can give it to you!”

Lei Yu smiled and waved his hands, “Save it for yourself because it will be good for you. It’s best that you take it out when you cultivate because it can give you twice the benefits in half the time. Oh right, that ring of yours belongs to the Pope right?”

“That’s right.” Liu Hao stretched out his hand, “That Pope was making up all excuses in front of me saying how this was the Vatican’s holy item and how he cannot gift it to others. I scolded him for a while and even told him I was an ultimate existence that had surpassed the Sixth Order Warrior. After that, he didn’t even dare let out a fart and scuttled towards me to give it to me. Being a strong expert is so awesome!” Liu Hao’s expression looked just like a person that had gotten a prostitute and someone else was paying for him.

“You brat!” Lei Yu laughed and yelled at him at the same time. When it came to the Vatican’s Pope, Lei Yu didn’t really have good feelings towards him. They did become allies in the end but towards a person with a hypocritical personality, Lei Yu preferred not to be associated with him in the long run. For the Pope to make such a contribution wasn’t a big deal while on the other hand, Lei Yu wanted to meet the person who gave Liu Hao that precious blade so he could thank him personally.

“What did you name your blade?” Lei Yu asked.

“I gave it an imposing name called Qilin Blade!”

“Qilin Blade? Black Tortoise Shield? Interesting… really interesting… haha!”

As the banquet came to an end, the four beauties also came back from the city carrying many small and large bags. After seeing these four like sisters and getting along very well with each other, Lei Yu let out a sigh of relief.

“Little Yu, come with me.” Telephassa called out Lei Yu’s name before she went towards her bedchambers. Lei Yu glanced at the remaining three with a weird look but then quickly followed Telephassa.

“What is it?” Lei Yu asked as he sat atop of Telephassa’s bed.

Gently holding onto Lei Yu’s hand, this was the only time Telephassa would give such a gentle look. Each time Lei Yu encountered this gaze, he would become drowned in those eyes of her.

“I want to discuss something with you.” Said Telephassa.

“Discuss about what? Just say it.” Lei Yu asked in a serious manner.

After thinking for a bit, her fragrant lips slightly parted: “What are you going to do with Ying Ying and Nami?”

“Do with them? What do you mean do with them?” Lei Yu thought this matter had already been decided on but this clearly wasn’t what Telephassa was asking about.

“Why are you so muddleheaded? They both will slowly age and several decades later, they will even die. What are you going to do about it?”

Being blinded with joy, Lei Yu didn’t even think of this matter. Only after being reminded by Telephassa did he come to a realization. “I think if we have them start cultivating right now, it might be a bit too late. And it’s unrealistic to forcefully inject internal energy into them like what happened to Ai Er, right?”

“I cultivated the devil’s path because of you and have paid the most difficult price for a woman. You should know this right?” Telephassa tenderly asked.

Lei Yu nodded with a frown, “What you want to say is to have them two cultivate the devil’s path as well?”

“That’s what I was thinking. It was them two that brought it up to me and it seemed like they were very resolute in their decision. That’s why I wanted to discuss this matter with you.”

Lei Yu was deep in thought for a while before saying: “I’m afraid they’ll regret their decision in the future. You should know that in the Mortal World, how tragic it is if an old couple dies without any offspring sending them off. And for someone to have such a long life, eventually it would become even more painful in the future.” Speaking to this point, Lei Yu couldn’t help feel some pain in his heart as he thought about his own father. He recalled the longing gaze of his father of wanting him to return to the family and the disappointed look each time he would leave. When it came to his brother of a different mother, he was never in Tenglong country so Lei Yu had no feelings towards him at all. Without him and his brother and only his own clan members, Lei Yu could see how lonely his father would feel.

“What’s going on?” Seeing Lei Yu’s face filled with sadness, Telephassa gently caressed his cheeks and asked with concern.

With a light smile, Lei Yu replied: “I was thinking of my father. If I can return to the Mortal World, I believe I will forget all the previous matters I had with the clan and at least call him father one more time.”

Telephassa nodded, “I believe you will be capable of taking care of everything.”

After a long sigh, Lei Yu felt fortunate that all his women were so understanding. “Regarding Ying Ying and Nami cultivating the devil’s path, let’s not decide on it yet okay? It’s never too late once they decide to traverse that path. Even if they become old and not pretty anymore, I still won’t despise them. Can we wait until I take care of my matters first?”

“You are always unwilling to tell me what matter you have to take care of while their situation cannot be delayed continuously. You must keep this discussion at the forefront, okay?”

After pinching Telephassa’s chin, Lei Yu lightly smiled: “Don’t worry, I understand.”

Lei Yu lay down on the big soft bed before thinking carefully through each matter he had to do. Telephassa had left the room to tell Cui Ying Ying and Nami about Lei Yu’s thoughts.

The reason Lei Yu couldn’t make up his mind wasn’t because of Cui Ying Ying and Nami cultivating the devil’s path. The real reason was Lei Yu wasn’t sure if he could accomplish the Devil King’s request and he had no clue how dangerous it was. If he actually dies in the process, then it’ll mean the emotional support of the four women will have disappeared. Lei Yu has never been selfish and has always thought of others before himself, that’s why he couldn’t come to a decision with this matter.


“What did he say?” Seeing Telephassa come out, Cui Ying Ying dragged Nami over and anxiously asked. The thing Nami and her were afraid of the most was Lei Yu minding that they wouldn’t be able to have babies.

“Little Yu said he needs to think it over and it’s not because of the baby issue. Give him some time. As one of his lovers, you two must have faith in his ability in solving issues, okay?” Telephassa was over a thousand years older than them so what she said, Cui Ying Ying and Nami would nod in agreement.


Chapter 334 – Dancing With Joy

After finding an isolated place, Lei Yu sat down cross-legged. Those that were currently cultivating here were Romon, Kalchas, Little Ha, and Mo Bei Li. Lei Yu didn’t dare to directly look at that little yaksha because of what she was wearing. He really couldn’t understand if that girl understood the meaning of being shy.

Lei Yu gave up the dream that every man – sleeping together with the four beauties. He came back to the Devil King’s Castle because he felt some slight changes inside his body. If he didn’t guess wrong, perhaps he was about to make a breakthrough!

After lightly breathing out, Lei Yu’s mind started to calm down. But this wasn’t an easy matter because the previous view of Mo Bei Li’s exposed parts was difficult to get rid of. Only after a few more deep breaths was he able to toss it to the back of his mind.

Lei Yu activated his internal energy to run for a full cycle before he could make the energy flow at its optimum condition. It was only at this state that he can attempt to break through the peak that has trapped him for over two years.

A portion of the green energy had come out and followed behind Lei Yu’s internal energy as a protector. Lei Yu used to depend on this energy but now it was different, there was even some hate towards it. Unfortunately he couldn’t get rid of it and can only allow it to do what it felt like.

“Master! Master!”

A girl’s melodious voice was heard in Lei Yu’s mind. He then asked internally: “Xue Er, what is it? How is your recuperation so far?”

Back then in order to pull Lei Yu back from the brink of death, Xue Er used up almost all her energy to close Lei Yu’s wound. This caused her spirit to almost disappear. Xue Er’s main ability was basically to get rid of impurities while Lei Yu absorbed spiritual energy. Healing his wounds was just a secondary ability, which was why she had used up so much power. It was only after all these years did she finally recover. Lei Yu had been very concerned with Xue Er ever since she had saved his life, and he had entered the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost multiple times just to check on her.

“Master, your improvement speed is really too shocking. In less than ten years, you’re almost at the Soul Splitting stage!” Xu Er appeared extremely excited.

“Your credit is not small regarding my improvement speed.” Lei Yu responded happily.

“This is great!” Xue Er seemed to be even more excited than Lei Yu who was about to make a break through, causing him to feel that it was a bit strange.

“Why are you so excited with me increasing my strength this time?” Lei Yu asked in confusion.

Xue Er’s voice seemed a bit disappointed, “Could it be that master had forgotten my words from back then?”

“Your words back then?” Lei Yu racked his brains and finally realized it! In an apologetic tone: “Look at my dull brain, I had actually forgotten such an important matter!”

“You finally remember?” Xue Er happily asked.

“That’s right. You told me that as long as I reached the Soul Splitting stage and can split my true body and soul apart, you can borrow one of my bodies to appear outside the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost, right?”

“That’s right! That’s right!” Xue Er’s elegant demeanor had disappeared and was replaced by her excited appearance. She had always been dreaming of personally seeing the outside world. Although this snow white world was very beautiful, she was surrounded by the loneliness it entailed. Now that she was finally about to get her chance, how can she not be excited?

Back then, her old master was attacked after having just finished creating the bracelet or else she would have already appeared in reality.

“Don’t worry, as long as I make my breakthrough, I will immediately let you out!”

“Thank you master!”

Without speaking anymore, Lei Yu’s cycle of internal energy had reached its last phase. Once it returned to his dantian would be the time for his breakthrough. Lei Yu had experienced this process many times but he had always failed. This time there were clear changes in his body so Lei Yu was completely confident in this attempt at breaking through!

As his internal energy got closer to his dantian, Lei Yu took several forceful breaths. His Spiritual Bracelet of Frost then shot out two beams of white energy that dove into his body. Whether Lei Yu was successful or not in his breakthrough, the process will still damage his meridians somewhat so Xue Er was preparing to heal it. Even though she too has underwent the experience with Lei Yu many times, she was never tired of it and her confidence actually increased one try after the next.

Lei Yu clenched his jaws as his internal energy stayed in the last meridian condensing into a ball. He was preparing it for a final explosive rush to the end point.

“Ready… go forth!”

Shouting that command in his mind, the condensed purple internal energy was like a runaway horse as it madly rushed towards the infant body floating in his dantian. A sound of explosion happened inside his body before Lei Yu sprayed out a mouthful of blood. He still hadn’t opened his eyes at this point and was concentrating even harder as the white energy continuously healed his damaged meridians.

Upon the impact of Lei Yu’s internal energy, the infant body started shining brightly. The purple head and the four different colored limbs started giving off a dazzling glow while the entire infant body kept trembling as if something was about to burst out from within.


That infant body had actually opened its eyes!

Lei Yu was ecstatic but it was still too early to be happy. After suppressing his joyous emotions, Lei Yu once again started breathing deeply in and out. He then used the last trace of internal energy left in the meridian to drill into the infant body.


The infant body started screaming in a mourful manner. The fog surrounding the infant body started dispersing and the lightning that had been swimming around now started striking at the body.

After trembling once again, an illusory image started separating from the infant’s body and flew out from Lei Yu’s body. Lei Yu felt his stomach feel empty and opened his eyes. Upon opening them, he was now looking at a pair of eyes that seemed to be smiling back at him.

“Success? Did I succeed?”

After carefully observing this person’s appearance, it was practically the same as him. Except that this person’s skin had a faint purple tinge to it and his eyes gave off a faint purple glow. And of course the main difference was this person was completely naked exposing himself for all to see.

Lei Yu attempted to control this body with his thought and the body had actually moved according to his wishes!

“I’ve succeeded!” Lei Yu couldn’t endure the happiness anymore and screamed out in joy. Romon, Little Ha, Kalchas, and Mo Bei Li all looked over. Upon seeing a person identical to Lei Yu flailing its arms and dancing in joy, they were all dumbfounded by the scene.

This purple colored person twisting and dancing around looked rather embarassing. Its naked body had stopped mid motion with its arms above its head and its butt pointing in a strange angle. Lei Yu started blushing as the lightning brand on his right arm flashed and the purple person gradually turned illusory before disappearing.

The four of them finally recovered their senses and had an expression on their face like they wanted to laugh out loud but didn’t dare to. They all got up and walked over to him so Lei Yu too quickly got up.

“Little Yu, you don’t have to be THAT excited right?” Romon laughed as he patted Lei Yu’s shoulder.

Lei Yu grinned, “I was just lost in the moment of joy! Heh heh…”

“Congratulations to Lord Lightning for successfully breaking through and reaching the Soul Splitting stage!” Kalchas said with a bow.

Lei Yu smiled, “Thank you! Thank you!”

“Brother Yu!” Mo Bei Li skipped over and grabbed onto Lei Yu’s arm, “Your body is not bad but your dancing isn’t very good!”



Chapter 335 – The Three Generals

The first person Lei Yu had to relay this news to wasn’t his loved ones but the one he currently hated the most – the Devil King!

He strode back to the room with the wooden door and a ghost image appeared exuding a green light.

“Not bad, you have actually reached the Soul Splitting stage in such a short amount of time.” The Devil King said in an enigmatic tone.

Lei Yu coldly harrumphed, “Enough with the bullshit, I only want to get rid of the disgusting energy that you’ve left inside my body as soon as possible!”

The Devil King coldly laughed, “There’s no need to be in such a rush. All you need to do is to follow the cultivation method I imparted to you, and it shouldn’t take too long for you to reach the late Soul Splitting stage. By that time, you can bring my remnant soul along with you to find my true body and we won’t owe each other anything.”

“We have to make it clear that it’s you that owe me!” Leaving these words, Lei Yu immediately turned around and left the small room. He then calmed himself down and began to cultivate once more.

The floating skull stared towards the wooden door, “You ignorant brat! Once we find my true body, the benefits you’ll gain would be unimaginable!”

Only when Lei Yu consolidated his new power did he finally stand up to leave the castle.

“Little Yu, when do you plan on leaving to take care of that so called important matter of yours?” Asked Telephassa.

Lei Yu lightly smiled, “It shouldn’t take too long, probably within these two years. Once I return and Ying Ying and Nami haven’t changed their minds, then we’ll reconsider having them cultivate the devil’s path.”

Those two didn’t get to chat much longer before everyone started arriving at the main hall. The bull-head was the first to happily say: “Little Yu, I heard that you made a breakthrough!”

Lei Yu replied with a face full of smiles, “That’s right; I just broke through earlier today.”

“Master, you are truly too awesome! I wonder how long it’ll take me for me to reach your level?!” Liu Hao had a slight pout while mumbling at the side.

“As long as you work hard on cultivating, this is just a matter of time before it will happen.”

Ai Er’s face didn’t look good, and Ying Ying and Nami were the same. Lei Yu noticed this and asked: “What’s going on with you three? You’re not happy because I made a breakthrough?”

Cui Ying Ying was the first who couldn’t hold back and asked: “I heard elder sister say you have to leave?”

Hearing these words, a lot of people were surprised. Bull-head and Telephassa already knew about it, but Nuo Hu, Liu Hao, Tian Ye, Tai Lao and the rest had no clue.

“There’s something very important that I have to take care of. If I don’t do it, it’s possible… it’s possible that the future me may not be myself.” Lei Yu didn’t want to explain everything in detail because he didn’t want this friends and family to worry. But there were times when some explanation had to be given, even if it was a little bit.

“I have no clue what you meant by that.” Said Cui Ying Ying.

“You will understand in the future and I won’t be leaving for the time being. Once my strength reaches the late Soul Splitting stage is when I’ll take my leave. Once I return, we will all sit down and discuss that issue!” Lei Yu was inferring to the devil path’s cultivation.

Listening to Lei Yu’s words, everyone was clear that his matter was rather important and it had to be completed.

“Master! How about I go with you?” Liu Hao asked.

“No!” Lei Yu shook his head, “Your strength is only at the Gold Core stage so it’s best that you stay here and cultivate.”

“What about me?” Romon was already at the late Nascent Soul stage. When it came to a one on one fight, Romon could pretty much go against someone at the early Fusion Soul stage. After all, he was an ascetic cultivator. In the entire Immortal Realm, there was only Romon who chose that path and has managed to reach such a high level.

Lei Yu once again shook his head, “That won’t work; I don’t want any of my friends to encounter the danger that I might meet.”

“Little Yu.” The bull-head cleared his throat. “How about I go take care of whatever matter it is that you need to deal with? You should know that my current spiritual energy is undergoing its own conversion so there’s no need for me to cultivate and I only need to let it run its course. Therefore if your matter is really that problematic, you should let me accompany you and not keep refusing us.”

“If you left, then the strongest person in the Southern Wild Lands will only be Telephassa. Her strength is only at the Boundary Transition stage which is just like the Void Immortal. If the Void Sect manages to find out our relationship and knows that we both left, there’s no guarantee that he wouldn’t utilize an all out offense. By that time, even though he may not be able to break through to this place, do you really want so many of your citizens and subordinates to die?” Lei Yu’s words made the bull-head silent, and he wasn’t even done yet. Lei Yu continued: “Others may not know your mission but how could I not know? Telephassa is your main objective, so don’t fail the expectations of Ares!”

“As your friend, I can’t even share a piece of your burden… I truly deserve death!” The bull-head stomped his foot and the main hall started shaking. Everyone was silent and the only noise one could hear were the marching steps of the guards from the outside.

Three people glanced at each other and nodded in unison.




“We are willing to accompany Lord Lightning!” From that chorus of voices, everyone’s eyes landed on the trio and a smile broke on their face.

“You guys…”

“Lord Lightning, we are the left and right hands of the Lord Demon King and her Majesty the Queen. Let us replace the two emperors in accompanying you on your journey. One, we can lessen their worry and two, this will make Lord Demon King feel less conflicted in his heart.” The one that spoke in the lead was Golden Tiger, and beside him were Tai Lao and Hei Feng.

“That’s right! How come we didn’t think of this? Even though they can’t help you by much, at least I will worry less with them by your side!” Bull-head said with a smile.

“Little Yu, stop declining this anymore. Since the three Generals are so sincere in their actions, you should agree to their request.” Assented Telephassa.

Lei Yu thought for a bit and couldn’t think of a reason to reject them. Out of these three Generals, the strongest was at the late Soul Splitting stage and the rest were at the mid Soul Splitting stages. With such a show up of strength all at once, the Immortal Realm would definitely shake from seeing this. Lei Yu nodded, “Then I will first thank the three Generals!”

“No need to be so courteous!”

Thus the discussion came to a conclusion. Lei Yu didn’t explain or want to explain what was going on in detail. Humans were selfish creatures and Lei Yu didn’t want his women and his fellow brothers to know he had a strange energy inside him and all his fortuitous encounters were due to this energy. Although he knew they wouldn’t care about this, he still didn’t want them exposed to this knowledge.

One thing Lei Yu didn’t know was that the only reason he was selected and gained the Devil King’s energy was because of his awakening. That fateful day when the heavenly lightning struck his body while he was falling off the cliff and awoken his brand; that was the time when the green energy appeared right afterwards. If it wasn’t because of that lightning, most likely none of the other fortuitous things would have happened to Lei Yu.

After the decision was made, the crowd was able to relax a bit. And through Lei Yu’s request, Tian Ye was able to enter the Devil King’s castle to cultivate as well.