400 Years Old Virgin Demon King


400 Years Old Virgin Demon King Chapter 7-8

Chapter 7: I was checking on my achievements but in reality I was doing new job


The other people momentarily moved to the embankment of the second kingdom which has been going through the flood control. It was Suzuna, the king, the minister, and the aide that spread rumors about me from the country which summoned her. Although the king was surprised at first, as soon as I explained that it was Suzuna magic of teleportation, he calmed down.


So firstly I explained how the flood control work. Although the king seemed to have been overwhelmed by the scale of the work, as soon as they accepted the fact; they go around to the neighboring fields and listening the story from the farmers who worked there.


"Well, look at how much of a great man you are Demon-san. You changed the flow of the river and make a huge embankment. The real purpose is to prevent flood. Actually if heavy rain season come usually there will be flood but this year it was all okay and it's actually a big help. I talked to some other people but all of their answers are similar. It was a good thing that there is no inconvenience in this neighborhood."


I don't dislike the compliments from the King and also people are feeling comfortable when they get a praise. Even though I was supposed to be from a samurai class that ended up as a nobleman for the first time, in reality I am still the third son of the poor knight. My common sense is still normal like other people.

(Tl note: referring from nobody to somebody)


Next, I take Suzuna along with the King's group to the tunnel that I made.


"Wow, it's a splendid tunnel with four lanes! There's also lights!"

Suzuna was clearly impressed. However, tunnels are still tunnels but I can boast a little so I will explain it.


"The size of the path is arranged so four horse drawn carriage can pass through, two horse drawn carriage for one path. The light was emitted from a mechanism that absorbs surrounding magic and it shines automatically and it can be kept for around 100 years without any need of maintenance. There are holes for ventilation in some places and it is automatically regulating air inside the tunnel. The drainage is designed so it will not be flooded even with heavy rain. If there is an earthquake, the inner wall is layered with resin that will hold it up and it won't collapse although we need to reapply the resin every 10 years."


All the people who heard the explanation are impressed. Well, I think this is enough.


More than that, there is something to worry about here. As I looked at it, there is a brand new tea shop established near the entrance of the tunnel. I asked the middle aged woman who seemed to be the shopkeeper who was entering the shop.

"Excuse me, I would like to ask you, when this shop is open?"

"Ah, it's just a while ago. As this fine hole was made, I moved from the top of the mountain along the way."


Oh, so the tea shop was opened by someone who relocate from the vicinity of the tunnel?

"Uum, isn't it inconvenient to have this tunnel?"

However, the woman smiled as she answered to the questions.

"Nno, it wasn't inconvenient. On the contrary, it was a great help for us to bring some supplies to the top of the mountain. Thanks to this tunnel, it is now convenient for going back and forth between the mountains. As we passed through, it was quite a long way before coming out from the other end so there are people taking a break when exiting or before entering more than when we are still at the mountain. The number of costumers per day is also increasing and multiplying. It's all thanks to this tunnel."


When I heard that, I was relieved. In the meantime, I ask for some tea and cake and pay using the second kingdom's coin. This gold coin is something I earn when I sold diamonds in the city, this not come from the treasury.


Oh, this bread with jam is pretty good, it's pretty tasty. The black tea however, contain no sugar… is sugar a rare commodity… oh, I think we can have milk since I saw a cow in the back.

I bought some for Suzuna and the king. Suzuna seemed to like it a lot so she talks gently to the woman who looks like the shopkeeper. On the contrary, the King and the others are used to eat all kind of food of the common people.


As I finished eating, I tried to go to the next place but I was stopped by the king. "I've heard enough, the opinion of common people, next I want to listen to the opinion of the king."


I see, it was pointless to hear the opinion of people with the same view. No wonder. So when asked which one, the first or the second kingdom, we decided to visit the second kingdom which have some diplomatic relations with them.


"Welcome, Demon-san, what kind of business do you have today? You also seemed to bring some guests."

As we teleported to the hall of the second kingdom, the servant asked me. They already get used to my sudden intrusion since I have come dozens way in the same manner. After telling the purpose of my visit and explain what I think, Suzuna told me.

"Well, no one will tell the truth if you're here! Especially since you are a great existence. You have to go somewhere for a bit. I will call you when you're done. Also, don't magically eavesdrop on us!"


"Mm… I see, you're right. I'm going to some place for the time being, nothing wrong with that. I'm just going to do some clean up."

Since the wooden bridge at the northern border is aging, I wonder if I could create a new one from stone. Until now, because the kingdom was in a preparation for a war with another country, the bridge was made from wood so it can be burned off anytime if disaster come. Since the war is no longer going on, the traffic volume that uses it increased. That's why I wanted to make a strong stone bridge in place.


The people agreed with it and after making sure of the place where the bridge is going to be replaced, I moved to that place instantaneously. When I arrived there, a long wooden bridge was bridging a fairly wide river but it certainly become obsolete. So I decided to make a stone bridge immediately next to it, a bit upstream.


At the same time, while making it, I build an embankment in the river to temporarily stop half of the river's flow. First I need to build some foundation from it starting from the south.


When cutting out stones to become the material from nearby rocky mountain, I will firmly embed the foundation in the bottom of the river so it will be okay even if the water level rises due to the heavy storm and will build thick piers on it.


When the south half is over, I changed the embankment position and this time I will build half of the north side. I also tried to look at the foundation and pier in the south which I built earlier using detection magic and there seems to be no problem in particular.


When the foundations are built and the piers construction are completed, I released the embankment which stopped the river. Alright, the north part seems to be okay.


Next, I will make the upper part which connect it. I will build it assuming that two carriages can pass each other side by side on top of the bridge. I tilt the bridge slightly so the center of the bridge is higher by a bit and the rain water will be guided to the left and right drainage sewer. I also make a gutter so the sewer flows back to the river through the piers. I also make a balustrade that is somewhat high to prevent people from falling and the bridge is completed for the time being.


In order the reinforce it and prevent it from decaying, the surface of the bridge and the flooring is solidified with resin, the same way I reinforced the tunnel. Since the wind and water will decay it faster than the inside of the tunnel I think the resin should be reapplied every five years.


I think that it is perfect, but since it was a bridge, we still need to test whether people could pass it properly. So I picked up a carriage which I store previously from a pocket dimension and ask it to cross the bridge. This is an innovative carriage that could move by itself without the need of a horse. After I confirmed that the bridge seemed to have no particular problem, Suzuna arrived by teleporting here.


Chapter 8: I tried to return the hero to the original world but the summoning magic array collapsed


As Suzuna said that she will come after the talk in the hall is finished, the fact that she appeared here is not strange. However, if she could use teleport, why she didn't use it the last time? I would like to ask her the reason.


"I don't know that Suzuna could use teleportation magic too. But why you didn't use it when you come to the castle earlier?"


"That's right, I used teleportation magic however this is my first time. When I was looking at you using it earlier, somehow I got the image of it in my mind and I tried to use it."


What! Although it took more than twenty years before I finally began practicing the teleportation magic that is only appeared in the legend, she said that she is able to do it only after merely seeing me using it a few times.


I wonder if every hero who is summoned from another world has a great ability. However, a person that defeated the demon king is those who called as hero.


"Truly a hero, a fearsome ability. By the way, has the talk finished?"

"Yeah, it ended well. By the way, is that a car?"

Suzuna pointed at my modified carriage and asked.

"Hmm, what is a car?"

"It's a horse carriage that can run without a horse. So it's a horse carriage without a horse."

"Is that a car in your world?"

"That's right, because it's a self-moving carriage, it's called car."

Alright then, I will also call it a car from now on.


When I stopped the car after talking with her, Suzuna murmured something as if she was impressed.

"Indeed, it doesn't need a driver too since it moved magically." She says.


"As for driver, it doesn't need horses in the first place so they are unnecessary."

"That's right."

"By the way, I am testing out the bridge. I am checking out the safety by letting the car pass the bridge. If there's no problem I will dismantle the old bridge and the reconstruction is complete. So can you wait for a while?"

After saying so, I quickly move the stone bridge to the place where the wooden bridge located and dismantle the old wooden bridge as I put it in a spatial storage. Suzuna who was watching all of it is impressed.


"I'm used to do this kind of thing."

"It's awesome isn't it?"

"You can do it to if you want to do it. Magic is produced from magical power and imagination. Because of that, your maximum magical power is comparable to the capacity you can unleash your imagination by converting this world magical power. If you have a flexible imagination, you can do it like how you are able to use teleportation magic after looking at it several times. I think that you can master almost all kind of magic."


"If you say so, I might be able to do it… however, let's go back now since the kings are waiting."

"Oh, that's right. We shouldn't make people wait."


As soon as I return back to the hall with Suzuna using teleportation magic, the king of the second kingdom and the king who summoned Suzuna is sitting side by side.


"My country will surrender to the Demon Lord."

As the king who summoned Suzuna said so, the rest of the people comply with the decision. Now I have decided that I need to solve the problem in that country this time.

So when I tried to ask if there's anything in trouble, Suzuna immediately speak.


"Well then, since I wasn't supposed to be here, can you return me to my original world?"


Oh, that's right. Since Suzuna was summoned form another world, she must have a desire to return.


I have never met someone with such power which is different from the rest in this world, and Suzuna story that she come from a different world definitely make sense to me. Although there was also other hypothesis that I could refer to, but it is somewhat impossible, and there is no way it will work.

The place where the king who summoned Suzuna was a secret but Suzuna naturally knows. So Suzuna brings the king to that place by teleporting.


"Hey, I will return this, so can you give me back my bag?"

Suzuna then handed the single edged sword that she carried to the king. At that moment, the sword changes shape. Hmm, this is interesting. Was it a magical sword?


"Oh, this is a magical sword that turns into 「the strongest sword」 which the wielder could imagine. My image of a strongest sword was in this shape so it turned into this. This is a sword that is unique to my country and it is very sharp."

Suzuna seemed to have her own kind of bag as she received it from the king.


"Hmm, so it was like that."

"Well, good Demon king, good luck in conquering the world and work hard to make the people of the world happy."

Suzuna said that as she walks towards the center of the magical array and stand there.


"Well, leave it to me. Suzuna, you should take care too."

After saying our farewell, the court mage moves towards a crystal on top of the table which has been placed at the edge of the magical array. It seemed to be the activation mechanism.



Farewell Suzuna, hero of the different world. I won't forget you. Good bye.

Or so I thought, but it turns out something wrong is happening.


"Why? I can't return back home?"


Apparently the magical array seemed to have been broken. The court magician didn't know about it too since they never used it again after summoning Suzuna. It was only discovered now when Suzuna tried to return back.


The court magician face who was in charge of the magical array turn pale. He says he only know how to activate the magical array but he didn't understand the principle behind it, the manufacturing method or how to repair it.


Suzuna who was listening to it also turned pale.

"Impossible! I certainly do not like my original world so much but it was impossible for me no to see my family and friends! This is impossible!"


Suzuna screamed with a high pithced voice. Hmm, it seemed that she doesn't really like the original world that much? However, she seemed to have close friends and have good relationship with her family. Unlike me.


"Oh well, since it seems important, should I try to help out Suzuna?"

"Well, do you understand about this magical array?"

"Eh, Demon king, do you know about this?"


"Although it is not possible to analyze it but I have studied magic for around 360 years so I might understand a little more than you."


Saying that I try to use analyze on the magical array.

"This is… what is this? This magical array, it's fake!"

"What is it?"

Although the court magician and Suzuna is surprised, but I was also a little surprised about it.


"Well, it seems to be a complicated pattern at the first sight, but in reality it was only a figure that has no meaning as it circled around repeating indefinitely. It only deceives everyone that tried to analyze it. No matter how much I look at it, no result will come out."


"Fractal figure!"

Suzuna shout out something that I never heard it before. It seems there is such things in Suzuna's world.


"Well, as for the unknown infinite number that comes out from analyzing the magical array, well…"

The chief magician speaks out however the remaining people is still shocked.


"Wait, did you not realize that? No doubt that you can see the complicated camouflage that it made. It might be understood at the first glance but if you look at the numerical values that come out, it seemed that it was only the basic of geometry. If you put in the number, it will come out."


"Basic geometry in example?"


"Three, if you continue it will be 3,1415 and you can count further."



Suzuna who listened the court magician question becomes shy when she heard it.


"Alright, let me show you the calculations. The real part is nothing more than a camouflage of calculation that is dividing the circumference of the magical array by diameter."



Probably for many generations the court magician realized that he had been cheated. Originally those who are intelligent among the wizards should be court magician teachers but because the people are overlooked by simple ideas in some places, they become pathetic. Nevertheless, since all the successors of the court magician has been deceived by such simple mechanism of the magical array, it seems that the magical research of this country isn't that advanced.

Okay, I will try to research the summoning magical array for Suzuna.