29-Years-Old Bachelor Was… Brought to a Different World to Live Freely


29-Years-Old Bachelor Was… Brought to a Different World to Live Freely Volume 1 Chapter 2

29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.2 When I go to Adventurer guild, I got knock up.

First impression of Crossroad town is, road is very very broad.

It might be this way for carriage usage, maybe.

Road is paved with stone, building on the roadside is made by hard stone.

Everyone who crossing by look like they came from Europe, what they dressed also look like old native European clothes I once seen on TV or internet.

“Hey, don’t get in the way.”
“Ah, sorry.”(Taichi)

Because, standing leisurely in middle of the street might get in others way again, I stepped out to the roadside and looking at the peoples who passed by.

They is a tons of styles, but everyone have at least have one weapon at their waist.

Even children around 12-13 years old, have some sort of dagger with them too.

If there’s somebody who don’t carry a weapon, they are wearing black leather collar. Maybe they are slaves?

The building that is lining up by roadside also look clean, and no foul odor. The sanitary must be good too.

“Ah, excuse me, do you know where is Adventurer guild?”(Taichi)

“Oh, it’s just over there, that’s wood building”

I tried ask gentle looking auntie who look like she just come back from shopping, and she instantly answered and pointing at big wood building as she said.

“Thank you, Nee-san(Big sister)”(Taichi)

“Ahaha! And you, become a good adventurer too! Do your best!”

Because of my praise, Auntie is laughing and waved her hand.

Yosh, let’ hurry.

Adventurer guild.

This is a place every fantasy world must have.

Adventurer will receive a request, gather information and then venture out.

For that reason, came the base of operation like Adventurer guild.

Adventurer guild in this might also be like that, I think.

Inside of building, there is a lot of ruffian looking guys wearing various kind of armor.

Some gathered at the request board, some goes to the bar nearby.

“Welcome to Adventurer guild. Never seen you here before, looking for some quest?”

“Nope, I’m here to register.”(Taichi)

When I finished speaking, old man at the counter(Who is bald and stern) are looking at me from head to toes.

I don’t feel pleasant when some old man look at me, stop that baldy.

“Good physique…… But will you really be alright with that getup?”(Guild’s old man)

I’m fine, mine your own.

I really wanna say that, but kept it to myself.

And even if I start talking about material,  I don’t know much about such thing too.

“Well, I can use sword, fight barehanded also wind magic, I can use healing magic a little too, I’m thinking about buying my new gears after this. By the way,do you know how much is full set of armor?”(Taichi)

“Heh–, very versatile more than you look aren’t you. If it’s a set leather armor, if you have 8 silver coins is enough”(Guild’s old man)

Money I have left on me are 1 gold coin, 2 big silver coins, 8 silver coins, 13 big copper coins, 20 copper coins.

I felt that price is little expensive, but it’s also not too excessive.

“It’s still on my budget, can you recommend a shop?”(Taichi)

“Ah, I’ll point you some shop that have close relationship with us later, for now let’s register me you, bring out your identification.”(Guild’s old man)

“Can I use this?”(Taichi)

I bring out my temporary ones that I get from gate, and old man nod.

And then we go to another room, and receive lecture about rules and questioning me about other details.

Well, the rules are just basic common sense though.

Such as, don’t use weapon and magic to make ruckus in town. Help comrades in guild.

Don’t kill your guild mates, something like that.

“Well, it should be around this, lastly it’s a test.”(Guild’s old man)


After listening to lecture about half an hour, old man spoke something like that.

I never heard of this before.

If it is a writing test, then I’m done for.

“Ah, follow me.”(Guild’s old man)

And he lead me to a wide open training ground.

There is a lot of space for exercise yourself in sword or bow, depends on person.

When old man is leading me in, it gathered a lot of glances, hey don’t just look here, damn.

“Now, is there a suitable person…….Umu”(Guild’s old man)

Old man is  looking around.

A lot of adventurer here is took an interest, ah there is more coming.

Hey, why the hell peoples inside guild building is coming out too, Stahpp!!

“Yosh, Ethan come here.”(Guild’s old man)

Adventurer whose old man called come out.

He is young man with shabby looking armor.

“Can you use this?”(Ethan)

Ethan pick up two wooden sword and throw one to me, he is a good guy.

I receive it, and try swinging, not bad.

“Here, please look after it for me”(Taichi)

I leave my sword to adventurer near me, and begin stretching.

Here we go.

“Can I use magic?”(Taichi)

“If there is a chance you’ll kill him, then don’t”(Guild’s old man)

If it’s not lethal everything is okay isn’t it?

Ethan side is ready, and out on a stance.

Peanut gallery around has start betting.

“Now, the test will begin, be ready you two.”

Ethan tighten grip on his wooden sword and lower his hip.

I also lower my hip to ready my move too.

And short silence is spread out.

“Begin!”(Guild’s old man)

Ethan shorten his distant and come at me instantly after old man declare.

I’m also charging at him.

It’s must because, I look like beginner to him, in that instant his face is full of surprise.


I’m the one who attacked first.

Horizontal slash to blow away Ethan sword on his right hand.

Ethan is backed out by half step, and swing his sword down, but it’s missed.

Slashing up, down, sweep, slant, I traded blow with Ethan for some time.

Good, I’m able to react to all his action, I’m winning.

Ethan who is now agitated, raising his sword over his head and swing it down.

I see a chance and hold sword in tow hand to receive the blow.

And kick him hardly at his opening torso.

Bam, it sound like this.


Ethan is swaying back by force, I point my left index finger at him.

Gather magic power for 3 shots.

Imagine air bullets being shot 3 shots instantly.

“Wind shot!”(Taichi)

Ethan who is still losing his stance, have received all 3 shots.


All the sound in the training ground is gone.

And I’m who still pointing my finger at Ethan haven’t move an inch.

Wha… Did I overdid it?

Don’t be quiet, anyone say something.

“You’re very good aren’t you”(Guild’s old man)

Old man smile widely.

Ethan is being carried out by some peanut gallery.

“Someone else wanna try?”(Guild’s old man)

Fum every adventurer raised their wooden weapon over head.

Hey, Isn’t it too much.

“Think you’re good, come at me”

“Let me taste you.”



Leave me out please, I’ll die for sure.


“You sure are popular”(Guild’s old man)

I wanna kill this laughing old man.

Because it look like fun, so he sent me 3 peoples at the same time.

Result? I got beaten up beautifully by 3 wooden swords.

If my magic isn’t depleted first, there might be a chance.

“So? Did I pass?”(Taichi)

“Oh, of course , without a problem. Normally everyone start with rank F. But for you, I give you rank E.”(Guild’s old man)

Then old man give me metal card, there are my face and name on it.

Also adventurer rank in ”E”.

There is no Lv. on it.

Maybe, there are no concept of Lv..

“What is good to have higher rank?”(Taichi)

When my magic have regenerated a little, I heal my aching part.

I won’t show any manner in front of this old man anymore.

Letting group of adventurer beat me, who doesn’t have any armor to pulp. Do you have some humanity left in you?

“Well, If you got rank B, you got accepted by people, when you got rank A, You got admired by people, If you got S, you’ll be national hero.”(Guild’s old man)

“It’s look faraway”(Taichi)

“Of course it is. Do your best. Oh right, about recommending some shop.”(Guild’s old man)

“Well, why don’t you recommend some inn for me too, and don’t charge me for coins.”(Taichi)

Now, with this I can forgive him a little.



I go to the weapon shop that old man at the guild recommended, there is several adventurer inside, business seem to be good.

Voice’s owner from behind the counter is woman, she is a beauty too.

It might be because smell of iron and leather mixing together, inside the shop there is a unique smell I never know before.

I take a look at the leather armor that showing in the corner.

There is elbow and knee guard, also metal plate to enhance it durability….. As expected of high graded ones.

“Choosing your first armor is important, you need my help?”

I heard a voice from my back, there I found that beauty at counter smiling at me.

Hmm? Her ear are pointy too. Is she an elf?

“Ah. I’m Luise, This shop employee. Welcome.”(Luise)

“I’m Taichi, I’m thinking about buying leather armor.”(Taichi)

“Hmm, let me see, let me see.”(Luise)

Luise is moving her hand and touching me here and there. Whoa, you suddenly hugged me.

When I look down, I saw her emerald silver hair.

Ahh… it smell good——— No,nono. There is a lot of peoples here, don’t be pervert me.

By the way other customers might aiming for her too, There!

Your stare are hurting me.

“Unn…This armor should fit your alright bro. Do you want glove and knee guard i which design?”(Luise)

“Ahh..I want something that can be used for punching and kicking too, not just for sword.”(Taichi)

“Then I’ll add some extra metal pad at elbows, knees, and knuckles night be enough. About boot, I’ll harden the tip too, but it’ll also add a little cost.”(Luise)

“If that’s not too much, it’s no problem.”(Taichi)

We talking like that, while looking at other gears.

When I look at the counter, I see cat.

No, Not a normal cat.

It’s a slim cat which as tall as children, Is he a beast man?

And he hold pipe professionally in his hand too. Well, he look gorgeous.

So, that is a owner, and Luise here is employee.

For the tools I choose, I tried it on, and adjust it, I tried it on, and adjust it, for many many times.

And, after consulting with my budget. I bought leather armor set, which added extra pad on every attacking limbs.

It cost total of 9 silvers and 6 big coppers.

“Yay, thanks for your patronage. How about some weapon too?”(Luise)

“Umm, I really want it though, but my budget……. I want longer sword, well I can make use of wind magic instead.”(Taichi)

“Well, look at your physique, you really need longer sword bro, but magic? How is your conductor?”(Luise)


I tilted my head at unfamiliar word.

Luise give out an unbelievable face then let out wry smile.

“Are you really magician, bro? If you use magic without conductor, I heard it will not be efficient y’know.”(Luise)

Then Luise goes into the shop and bring out wooden stick with her.

Look like drumstick to me.

“The cheapest conductor in our shop is this. I don’t understand it’s principle though, but you will know the different when you try.”(Luise)

So, I try conductor that Luise bring out with wind shot.

How should I say this.

It hard to describe into words, but the magic power that out through conductor felt [Sticked] together.

Without conductor, it feel diffusing into thin air by itself.

“It’s different indeed, do you have something that can be used as melee weapon too?”(Taichi)

You won’t use drumstick to hit something, right?

It’ll broke into two against sword.

“We have something like sword, but it expensive though? How about this.”(Luise)

And Luise bring out wooden staff that’s taller than me.

Wow, it’s look like something that use with kungfu.

“This quarter staff is also conductor in itself. This thing is just 6 silvers”(Luise)

“I’m also buying armors too, how about some discount? 4 silver maybe”(Taichi)


When start negotiated for discount, Luise is looking back at the cat on the counter.

Cat is sending back some signal.

Even though you hand is a meat button, how can you sending some?

“Then all include this armor set, how about 1 gold and 4 silvers?”(Luise)

And for that reason, my money was left with 2 big silver coins, 13 big copper coins, 20 copper coins.

Um…. Look good.


AN : There is about 20% of humans who trained to use magic. But, in reality only half of that numbers can become magician.