23:11 Chapter 65

¹Shutanginames - a fancy and kind of innocent variation of the curse word ²Bagay - has two different meanings: "object/thing" and "compatible/well-matched" Jhing meant "You two suit each other," but Rico accepted the other definition, "You two are an object." ³Six letters - According to the readers from wattpad, the six letters is... "It's you."Rbrm og oy'd upi? - Rico, why are you making my life so difficult..... anyway, it's a code. Look at your keyboard and instead of the letters Rbrm og oy'd upi, read the key at their left side: for example, on the letter R's left side is letter E, B is V, R turns to E again, M is N... so the first word is "Even" continues on until it forms the hidden message.

Day 065


Rico: Did you read it?


Jhing: Read what?

Rico: My story. 😀

Jhing: Ah. Your flirting?

Rico: That’s not it!

Rico: It's my handsome moments, okay. 😦

Rico: You're not even going to ask who is my, you know….


Jhing: No.

Rico: Pssh! I'm not going to tell you anyway.

Jhing: I don't care.

Rico: So cold! 😦

Jhing: So stubborn!


Rico: Did something happened to you today?

Jhing: Like what?

Rico: Something different? Special? Anything at all?


Jhing: None.

Rico: Aahh. . .

Rico: Why is it like this? 😦


Jhing: What do you mean?

Rico: I'm handsome. 😦

Jhing: Go on with your idiocy.

Rico: What's your favorite chocolate?

Jhing: Why?


Rico: I feel like I don't know anything about you except for the fact that you're my Seen Queen. 😦

Jhing: Ay bwisit!

Rico: I thought you're going to say leche. 😦

Jhing: Hahahahaha you wish. :p

Rico: You're such a bully. D:

Jhing: You feel hurt?


Rico: I'm going to bear all the pain for you.

Rico: Even if I want to poop so bad, I will still bear it. I'm so sweet, right?

Jhing: No. You're disgusting.


Rico: But you still have a crush on me. :”>

Jhing: Shutanginames¹ stop flirting!

Rico: Shutanginsaohsfoas??? What? That's new!

Jhing: That's only for cool people.

Rico: I'm so sorry for not being as cool as you, Ate. 😦

Jhing: Just go back to that girl who was flirting with you.

Jhing: You two are bagay².



Jhing: Wat. So corny.

Rico: I don't like her.


Jhing: Wow, so picky?

Rico: I'm not picky. I just can't force my heart and mind to fall in love with her.

Jhing: Wow.

Jhing: Hashtag Playboy.


Rico: Woah O_O

Rico: Hashtag JhingIsNowUsingHashtags!

Rico: You've changed Jhing! Really different now!

Jhing: Haha leche!

Rico: Yieeeeeeeee leche :”>


Rico: You can’t resist your outbursts of leches? 

Jhing: Fak you’re such a playboy, stay away from me.

Rico: How am I a playboy because of leche?

Rico: Leche :”>

Rico: And we haven’t been close to each other yet and you already want me to stay away!?  

Rico: We should get closer first before that. :”>


Jhing: ._____.

Rico: But let’s get serious now.

Jhing: Serious? Did that really come from you? 

Rico: Are you genuinely happy talking to me?

Seen 11:40pm


Rico: Uy?


Jhing: You really like it when you feed your ego. 

Rico: Hahahahaha!

Rico: I’m just happy. 🙂

Rico: I’m actually becoming important to you. :”>


Jhing: Insane.

Rico: HARSH! ƈ  ͡ (ुŏ̥̥̥̥ ‸ ŏ̥̥̥̥) ु

Jhing: :p

Jhing: Plus effort for the emoticon.

Rico: I will give all of my effort just for you. ;(


Jhing: Bwisit.

Rico: Guess who I like then. :”>

Jhing: And why would I do that?


Rico: If you guessed it correctly, I’ll tell you what my M is. 

Jhing: What will I do with your M? 

Rico: You’re curious about it. :”>

Jhing: Not really.

Rico: Ows? :”>

Seen 11:49pm


Jhing: Do I know her?

Rico: And you just told me you’re not curious hahaha! 

Rico: So cute.


Jhing: So?! Do I know her!?

Rico: I don’t know.


Jhing: How the heck will I know who the fuck that girl is if I don’t have any goddamn idea who she is?!


Rico: Why are you angry? .·’¯'(>▂<)’¯’·.


Jhing: I’m not angry but I feel like an idiot because of what you said.

Rico: Six letters³.

Jhing: What six letters?

Rico: The one I like.

Jhing: Her name?


Rico: Uhhh… The one I like.

Jhing: Who the hell is it?

Rico: You know Jhing, if you’re pissed off, it’s fine. Forget it.

Jhing: I’m not pissed off!


Rico: In denial 😦


Rico: Go to sleep…

Jhing: You want me to guess who you’re flirting with and now sending me off to bed?!


Rico: I’m not just flirting… I really like her.

Jhing: That’s just the same!

Rico: No. 😦

Jhing: Bwisit, I’m going to sleep! 

Rico: You don’t want to know who the person I like is?


Jhing: I don’t know and I don’t care about your life bwisit bye!


Rico: Rbrm og oy’d upi?

Even if it’s you?

Rico: Goodnight.