18 Kin otome gēmu de, teisō o mamorinukimasu!


18 Kin otome gēmu de, teisō o mamorinukimasu! Chapter 19



Thus, everyday, in order to avoid getting associated with both Tounouin-kun and Kuremakijji-sensei, I began to distance myself from them……

BUUUUT SOMEHOOOW! I just got myself more and more called over and disturbed by them.

Really, they’re just meaningless chatter like [Yesterday’s lesson, on the blackboard, I couldn’t copy it, lend me your notes.], or, [Hey, Honda. You used to school yet?], or something like that. On the contrary, I don’t really have any idea why they’d chat idly with me like that.

Because of that, heroine-chan would scowl and glare at me with her eyes. Cut me some slack, please.

Even now, Kurekamiji-sensei orders me around like a gofer, while carrying the homeworks, we’re both headed towards the staff room right now.


I let out a deep sigh unconsciously and sensei looked over.

[What’s the matter, Honda? Worried ‘bout something? Try talking to me.]

Such a nice sensei, really. Gentle, cares about his students, and good at teaching. An ikemen to boot!

Hidden underneath this man’s façade is actually a yandere….. Uuuuuu~~~, scary!

Being stared at seriously, Kurekamiji-sensei’s cheeks unexpectedly became flushed. But he suddenly petted and messed my hair up as if trying to conceal it.

[What’s the matter, Honda—? Did you finally fall for me?]

[No, not at all.]

Could you please stop making that face like you’re unexpectedly shocked?

In the first place, YOU’RE a teacher, and I’M a student. Even if the law allows it, I don’t.

[Being decisively rejected like that is a first.]

He bitterly smiled as he said that.

[You’re an ikemen after all, sensei…… And it’s because it’s like that, sensei. I’ll say this now, could you please not talk to me too often? Sensei, you have a lot of fans so I get scowled at by them.]

Saying it directly, he went and murmured, [Aaaahh~]. And then worriedly inquired.

[Did they do anything to you?]

[No, not yet. They’re still at the point of staring at me to death. Just, in a society that’s hard to live in, I don’t want to make enemies.]

[I see……]

[This time too, weren’t there plenty of students who volunteered themselves to assist you? With much eagerness too! You should just get those kinds to help out.]

Of course, I’m talking about heroine-chan. If a gaze could kill just by staring, in that instant, there’s no doubt I’d have already died 10 times.

As if understanding who I’m referring at, Kurekamiji-sensei made a disgusted look.

[That one, huh……. With regards to students, it probably isn’t good for me to think like this but, isn’t she scary, that girl? It’s like, I’m gonna get eaten?]

Well, that’s probably her aim though.

[Hey, isn’t it fine to let yourself be eaten? Long live polygamy! Let your wife serve you and enjoy living your life. Somewhere where I won’t see you.]

He smiled as I plainly said it all out.

[As expected of you. Just like your words in your self-introduction.]

[Of course. I don’t really understand it, this nonsensical law. No matter how much there’s a decline of birthrates, it’s just improbable.]

[Oh well.]

[Sensei, your wife, how many are there?]

It wasn’t mentioned in the game but he’s that much of an ikemen. Having one or two beautiful wives, there’s no mistaking it.

[None. I’m single.]

[EH!?………..A virgin?]

Sensei’s eyes locked on to me as I muttered to myself. But he immediately grinned and got close to my face. He was close enough that I could feel his breath on my cheek, and then there was his beautiful face in front of me.

[Whether I’m a virgin or not, wanna test it out?]


I felt chills! My hips gave out! What’s with this, this voice! This sex appeal!


-Rina, I think that the more you avoid it, the more they’ll come… SURRENDER YOURSELF TO GET DONE IN….. HAHAHAHAHAHA (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

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